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My Cats! by Catwoman

I love animals and of course I love my pets.  One day at my house we started feeding cats that continued coming for food but one day there came a beautiful cat with a tiger pattern in gray and he had a black line from the top of his head running to the tip of his tail.

After a few days we started giving him food inside the house.  We gave him a little basket to lie in.  when the comes to the house I always asked my mom, “Can we keep him, please?” there was a big sad frown on my face if my mom would say no, “Yes we can keep him, but only if you take care of him when we don’t have time, “Okay!”, I said.

We moved to another house at the end of the school year.  We waited with bringing the cat over because I is not easy putting the cat in the cage so we could bring it to our new house.  So when everything was at the house I asked my mom, “Can we get the cat now?” and she said, “Yes we can, don’t forget the cage”. We went to the house and we brought a towel we first put the towel over his body as if he was wrapped in an adorable blanket ready for winter, so after we put it really quickly over his head and I opened the cage and first his tail was sticking out and I said, “Mom careful his tail is not inside!” so we pushed it in and locked the cage.  Then we went back luckily it was not a long drive.

When we arrived we put him on a leash so he wouldn’t run away.  We had him on the leash outside in the garden but he was panicking so he was really wild and his collar went over his head and he ran away.  I was so sad I cried the whole day.  The next day I heard a really nice, “Meow” and I went outside and he was there I was relieved I could have screamed as loud as I could but I didn’t.  As we settled in everything ready.  One day my sister went to Kifisia and she saw a kitten she called my mom and said, “Mom there’s a kitten in the middle of the street what should I do?”  “I have to go for a coffee with my friend, I will check if he’s there when I come back.”  After a while my sister went back and the kitten was still there.  My sister had a big smile on her face because she really wanted to keep it.  My sister called my mom again and said, “It’s still there, can we bring it home?”  My mom said, “Is it a male or a female?”  We could not take another male because we already have one male cat and otherwise there will be fights for territory.

So eventually I went to pick up my sister and her friends with my dad and we brought the cage in the car and he was so calm in the car I couldn’t even believe it.  So we had to keep it in our small living room so we gave a bit of milk and some food and first he didn’t eat anything.  After a while he drank a bit of milk and we had leftovers from dinner and it was chicken!  Of course the cat ate the chicken, cause I don’t know any cat that doesn’t eat chicken.  So we had to let the two cats meet each other so they get used to each other.  That did not go out well the small one was scared and the other cat wanted to attack but I screamed, “NO”!!!!!!!!  They left each other and we closed the doors.  We had to find a place to put the cat, so we put the cat in my sisters bathroom with the litter box and a blanket to lie on.  The next day worked out well! But a few days later the big cat attacked the small one and in time my mom came in between, but it was sad the big cat (Bernie) bit the small one (Gucci) 4 times in the stomach and you could not touch him from the pain.  He stayed on the couch the whole day and didn’t move.

A few days later the cats still didn’t like to be with each other so we still had to keep them separated that’s how it went on until now it is keeping cats separate probably we are going have surgery/operations so they don’t fight for territory.  “It’s a hard life for me with all these doors closed”.   


Movie Night by Green Mustache

It was a cold night and I just finished my homework. I asked my mom if she wanted to watch a movie with me. She said that she had to finish the dishes. So I went to my room to listen to music but at that second the lights were off! I was really surprised that the lights were off at that time and angry because I was about to watch a movie with my mom. My mom and I started running in the dark trying to see what was going on. After a few minutes the lights were back on. Mom said that she was done with the dishes and was ready to watch a movie. So we sat on the old couch, we got our popcorn and watched a movie. We watched a movie about a clown that no one was watching or even looking at him.

The movie was really sad but the clown sometimes was talking funny and he was making a lot of jokes and more. But the other times it was really sad like one part of the movie was that the clown was walking in the rain and a guy pushed the clown in the mud. At that part my mom and I started crying. So at the movie sometimes I was laughing so hard that I fell of the old couch and sometimes I was crying so hard that I used a box of tissues.

But the night wasn’t over. After the movie was done I didn’t want to go to sleep. By the way it was 11 o’clock at September 8th, 2017. After a few minutes something really scary happened. There was an earthquake and one of the vases fell down and broke into a million pieces. My mom went running for the vacuum and cleaned every single piece of glass there was. After that I still didn’t want to go to sleep! I went to my bed and read a book. My mom did the exact same thing but then I heard a noise from my brother’s room. I was so scared that I froze for a second but I went inside the room and saw that my brother was still doing his homework. I forgot that my brother didn’t finish his homework and saw that he was going to bed. I went to my mom and saw that she was sleeping. So I went to bed and I remembered that I had soccer practice.  

