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Monkey Bar Academy by #9


‘’Lily I’ve got a great idea!’’ I shrieked. We can teach Jenny and Danae how to do the bars. Keep in mind that these bars are special kind of bars ones you do flips on. Lily and I worked really hard every lunch recess to teach them everything we knew. We split up all the flips into 3 units and gave them mini tests. Then it came to the front flip switching hands. Both of our students were really struggling. No matter how many times we tried, they still couldn’t do it. Lily and I tried everything, or at least we thought we did.
Lily and I told Danae and Jenny that they wouldn’t have class that day. Meanwhile, we worked really hard to find out a way to make it easier. We found out that they just needed some self confidence. We came up with a brilliant plan. What we would do is hold their legs while they switched their hands. Then every time we saw them get better we would hold farther down on their legs. Now, let me tell you the clever part, when we saw them get really good we would raise our hands just off their legs, so it would look like we were holding them. We tried the first part of our plan and it worked like a charm.
Then came the moment of truth! I signaled Lily, to try the clever part of our plan on Jenny and it… worked! She didn’t notice a thing and did it perfectly. Same thing happened with Danae.
So I can prove that you can do anything with a self confidence and a little help from someone you trust. Lily and I never dared to share our secret with Jenny and Danae. So Shh! Don’t tell our secret!