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Wizards and Trolls by George

Once upon a time, long, long ago during the dark and spooky medieval times, there were two tribes, a wizard and a troll tribe. These tribes always helped one another, until, one fateful day, Stathis the wizard tribe leader boomed,
“Someone has stolen our crystal balls,” A guard called Raneem replied,
“I saw a pack of trolls sneak into the castle and stole them. I couldn’t attack by myself because I could’ve gotten myself killed.” Then she chuckled an evil laugh but no one heard her.
While the wizards were losing their heads, Mario the troll tribe leader boomed,
“Someone has stolen our peanut butters.” Mrs. Kynigou a troll guard stated,
“ I saw it vanish before my very own eyes! I’m sure that the only way someone could have done that was with magic, and the only magic there is are wizards.” Then she also let out an evil laugh but no one heard her.
Stathis, the wizard leader, declared war on the trolls for stealing their crystal balls. The troll didn’t understand what Stathis said but they agreed to have war. The two tribe leaders decided that they will have 5 whole days to prepare for battle. So they got to work.

To be continued…