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The Head Thrower! by Alexandros and Raphael

We, Alexandros and Raphael, worked on a complicated simple machine. We named it, “THE HEAD THROWER” because it ends up throwing a fake head in a bucket, so don’t be scared!
It is pretty small, but it took us more than 8 hours to build and it is a mixture of many simple machines. To build this machine we needed a lot of patience, because some times when we wanted to adjust something the whole thing fell and we had to start again from the beginning!
Have fun by watching the video of our head thrower!
We hope you like it!
Raphael and Alexandros

THE HEAD THROWER! from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.

Great job, boys! Very ingenious!
I think you might have started a new craze!
Can anyone identify any simple machines used here?
Mrs. Kynigou
PS: If you like these kinds of crazy machines, check out the music video made by the group OK Go.
YouTube: OK Go

Lifting our Teacher


Yesterday, we tried to lift our teacher, Mrs. Kynigou. Our materials were: 19 students, a load (the teacher), a wooden board, and a wooden block. When it was my turn, I put the wooden block as close as possible to Mrs. Kynigou to see if I can lift her up. My thinking was that the closer I put it to Mrs. Kynigou, the more chance I had to lift her up. So, Mrs. Kynigou stood on one side of the board, and I stood on the other side. Guess what?! I lifted her up! Hooray!
​The other students did the same as me, but some other students wanted Mrs. Kynigou to lift them up. Also, some students put the block in the middle of the board. We all had fun! This was a really nice, fun and interesting experiment.
​What I learned with this experiment is that you have to think of where to put the fulcrum so you can lift up your teacher. I found it easy! What I also learned is that fulcrum can be that strong. Overall, it was really fun!

Tell us what you thought when you made your try out and what you discovered.
Add a comment below. Sorry that some of your trials don’t have a photo, but we’d still like to hear from you!
Mrs Kynigou

Can you lift the teacher? from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.

The Clash of the Elements

Imagine if the elements came alive!
Imagine they can actually speak!

I imagine each element would have a unique voice and character. Hydrogen, for example, would be explosive and quick to get mad at everyone. Helium, on the other hand, would probably be quite giggly and light headed and love parties.
So, here’s the challenge. Write a quality comment in the voice of the element you researched to prove, using facts that you have found, that your element is the most essential, the one that humans cannot live without. Bold the facts you use to support your argument. Sign your name as your element.
Watch out! Perhaps the elements might even start talking back and forth in comments!
Kind reminder: ask an adult to proofread your comment before you press send!
Looking forward to reading some great writing!
Mrs. Kynigou

Making crystals

Dear Ms. Kynigou
I will talk about our science experiment.
5th grade worked on a fun science lab experiment. The purpose of the experiment was to make crystals on pipe cleaners.

The materials that we needed were: 37 pipe cleaners, math skills, string about 216 inches, 6 pencils, borax, a tablespoon, boiling water and a big jar.


5th grade used math skills to make 7 groups of 3 and 8 groups of 2. Then the teachers boiled the water and 5th grade added it into the jar.

20131209-213248.jpg</aThen each group added a tablespoon of borax. Finally 5th grade made 37 shapes with the pipe cleaners, tied them with the string on the pencils and threw them in the water until 3 days passed. They aren’t all ready yet, but crystals are on some pipe cleaners.

​​​​​​​Your student Pandelis