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My Life in the Kingdom of Gulp ,by Zoe

Hello! I’m a princess in a palace and my name is Odelia. I live in Spain in the kingdom of Gulp, but I’d rather live in a very small house because I can’t stand living with my older sisters and the queen. I hate all of my sisters, but the two I hate the most are Princess Lilly because she is the oldest and she thinks that she’s the best, and especially Princess Hortense, because she always laughs with everything and she’s very annoying. One day I will be the queen (even though I’m the youngest princess) and I will put Princess Hortense in the dark dungeon and she will live with all the disgusting animals. All the other princesses are fighting except for me. I’m too busy telling on them but I think Columbus will dance with me!
I have many dreams and wishes. I wish I was the oldest princess because now I get annoyed by other princesses. I also wish my mother, Queen Isarouton, was nicer to people. My biggest dream is to be the queen cause I will rule the whole kingdom. I also hope that my sisters were kind to me. Another of my dreams is to have a palace named Odelia Rules! I also hope that Columbus will pick me.
I live in the kingdom of Gulp, I’m a princess, so my parents must be Queen Isarouton and King Nerdinand. My mother is always mean to everyone and she is officially willing to be the richest queen in the WORLD. She always wants more even though she has everything. My father is very scared of my mom. King Nerdinand is exactly the opposite of Queen Isarouton. My dad is kind, he is very happy for what he has and he never wants more. That’s all about my family and my life.

My Crazy Voyage, by Ted

Well, hello! I’m sailor Ted and I’m usually on Mc Jellofishes boat. Oops! I said the making-fun-of name. Okay, Mcjellyfish is a good captain, but he kills the crew! He’s the strictest person on earth! Every second he barks an order and it’s tough. Some people even think he is a loony and think that he doesn’t know where we are going!
I’d rather be the captain so I can command the ship. I wish and dream of gold because I’m poor. I would want to be a farmer to sell and get money. However, I have one hope that in the future that when this voyage ends, I will quit being a sailor and become a farmer. I just wish I was a bit richer. If only I could get off this stupid boat! Why don’t I jump of the boat and swim back to Spain? So I want to get of that Mcjell-o-s boat!
Well I was born with no brother or sister. My parents could not afford to have me. So I became an orphan. Then I ran away from the orphanage. I took books that will teach me the stuff you learn in school. When I grew up I became a sailor and here I am right now. I have wishes and dreams too, like you do. I wish I had a family. Anyway, I also wish to change captain on our ship, but if that doesn’t happen I have been dreaming to jump off the boat. Then I’ll swim back to Spain and go back to the palace.
Well, that’s all I have got. Hope you enjoyed reading about me. Now where was I? OH NO! I’m late for my meeting with Christopher Columbus!

Our Geology Questions

Welcome to our new geology unit!I’ve created a wallwisher and posted your questions that have come up so far. Sorry I couldn’t remember who had asked all of them.
If you have more questions or can answer any of these, double click on the wallwisher and make a post. You can also make a link to a website or video if you research something that you think would be helpful to the class.

My old class are welcome to post too! Nice to have you visit with us! Miss you tons!