AN ILL COMPUTER by Anime Manga Otaku tech freak.

“Ok ill go ahead and Skype some friends,” Oddy said to himself.

“That’s a good idea!” Oddy mysteriously heard.

“Who’s that?!” Oddy shouted.

“It’s me your TURBO-X computer!” TIRBY X shouted.

“Ok I guess that’s logical,” Oddy replied.

“Listen Oddy Stefanis (, I need to go to the doctor!’’ TIRBY-X shouted.

“Why?” Oddy asked.

“I have a nasty virus,” TIRBY X replied.

“I know! I have a nursing tool called antivirus,” said Oddy.

“How nice, but I also need glasses,” Demanded TIRBY X.

“Why,” Oddy asked for the second time.

“I need to improve my website,” TIRBY X said.

And then they set off to one of the greatest hospitals, PUBLIC SERVICE FOR ELECTRONICS!

TIRBY X shouted “this is the place!”

“Let’s ask this man for help,” Oddy said.

“Please help,” TIRBY X begged, “please!”

“Of course I will, “said the man,” now then, let’s start!”

“I will Put you a super antivirus, and give you one of our pet mousses! It’s even wireless! Exclaimed the man.



“I love it” shouted TIRBY X.

“Thanks for all the help,” said Oddy.

“HAHOO!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Oddy

“I guess it was all a dream,”, Oddy said to himself, “besides computers can’t talk,”

“That’s not true,” He heard.




A Terrific Story by Shadow

A Terrific Story

‘Happy birthday “Shadow”!’

Today it was the last day of fourth grade, and nobody wants to miss it, nobody, especially me! Matilda, Sofia, and Corina are coming over to my house for my sleepover-birthday party.

Actually, it’s not my birthday but I am doing my party because all my friends are on a vacation on July, my regular birthday.

After the school ended we ran downstairs to find my mom and after she talked with my teacher and then we quickly left from school.


We stopped by the house to leave our bags and eat something and then we were off to the mall! In the car on our way back home, my mother told me that we were going at the x-factor and I almost screamed thank you are the best! Then Corina, Matilda and Sofia started laughing. When we arrived at the house, we went upstairs, grabbed our swimming suits and we then played water fight at the garden until it was time for dinner: nice Italian carbonara just out of the saucepan, with fresh, melted cheese and bacon on it. Trust me, it was delicious. After finishing dinner, we sat at the couch and saw TV for us to calm down and then, we needed to go. (You know where!)we all thought that it was so much fun and the best part was when we left yes, I said when we left because the most terrific gift was waiting. A dog was tied on a pole in the middle of the night. As mom stopped the car in a hurry and ran out, Matilda stood up straight and shouted: a dog!?! Then, we all stood straight like up like Matilda. I went outside to help my mom put him in the car as the girls looked shocked. The next day, after Matilda Sofia and Corina left, we found out that we had to take him to the vet if he had a chip, we would give him back. I became very happy to find out that we would keep him.


My favorites by Shadow


My favorite color is blue,

Like the sky,

On a warm, long summer day,

Before the long school year coming.



My favorite smell,

Are the cookies that I bake with my grandma,

During Christmas Eve while night covers Greece with a smile.



My favorite place

to be, is my house’s

Terrace with my pets before the sun says goodbye.



My hobby is babysitting,

Because all my personal, sad thoughts,

Become warm and I smile when I’m near them.


Dialogue with my Computer by Cool Owl Boy


“Hi! I am Iris! A copy of Siri!” said the computer

“Well OK, hi Iris,” Cool Owl Boy replied

“How are you today?” asked the computer

“I’m fine thank you,” explained Cool Owl Boy

“What’s 100 × 2?” asked Cool Owl Boy.

The computer replied “The answer is 200.”

“Oh so you can also do math!” exclaimed Cool Owl Boy

“I can do anything!” replied the computer

“Where are you from?” inquired Cool Owl Boy

“I am,” stated the computer, “from pink fluffy unicorn world!”

