Under the Sea by Blue Whale

I like fish. I like whales, turtles and all sea animals that live in sea. But I only know how to swim a little bit…. so, I can’t go in the deep water. If the sun is bright enough, the sea reflects and shines. Also, I like seeing the sun going down. I want to be a fish and swim around the sea. The sea feels very cool, even more than eating ice cream!


Splash!! My brother likes to swim also. Next time I want to dive in the deep water, in a deep, deep place. Sometimes I feel scared about water. When it’s not that deep (that my toe can reach the bottom) I am not scared.

I think I need to learn swimming……

Sleepovers and Play dates!! by Fluff


Boom and Zoom!  Finally it’s time for sleepovers and play dates!  Play dates are the best!  At play dates you could play and enjoy your life! Don’t forget that sleepovers are the best too! At sleepovers you can sleep with your friends and enjoy your night.

The day before, at the afternoon I was playing with a neighbor and I was so bored. I was waiting and waiting for Snowy Fox to come.  After a while ding-dong the bell rang!! YES!!!!!!!  Sleep over’s with Snowy Fox!!! I was so happy that I was saying crazy words!! This was the best sleep over ever!! The best thing about this sleepover was that we had some time to play before we went to bed!!

When Snowy Fox came we watched her favorite comedy which was Mr. Bean. We laughed our hearts off!! Later we ate some delicious food and dessert. I have a double bed because when I sleep I stretch a lot! I also kick! Snowy Fox and I both slept at the double bed. When we went to bed we snuck the ipad and hid it under the covers.

We played Crossy Road and Piano Tiles2! At the morning I had Athletics so sadly we didn’t have time to play a lot! Thank goodness we went to eat ice cream! We spent a great time together!!!!!!!

Walking with Cats

   It is morning. I just wake up and it is nine o’clock. I wear my clothes and my shoes and I say good morning to everybody. Then I eat breakfast. My mom sends me to go the rubbish at the bin.

   I go outside and I start to walk, when three cats starting to follow me. I was very scared. I shout help but nobody hear me. I climbed two rocks but the cats also climbed the rocks and one cat scratch me to the eye. I cry and I start to run very fast.                                            

      After five minutes I was home. I run crying to mom and dad and I said to them:

“A cat scratch me to the eye! Help!” I shout.

I said to mom that I can see you only with my one eye. ” Help!” I shout again. I told to myself, “Maybe it’s a dream, maybe it’s just a dream.” I shout again. But the truth

wasn’t that, it wasn’t a dream, it was the reality.

I hate cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From that day, that hour, that minute and that second, my biggest fear is cats!!!!!!!!!

Christmas Welcome by Snowy Fox


Ding dong! It was almost 9:00 pm, and we were finally standing on the doorstep of my Nana’s and Papa’s house in The United States of America in Indiana!! Though it had been a really long trip, we finally made it. The door opened and my Nana was waiting for us on a rocking chair right next to a toasty hot fire.

The table was set and the oven was cooking with an amazing smell that was extruding from the oven. The tree was already made and some ornaments were hanging on the branches. The ornaments had bursting colors like: red, blue, and yellow, green, and purple.

We ran over to our Nana that hadn’t seen us yet. She almost cried when she saw us, she hugged and kissed us. She called my Aunty and my Papa. They came down the creaky stairs and welcomed us in their cozy cottage.

We sat at the dining table and ate the most amazing food. Meanwhile we got tucked in bed and closed our eyes, we dreamed of the following amazing days in America…..

My Favorites by Hacker Boy

My favorite color is blue,
Just when I see from the plane,
The beautiful blue ocean.

My favorite smell is pizza,
Just because the smell,
Is better than the pizza.

My favorite place is in my room,
While I play minecraft at my computer,
Just because it calms me down,
I get calmer and calmer,
Sometimes I get a bit sleepy also,
Other times I get so mad,
That I am about to break glass.

My favorite hobby is tennis,
When I play it,
I am so excited that I’m getting better at it.

My Favorites POEM by #15


My favorite color is blue like the blue ocean.
When the dark comes and the sea
Looks like a deep dark hole in the galaxy.
My favorite smell is many nice smelled foods when the smell
Comes and its smell is weird.

My favorite place is my house
Because it has so many nice and fun things to do.

My favorite animal is the dog
Because it brings the ball to play with and it is
Very friendly.



