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Lamalamadingdong Turkey and Her Ugliness by Piper

Lamalamadingdong Turkey is ugly. Now, reader, I don’t mean she is a bit ugly. In fact she is so ugly that the day she was born she broke a mirror. Her mom fainted when she saw her in the hospital!
Lamalamadingdong Turkey spent every single day of her life hidden in her room, until she turned 20. She was sick of it, she couldn’t bear it anymore. She finally decided that she would get her name legally changed. Once she was out of the police station, she looked amazing and her name wasn’t unusual anymore. Her name was Penny Kynigou Turkey.
Penny decided to get a turkey career. She couldn’t find anything until the day she found the perfect job. She read the article. It said a teacher in 5th grade was needed in Humans Ville. She agreed and a fairy popped up in front of her.
“I am here to grant your wish,” she said “I will make you a human and teleport you to Humans Ville!”
The fairy waved her wand on top of Penny. She turned into a beautiful short haired brunette. Suddenly the fairy looked at her watch and said,
“Whoops have to run! Well don’t just sit there like a sack of potatoes!! Go! Go! Go! The children are waiting for you!”
When she arrived at Humans Ville the children all ran and hugged her. Everyone loved Mrs. Penny. She was an amazing teacher.
From then and on she had a wonderful life and because of that she lived forever.

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