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Notebook by Sophia

Hi!! My name is Notebook. Whenever you write my name (Notebook), capitalize it. I am a being too. Not everyone treats me like one. (Eh-em. YOU.) I mean imagine you were being written in. Man, that hurts being stabbed every time someone wants to write. Like for example, someone takes your friend (pencil) and taking their poop, and smearing it all over you. Exactly. Welcome to my life. I have a few more complaints to make, so let’s get on with it. First of all NEVER, EVER, EVER, fold me in a way that my spine breaks. It is a spine. My spine. Part of my notebody. Another thing, please don’t rip off my arms. I know it may sound weird to have arms coming off your spine, but it is the way our notebodies are shaped. Now that I have said what I want to say,, maybe you will think twice before you hurt me.