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Making crystals

Dear Ms. Kynigou
I will talk about our science experiment.
5th grade worked on a fun science lab experiment. The purpose of the experiment was to make crystals on pipe cleaners.

The materials that we needed were: 37 pipe cleaners, math skills, string about 216 inches, 6 pencils, borax, a tablespoon, boiling water and a big jar.


5th grade used math skills to make 7 groups of 3 and 8 groups of 2. Then the teachers boiled the water and 5th grade added it into the jar.

20131209-213248.jpg</aThen each group added a tablespoon of borax. Finally 5th grade made 37 shapes with the pipe cleaners, tied them with the string on the pencils and threw them in the water until 3 days passed. They aren’t all ready yet, but crystals are on some pipe cleaners.

​​​​​​​Your student Pandelis