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Creating Pi Charts About Matt’s Day by Dani

One day, Mrs. Kynigou gave us an fun activity! It was about a book called Sign of the Beaver. It is about a kid called Matt that lived in the forest alone when his dad left him to go get his mom, sister, and the newborn baby. In this activity we combined reading with math. We had to:

-Find the main activities Matt did as he lived in the forest.
-Find evidence for the time he spent on each activity.
-Record our results by making a pie chart and writing the fraction of hours spent from the whole day on each activity.

At first we discussed it together. We believed that the main activities were sleeping(1/2 of the day), producing food(1/4 of the day), and growing corn(1/4 of the day).
Later, we were assigned to work in our table groups to do the same. When we were all finished discussing in our groups, each group picked on one person of the group to present their thoughts. We’ve even taken a video of the presenters!

We hope you enjoy the video!

Applying Fractions from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.