My Aunt’s Dog “MIKY” by DJ Melody

​“Miky! Miky! Come here boy! Come. Come,” I said with excitement when my mom, my sister, and I arrived at my aunt’s house in Anavissos. I heard Miky barking and barking from downstairs. I bent down on my knees and hugged him! When I stood up, the door opened and it was my aunt Irini, and my uncle Vassilis. They came out to help us with the things that we had brought with us.

Miky is a big black and white dog, he is named after Miky Mouse. Miky is the youngest, tallest, and also, for me, the cutest of all dogs. My aunt has three big dogs and one small dog. Two of the big dogs, including Miky, are boys and the small dog is a boy as well.

​I always see Miky during Spring break and during Summer vacation. Sometimes I see Miky during Christmas break as well. My aunt doesn’t know exactly how old Miky is but she says that he is about one year and 5 months old.

​I would really love to walk Miky outside my aunt’s house… But I never did because he is really strong. I would also like to take Miky to my house so my friends can see him for once, but I don’t think that my mom and my aunt will let me.

My favorite thing about Miky is… Well, actually, I have two favorite things about Miky. One of my favorite things about Miky is that he protects the house from strangers and also my aunt’s family from people he hasn’t ever seen before as well. My other favorite thing about Miky is that he doesn’t bite and he is kind and powerful!!!

​I wish someday my mom would let me take Miky forever!! I DREAM that when my mom says YES I can have MIKY FOREVER, I think it will be my PROUDEST MOMENT of ALL MY LIFE!!!


My Cat by Iro2007

“OMG! He’s so cute!” I said as I walked in from school. Last night we found him outside our door. My dad was getting out of the house to go to the doctor and he saw this super fluffy, beautiful, cute creature waiting beside our door. It was so big , that at the beginning I thought it was a dog!

​So that day, when I walked in from school, I saw the cat laying down on my parents’ bed! So cute right?! I was so happy we had him, but also felt bad about its owner. If I had lost him, I would have turned the whole world upside-down to find him/her!

​We didn’t know if this cat was a boy or a girl either. My dad said it was a boy, but my mom thought it was a girl! I actually thought that it was a boy because his meowing was dark for a girl. My mom insisted though that it was a girl, so we called it a girl. My mom used to have a cat when she was in college and she called her “Mitsi”, but it turned out it was actually a boy, so she called him “Mitso”.

​That afternoon, I took him/her out, at the balcony, and read him/her a story. At first, he wasn’t paying any attention, but after, he was looking at me with his/her green eyes. It looked like he/she was listening now! “WOW!!”

​The next day, it was Friday, and when I was walking into the elevator I saw a lady that had many cats and I asked her “Have you lost a cat?” She said “Oh, no! I haven’t, but I think my neighbor has!” “Can I come to your house to see the cat?” she continued. I didn’t want the cat to leave, but I chose to do the right thing and try to get-away with it, so I told her

“Umm, yes of course!”

“Oh, thank you!” she said politely. When I went up to my house, I went to see the cat to tell him/her a goodbye. When I walked in, he /she was laying down on my mom’s chair (where she does work!). He/she looked like a professional business worker! I went closer to pat him/her. It felt like my hand was melting in his fur! (I’ve decided to call him a boy). Now I felt so sad that he was leaving! Also, my mom wasn’t in Greece, or on land. She was in an airplane coming back from Italy (so there was no wifi!). She would be back in any time now, but still I wouldn’t be able to call her!

​“DING-DONG!” “Oh, no” I said to myself.

“I’m never going to see him again!” But I had to try. So I opened the door and showed the lady the cat.

“Oh yes! Its my neighbor’s” she said. I tried to smile and tell her OK.

​I missed “my” cat so much, and thought that I would never see him again! “Ding- Dong!” rang the doorbell again!

“Who might it be again?” I thought as I walked towards the door to open it. When I opened the door, I saw a tall man with a black suit holding a letter.

“Hello! Do you have a cat here?” he started.

“Oh, yes… Um.. Im… Bringing it now! Um.. One second” I said straggly.

“Yes please, thank you” the man in the suit answered politely, as I started walking towards the inside of the house to try to find him. I went to my room in case he was there. I didn’t find him there, but before leaving I checked at the balcony too. Oh yes. He was there! I picked him up (he was so soft, my hand was sinking into his fur!) and moved towards the door to give him to the man.

“Oh thank you! I was looking for him!” he said excitedly. “You’re welcome sir! Is it male or female?” I asked curiously.

“Oh its male, and his name is Suleyman! They give him to me as a present from Azerbaijan!” he replied giving me a lot of detail.

“WOW!” I said and my mouth opened wide in surprise.

“Oh and he is very rare! He is 3 kinds of cats together!” he continued. As I couldn’t open my mouth more from surprise, I just said, “WOW!” again.

