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In Defense of Sea Turtles by Raneem

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Why do you think people don’t really care about sea turtles? Shouldn’t we do something? Well, readers, if you are reading this piece of writing, please tell other people about it.

First, sea turtles are very important to the ecosystem because they eat jellyfish in the ocean that can make you die. If you kill them, the ocean will be so dirty you will get sick if you swallow a little bit of water.

Sea turtles last very long, luckily, because sea turtles are part of the environment. Also, we are lucky that in this world there are sea turtles because if you find their eggs you can take them to eat them. However, if you find a sea turtle in the ocean, please don’t take it to keep it.

In addition, if you find them, don’t poison them or take their shells for decoration. Also, some weird people make sea turtles in a bottle charm, which is unnecessary. People also decorate turtles to make them look beautiful, which is also unnecessary.

To celebrate turtles for their wonderful job and show how important they are to us, we should have a sea turtle rescue center for turtles that get injured. We can have a sea turtle egg hunt where you hide balls representing their eggs and hide them so that other people hunt for them. Also, we should have a Sea Turtle Day when we can decorate our class with sea turtles and we can have turtle sports like do a race running like a turtle or swimming like a turtle.

Since sea turtles are very important to the environment, we should take good care of them!

Turtle Club is Starting Up Again!


Hello, I’m Marilina. I am a student in Mrs. Kynigou’s awesome 5th grade class.

Once again my friend Raneem and I are starting up an old club called Turtle Club where we talk about helping turtles and also have a great time. We visit the Archelon Center (the turtle hospital) in Glyfada and take care of turtles. There you can give money to rescue a turtle by adopting it, but it stays at the hospital until it gets better to return back into the water. You also name your adopted turtle. At the end you take home a wonderful picture of your turtle in order to remember this fantastic rescue center and your efforts made to save it.

The first Turtle Club meeting will take place on December 4th at 12:40 pm in Ms. Rovoli’s classroom in the Elementary School. The meetings will be twice a month.

Come and sign up for the Turtle Club. Don’t you want to be the proud person that will save a turtle’s life?

Add a comment if you want to be in Turtle club. If you were in Turtle Club in the past, write and tell us about your experiences!


                           Turtle Club Rocks!