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Getting Kokona by Chrysonoe

“That one! That one! I want this bird!” It was a cool, fresh day that all birds tweeted. The flowers were bringing a cool smell.
In a small pet shop that was filled with cages, and food for dogs and everything else you could imagine, a small bird was tweeting so hard that I just wanted to let it out so it could fly away.
Anyway, I loved it. As I said before I wanted that bird with the grey and orange cheeks, and some yellow brighter than the sun. It was so beautiful that all the light fell through its bright eyes and covered its long thick tail. I just wanted that bird. I wanted to get it so bad.
As my mom and I went home, I was very excited. I tried to peek to see my new bird. But it was so dark and heavy that when I tried to see inside it, the box fell down. It was as if I was holding an elephant or something.
As we arrived home we heard my new bird tweeting so hard. She was feeling alone. I was so sad that I couldn’t let her stay like that, so I went with the stairs, instead of the elevator, and I pulled and pulled but I only got to the 3rd step because the box was so heavy. Then I decided to take the elevator.
My new bird was ok after that. I was telling my mom “Come on! Come on, mom!” Then I ran to the door and slammed open Koko’s door, my other parrot and grabbed him so quickly and hard that his feathers were falling off. Faster than a cheetah, I opened the box so my other bird could get out. But she didn’t. So, I let Koko fly wherever he wanted in the house.
My other bird was still not getting out. I waited and waited, rumbling of terror. I was so worried something had happened to her in the box. Then I saw a small face. It was Kokona.
When I saw her, I immediately called her Kokona. She was so cute. Then I went to my room and grabbed my mouse toy. My house was rumbling as I rushed through the hall. I just wanted to take a huge break. I couldn’t do anything except watch for my bird, so I tried to do everything at once.
I put my mouse toy into the box and it turned on. Kokona burst out and flew through the living room, screaming with joy. She went straight to the wall. She crashed!
Koko was hiding on a short shelf that was connected to the wall. He was looking at the small electric mouse as it went here and there. He didn’t know what was going on. He was amazed.
Then they talked and went close to each other. Then they became friends. After that, I just went to my room, and got a good nap!

Thank You! By Francesca


“Hurry up, we are going to be late!” my dad was yelling, “Get your clothes on and let’s go.”
I quickly woke up with a yawn, I brushed my teeth while I was half way asleep. I put on my denim skirt and my red heart shirt. My dad told me that on March 4th 2009, was a very special day.
​As I was walking out of my nice warm room I was thinking, special day? What do we have to do that is so special? We got in the car as fast as lightning. I put my seatbelt on, and in no time we left. Again and again I was wondering what was happening. After five minutes I realized that my mom wasn’t there!
​BOOM, my light bulb went on! I remembered that my mom was giving birth to my baby brother! I was so astounded that I couldn’t stop smiling. I was smiling from ear to ear. We finally arrived at the hospital. All my family and friends were outside the door waiting to see my little brother.
​After a while my brother came out, I was the first on to see him. I went closer and closer and quickly ran to my dad. “Is that my brother?” I asked my dad and wondered. “Yes, he is,” he responded.
​My baby brother was crying so much that everybody could hear him. I gave my mom a big hug and told her this was the best present anyone could give me. “Thank you,” I told her. “Thank you.”

Kiparissi by Anna K.

Kiparisi is a beautiful place in Peloponisos. It has beautiful beaches and beautiful hotels. It is a beautiful place. Every summer we go there. I LOVE it. I prefer to stay at home if we can’t go there, because as I said before it is a beautiful place and I have lot’s of fun there.
First time we went there was in 2013, we went there because we heard that it’s a beautiful place and we needed something close to Tsapi so we can go camping there. Tsapi is a beautiful place in Peloponisos too. We go camping there. This year (2014) we went to Kiparissi and to Arkitsa and not to Tsapi because we didn’t want to. We wanted to go to other places that we go to and we also like. Any way this year we met more kids there and we played together. First we met Stella and Apostilia two sisters. We painted rocks together and then we opened a store selling them. Then we met another boy named Konstantinos, and his sister Elpida. They tried catch a shark that they saw. We planned a party. I ran to the super market to get chips, also we sold two painted rocks for a big bowl of chips.
We made a disco ball, out of paper and it worked. Colorful lights were coming out. We had lemonades, rocks and other things we made. Also we put up mini posters telling about our party at 7:30.
Every door had a poster that said about our party. Who ever could come came. The only problem was that the kids didn’t find the shark, but still our party worked. Everyone loved it. At the end some of the left over rocks we gave them for free and some of them we kept. Now the ones that we kept are in a plastic super market bag, at home. This was the best vacation ever.

The next day was the day that we left Kiparisi and went back to Athens so we can go to Arkitsa. Our last day was awesome. We played with our friends on the beach and had lots of fun with the water guns and with other things. Then it was time to go, so we said good-bye to every one, went to the hotel to get our stuff and we were about to go when I fell and hurt my self. Then they had to put Betadine on me and then finally we left!

Central Park by Yasmin

I pulled the sheet off of me and slowly opened my eyes.
O.M.G.! I just remembered its squirrel day! I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. My toothbrush started to sing as I put it in my mouth I pushed it around and spit it out. I brushed my hair and put my clothes on. I ran to my grandma’s room.
“Grandma, you’re still sleeping! Until you get ready I’ll go to the kiosk and get some nuts. If we get to Central Park late there will be a lot of people and the squirrels will get scared easily.”
I slammed the door behind me and ran to the kiosk. Then I bought the nuts and ran back.
“Grandma, are you ready now?”
“Yes I’m ready but an old lady can’t run! Be patient.”
“Fine, I’m just really excited! You know I love feeding squirrels, so let’s get moving!”
We had to slowly walk to Central Park but we finally got there. The first thing we saw was two chubby squirrels. I named one Chubby and the other one Chubs. We threw a handful of nuts. Then they impatiently stuffed their faces and nibbled.
“Grandma, the squirrels got fed, so now can we eat pancakes?”
“OK, but promise you won’t run.”
“I promise.”