​After the following day, my friends Iliana and Marlena would be coming to my house. They really wanted to see him (Suleyman), so did I, and then something magical happened…… “Ding-Dong!” rang the bell. It was 9:00 in the morning! “Who could it be?” I thought when I opened my eyes, half awake, half asleep. My mom opened the door, before I could even stand up on my feet well and walk. I could smell a man’s perfume coming from outside the door. “Aaaargh!” I screamed! It was the same man I saw before yesterday (just without a suit) holding Suleyman in his hands! I knew exactly the reason why….. Suleyman would stay with us for the rest of the day! I was so happy!

When the girls came I showed him to them and they were amazed! They loved him so much!! Suleyman stayed with us for long. We watched the movie “Titanic” with him (kind of… he was running away!), we played with him, we took videos of him, but the rest we did by ourselves.

It was a very fun day, and I was very lucky to have Suleyman with me.

​“Ding-Dong!” th doorbell rang for one more time. I had to say bye-bye to Suleyman. I had fun though, so I wasn’t so sad. Actually I was happy that everyone left because I was very tired.

I went to bed to get a good sleep because I also had school the next day….

Hershey Park by Mr Jeff



“Can we go to that ride please?” I said to my mom and dad with a pleading face, “Sure!” my dad exclaimed. We were in Hershey Park, Pennsylvania and we were going to a really cool ride. It had a part where you would go down in a twirl! When we got to the station we waited for our turn. Time passed but then it was our turn! We got in the rollercoaster and put the secure belt on, clunk!

The rollercoaster slowly departed, “Here we go!” I said eagerly. After a while of twists and turns, we finally reached the loop, it was so cool! We went round and round and while we were in the loop it felt like we were going to fall off! When we got to the station we got off and walked towards the exit and I said dizzily “That was so cool!”,

We walked all the way down and saw all the amazing rides in front of us. We walked over to this ride called “Thunder Race.” Then we walked up to the station and waited in line (it was not long). Then it was our turn we were waiting behind a gate, pfff! The gates opened and we got in our seats. I sat next to my dad and we pulled the secure belt towards us and waited for the ride to begin. “I bet this ride will be fantastic!” I said with a big smile on my face “I bet so too,” my dad said eagerly, Clunk!  

The brakes went off and the ride started. We departed and reached the gear that pulls us up, and then we reached the peak of the drop. I had a scared/ awesome face then we started the drop. “OMG!” I screamed terrified! The wind blew in our faces and I had my eyes wide open from the terrifying moment. The drop ended and then we began the twists and turns and there was so much power caused from the drop that the turns were crazy! In the final part to beat the race there were bumps. The result was . . . WE WON!!! “Boo ya!” somebody said. “We are the CHAMPS!” I said boasting a bit. Then we reached the platform and walked towards the exit and went off to try many other rides.         

Wi-Fi Problem by Gucci-I


“Oh God, oh my God,” I said. “Why is it not working?!It was fine 2 hours ago!”. If my laptop is not working, what about my phone? I thought. I typed, waited and saw it on the screen. <No Internet. Problem Loading Page>. What about the tablet? Again, <Low Connection>.

“Dimitris! Is the router even on?” I asked my brother. “Why do you even need WI-FI?” he inquired. “YOUTUBE,” I replied. “Too Bad. I’m playing videogames, aka Call of Duty with my friends Rami and Kouzakos. I need Wi-Fi for this. You know?” his voice got a little bit louder. He was getting taller, and taller, his red hair was falling onto my face.

I just decided to watch TV but, guess what happened! My grandparents were watching “To Anthropaki”. An old, black and white, Greek show. I didn’t like it but I sat there and watched for a bit. All of a sudden, I hear “He,he,he,he,he!”.  It sounded like a witch making a poisonous potion with green goo and worms trying to escape. Like she was Snowhite’s stepmother making that apple. Something like that. Something that smells  bad. Something that bubbles popped every half second. So, at that moment, when she wanted to go to the bathroom, she slipped and fell.


I left and I went to the kitchen where my mom was. “Mom,  I have nothing to do!” my mom took a bite of the scrumptious, nutella filled cookie as I complained. “Why don’t you have something to do?” she forenamed as she wiped the chocolate off her face from the cookie. “Now. Stop complaining. Play with your toys , you’re at home,” my mom Dimitra opined. “Well, the only toys I have are Barbie dolls and other things. But, I want to watch videos on YouTube.  So, Dimitri’s friends are playing Call of Duty and they are using up all the Wi-Fi,” I verbalized.

I went back to the living room where the TV was, and then back to the study where the router was and all the pencil cases and I scribbled on a paper. Great. Now I have nothing to do because of everybody living in our house. But mom. She didn’t do anything bad.  I told myself.

“Dimitri!  Stop playing on your PS4 now!” I heard my mom shout. I knew it was an opportunity to go on YouTube, and turns out it was. I typed in : IIsuperwomanII on the smooth keyboard of my silver Mac and sipped on yummy apple juice, while  I watched probably about 10 videos.


By: Ioanna Pantazis