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Real Life Math: Planning the Christmas Party

Christmas Party Math from Penny Kynigou on Vimeo.

Today we worked on a new project for the fifth grade’s Christmas party!!! Mrs.Kynigou gave us a sheet of paper to record the total prices of each item. Also, we recorded the number of items in each pack, how much does each individual item cost, the number of packs we need to buy for 60 people and the total price that it would cost in total for Mrs. Kynigou’s class! We had to write up a little summary about how to find the total cost, and how much money we could save on the cheaper napkins ( if we bought the cheaper or the most expensive) . We want to give the money we can save by using up the supplies we had from Halloween , other holidays and birthdays, as charity to poor people or people that have suffered in different places or that have suffered in the past. We had a big discussion in class about where to give the remaining 17.47 euro that were left over. Many people suggested different things like giving them to poor people or using them for other class reasons. People also suggested we should give them to Mrs.Koutsioukis because she is collecting jackets for charity and people in need. Personally, Stathis and I believe that we should give the money to a local Charity.
By Anna Louise and Stathis

Post a comment and tell us where you think the money we save should go.