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Soliloquy of cook 2, by Theo

I, Theo, the most famous cook in the world, I hate cooking for the Queen and King because I have feelings that I will cook something that the Queen will not like and she will feed me to the crocodiles! I am very scared because every day is scary for me. I hope I could cook without someone to dare me or else I will die. I dream one day I could cook free, because I like to cook, and when the Queen says to me, “Make macaroni and cheese!” I do not like to cook for her.
I hope I could have a family so I could be happy and so I could cook for them. I was dreaming 2 days ago that I had 3 kids: 2 boys named Alexandros and the other called Akes. I was dreaming that I had I nice wife that did not know how to cook, so I could learn to her and cook for them my special food. But this is only a dream!
I do not want to cook for the King, and mostly the Queen, because she will kill! She is very bad. I hope one day my dream will become real life!
The End