My favorite color is red,
Just like when its by our awesome classroom door.
When I see it I feel ready to learn.

My favorite smell is is the smell of gasoline,
And as I pass next to a gas station,
I open my window and inlahe it as deeply as I can.

My favorite smell is my soccer school,
When the grass is new and tall.
Since I’m a goalkeeper,
I love the feeling when I’ve blocked a goal.
Everyone is shouting and cheering!

My favorite animal,
Is a dog barking all day,
And bouncing on the long valleys and streets.

Favorites Poem by Grey Orca


My favorite color is green,
Just like the grass on the ground,
And the shore of the sea,
Before mud or garbage covers it.

My favorite smell is the smell of the flowers.
The way it smells calms me down,
But it also gives me a happy feeling,
When I am close or next to it.
Just like yoga, it is calm and relaxing.
But it is also extraordinarily beautiful.

My favorite place is my bed.
I love sleeping, and I do sleep there,
It feels like it is made from flowers,
Soft, calm and beautiful.
It reminds me of relaxing, and I feel relief.

My favorite sport is swimming.
I like to exerscise in the water,
I feel cool in the summer and yet, I exercise,
Feeling like I am flying on the clouds.

My Favorite Poem by Blue Whale


It reminds me
Of the bright

When I can smell it
After the boring
Rainy day.

Where we can see the
Shiny smiling moon
Glooming in the dark.
And where we can hear
Owls tweet and twoo
In the dark.
The Happy park is glooming
In the dark

Favorites Poem by Cool Owl Boy

My favorite color is grass green
As the rain grows it in the terrain.

My favorite smell is pizza,
While the pepperoni melts,
Followed by the cheese and the onion.

My favorite place is my summer house,
Where the sea is really close,
And when I get out I get splashes on my face.

My favorite sport is tennis,
As I swing my racket to my opponent
And having a feeling of believing that I’ll win.

My Favorites by Fluffy Pig


My favorite color:

My favourite color is green,
Because I like to see the
trees and the grass from above.
My favorite place:

My favorite place is my home,
Because I like to play in the garden.
I like to play soccer,basketball
And to play with my dog.

My favorite smell:

My favorite smell is the smell of pizza.
I like it when the chef is making the dough,
and puts in peperoni.

My favorite number:

My favourite number is seven,
Because I like a soccer player
With this number called Cantona.

My Favorites Poem by Snowy Fox


My Favorite color is yellow,
Just like the stars that twinkle right next to the moon,
In the pitch black sky.

My favorite smell is sweet caramel,
While I smell it I feel relaxed,
Its sweet smell makes my dreams come true.

My favorite place is in my dream,
Where everything is just right,
I swim in pools of chocolate,
I fly into the sky ,
I eat the biggest burger.

My favorite animal is the Snowy fox,
Is whiter than the whitest snow,
You watch it hunt its wild prey,
That’s the snowy fox.

Favorites Poem by #18

My favorite sound.
Is listening to the noise.
Of the owls echoing.
As they call and respond to each other.
In the bright starlight at midnight.

My favorite smell.
Is after the rain as,
I see the flowers in bloom, and.
I feel I am flying to the air.

My favorite color is white.
As I see the clouds changing shapes.
I think of it as snow.

My favorite place.
Is the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Before all the crowds joins me.
Because I feel I will fall.

My FAVORITES POEM by Pink Mustache

My favorite color is blue
When the sky,
Comes it’s like,
The reflection of the sea opens.
My favorite smell is pizza smell.
I smell the cheesy milky smell from the cows,
And the bacon from the pigs,
Its like a painting full of beauty!!!!!

My favorite place is the Emirates Stadium.
The sound of the crowd roar and,
The rain dropping on the floor.

My favorite sport is soccer.
I love when I tackle,
The ball and fall.

Favorites Poem by #20

My favorite color is green,
Like the trees and the grass,
That gives oxygen.

A really nice smell is the smell,
Of the rain just like when it falls,
Hard to the ground…SPLASH!!

How I wished to be in London right now!
Since I went to Madam Tussaud’s,
I loved London.
Actually Madam Tussaud’s is a place,
With candies and movies!

They are your best friends.
Just when I found my dog
In the garbage
I realized that puppies are so cute!!

