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Think Ink by Kaitlyn

Are you one of those people who print things over and over again just making little changes each time thinking, ‘’Oh this isn’t my money I’m wasting so I’m going to print away.’’ You’re sure right it’s not your money but it’s your recess equipment, new books at the library and all the other stuff the school pays for that you enjoy.

Ink can be very expensive costing about 13.12 euro for a cartridge (the package the ink comes in) that can print 250 pages. So think if about 350 students each print 100 papers a year the price would really add up. About how many more tetherballs could we have if we stopped wasting ink?

Also using so many ink cartridges is bad for our environment because trash is piling up and we have nowhere to put it.

Here are ways we can solve the problem:

  • When you’re at technology, only print papers you need not random pictures.
  • Make sure you don’t make letters and pictures bigger than they need to be.
  • Check to make sure you’re ready to print so you don’t have to print multiple times.

In conclusion, I think kids should start caring about the schools money, and our environment, and start making better choices.