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Just How Much I Hate Fish! by Piper

I hate fish. Now let’s just cut to the chase. When I open the door to the kitchen and I smell the stinky smell of f-f-f …..Sorry, I can’t even say it. Well I walk inside and sit at the table frowning. I put a piece in my mouth and it feels gooey and yucky just like soap, only I bet soap would taste better!!! I try to chew it, bit by bit, but I just can’t, so I wait until my mouth is filled to the top with saliva, and if my parents ask me something I just nod and bobble my head and I think I have eaten worse, not really.
​After I finish what’s on my plate, I empty half the bowl of salad on my plate.

Comment what your favorite and worst food is.
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​​​​Thank you

The First Time I Rode my Bike by Anna Louise

​When I was about seven years old, my Mom and Dad decided to buy me a pink, sparkly bike, so I would finally decide to try to learn how to bike.
When I first saw the bike, I screamed and ran to my room and slammed the door, and shut my eyes… I was never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, going to ride a bike! Slowly though, something inside of me started to change, and in a few seconds, I started thinking. “What if I DID try, just try?” I thought, Slowly, I got out from under my bed covers and walked to the garden, where my rejected bike was placed, under the fat oak tree.
I decided I would not ask help from my parents and figure it out for myself. I just climbed on the bike, and remembered how my brother rode his bike, and put my feet on the pedals, my hands on the wheel, and moved my feet in a circular movement. At first, I did not realize I was moving, but suddenly I felt as if I was a free bird, flying in between the clouds. The zephyr blew gently on my face, and I felt free!
I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the moment! I had just saved the world, my world! I felt amazing, until I ran into the brick wall (because I had my eyes closed) but it didn’t matter! I had learned how to bike, all by myself! I will never forget that wonderful experience!

The First Time I played Dodge Ball by Mario

As I opened the heavy gym door, I heard screams and saw balls flying around the room. I gulped.
“What in the world are they doing?’’
Then, two minutes passed, and I already had a headache. After, I went to the Gym teacher and mumbled, “Isn’t that dangerous?’’
“No,’’ she responded. So, I received the ball and it felt as though it was my soft, fluffy pillow. One question I have is, why are they calling it dodge ball instead of soft ball?
The time came and I was on the team, the yellow team. As I stepped in the ring, I heard my wet squeaky shoes shaking along with my body.
“Yes!” I cheered. I avoided the first ball in dodge ball.
Four minutes later,
“What! This is so unfair!”
“Liar! You tell many lies”
“I took you out!”
“No! I took you out!”
Everyone barked at each other. I felt frightened. Then I understood that the challenge was to get someone out of the game from the other team.
Before the game ended, I caught a ball in the air, and everyone yelled, “Bravo!!Bravo!”
That was my experience, the first time I saw and played dodge ball!!