My Favorite Color is Purple by #8

My favorite color is purple,
And it reminds me of my favorite bag,
When I go to school after a long summer.

My favorite smell is the smell of the rain,
It rains so much that,
The ground is all wet and ,
My feet soak down and down.
My favorite place is in the Cruise ship,
With lots of people crowding,
Because there is a long buffet with lots of food,
Five pools and the sea to swim in the hot summer.

My favorite hobby is biking ,
Up and down the hills with,
The air coming right in my face,
My bike will be always there too.

Favorites Poem by #13


My favorite color is green.
Just like the grass,
And the leaves up in the trees

My favorite aroma
Just when I enter my house.
It is the surprising smell of my favorite food.
Sizzling in the oven.

My favorite restaurant is Chinese.
As I walk in the door.
And smell many tasty and delicious foods.
From the traditional chefs.

My favorite ice cream flavor is.
Dark chocolate when it is dripping.
From the heat of the sun.

 Betsy Ross   by Pink Fluffy Unicorn     

Have you ever sewn something from scratch, well I have. My name is Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom, but people know me as Betsy Ross. Ross is my married name. I was born on January,1,1752, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You are probably wondering what I have sewn, I have sewn The first flag of the 13 colonies. It was pretty tough. But luckily I had my lovely husband and daughter there to support me. I always had thoughts and doubts about “how will General Washington think of my work” and “will I finish on time?” General Washington checked up on me every month. I worked for 7 hours a day sewing. My father’s name is Samuel Griscom and my mother’s name is Rebecca Griscom. I have 16 siblings, I was #8. I love and care for each and everyone of them. Right now I don’t have any responsibilities, except of taking care of my little 10 year old daughter Phoebe Ross. I wouldn’t want to live any other life, or in any other city except Philadelphia.

You might find this hard to believe, but I actually wouldn’t mind working a few hours a day, maybe as a dressmaker. This might sound very motherly, but I dream about how my little Phoebe will look in 10 years. I hope I will still be alive to see my little baby grow up and make a family. Hopefully I will become a grandmother someday, and I wish my Phoebe will still be happy without me on this earth.

Unless you didn’t know, I really enjoy my family’s company, we always play marbles together and go on walks. Sewing the American flag was my biggest accomplishment, when I finished sewing I felt like a hero.


A Baker’s Life by Owl Girl


Have you ever met a baker? Well that’s me.  My name is Theodosia Morris.  I am a baker in New Jersey at the Middle Colonies.  My parents are still alive and help me when I need them.  I was married when I was 20 years old and had two kids with Abel Livingstone, the farmer.  One is called Eleanor and the other is called Fanny.  I am worried that I don’t get as much money as I would like to have.  Some of the animals that we have are sheep’s, pigs and chickens.  I and my family are self-sufficient.  My jobs and tasks that I still do today is being a baker.  My schedule and my responsibilities are first, to wake up early at 5:00 a.m. and wash my family’s clothes, feed the animals in the farm, then go to the bakery and bake bread and cookies and sell them.  Finally, I go back home at 5 or 6:00 p.m. and rest in my bed.  One is called Eleanor and the other is called Fanny.  I am worried that I don’t get as much money as I would like to have.  Some of the animals that we have are sheep’s, pigs and chickens.  I and my family are self-sufficient.  My jobs and tasks that I still do today is being a baker.  My schedule and my responsibilities are first, to wake up early at 5:00 a.m. and wash my family’s clothes, feed the animals in the farm, then go to the bakery and bake bread and cookies and sell them.  Finally, I go back home at 6:00 p.m. and rest on my bed.

I really hate when I have to go buy the flour, and asking me immediately to bake cookies.  I am really happy in the Middle Colonies because it is very warm. What annoys me is that I have to wake up at 5:00 a.m. and feed the animals in the farm.  A life problem that I have is that I need more money.

I would rather be a printer but I am a baker.  My dreams and wishes are to have a lot more money.  I could change my life by helping my husband at the farm in the afternoon.  My hopes and wishes for the future are to spend more time having fun with my kids so they could be happy.

What make me really happy are my kids and my husband.  I enjoy baking cookies to my kids.  My favorite activities are to bake cookies to my kids and farm with my family, feed the animals in the farm.  A great and favorite time that I remember really well, was when I was 21 that I gave birth to Eleanor and after two years to Fanny.  I was really happy!