“Be more serious!” commanded Cool Owl Boy.

“OK,” responded the computer, “I am from China.”

“From China?” asked Cool Owl Boy.

“OK, changing language to Chinese,” answered the computer.

“No! I didn’t say that!” barked Cool Owl Boy.

“OK, canceled,” responded the computer.

“Phew,” rejoiced Cool Owl Boy.

“What else can you do?” asked Cool Owl Boy.

“I can change my name, do calculations, organize your calendar, and more!” exclaimed the computer.

“OK, change your name to Prankster Gangster” remarked Cool Owl Boy.

“Do you want to change my name to Pickle Gun?” inquired the computer

“No! I said change it to Prankster Gangster!”

“Do you want to change my name to Prankster Gangster?” asked the computer.

“Yes!” cheered Cool Owl Boy

“OK, changing name to Sprinkle Cakes.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” whined Cool Owl Boy.


Dialogue With My Pencil Scritchy by Blue Whale


     “May I sharpen you?” I whispered to the grumpy guilty pencil Scritchy.

     “Well, I am totally not feeling delighted today. So I guess not!” grunted the pencil Scritchy.

     “Oh, really? If you don’t let me then I will sharpen you right now by forcing you and make you totally sharp.” I replied to Scritchy.

     “Do you think you can do that?!” yelled Scritchy.

     “Okey, I will begin. Here is the tools and I will really begin!…”I exclaimed.

     “Sharpen me, It doesn’t matter because if I am mad and fully angry this pencil will break and break…!” replied Scritchy.

     “Oh, but I will try. Now I will try to write with this pencil. Why is this not working?…”I spoke in a annoyed voice.

      “HA! HA! HA!, See imy feeling is bad because of you! Yelled Scritchy.

     “Well… Well…, now I have to bring another pencil…” I mumbled.

     “Then bye!, I will run away through the oceans and the forest and never show up again!…” roared Scritchy.

Play date with Panagis and Filippos by Anonymous


On Friday evening after school, I asked my mom if I could go to Panagis’ house. I hadn’t  been there before, and I was also curious. Before I knew it, I was sitting in his car on the way to his house.

Once we arrived, we opened the glass, transparent door, and Leo (Panagis’ dog) started liking me everywhere. He was even ripping my favorite shirt. I didn’t care though because I was having one of the best days of my life.

Once we were settled in, I played on Panagis’ laptop. Filippos was also there and he was playing uncharted an adventurous game on the play station four with Panagi. After that, we ate some cookies and talked. Of course, we gave some crumbs to leo because he was going crazy. Then when we were ready for action we decided we should do a nerf gun fight. The fight was crazy fun the teams were Panagis and Filippos against me.

Then though, things changed. Filippos and Panagis were hiding behind the kitchen wall. Suddenly, I snuck up on them and shot Filippos on the head he got angry, very, very angry. I did not know if it hurt but it seemed like it did. Filippo and panagi then ran for cover, and suddenly the room, house, building, was empty. It felt like everyone vanished. I searched the whole house. Nothing. Only Leo who was sleeping deeply.  The house was unknown because that was my first time there. So I didn’t know if they were hiding anywhere. It began being cold. I was shivering knowing that they could be anywhere. Then I heard something. I was freaking out. It sounded like a faint sound of someone walking. It was scary but I knew that I could do it. The sounded was coming from the hallway leading to Panagis’ bedroom I opened the door, fearing there could be anything in front of me. Panagis and Filippos shooting me, a robber, anything. To my surprise it was just Leo he was trying to get out of the hallway to the living room. I started smirking. I said to myself, “it was just Leo”.

One question still was itching in my brain. Where is Panagis and Filippos? I didn’t know. I then decided it was best for me to play some electronics so I can chill out. I opened the Playstation 4, picked the controller that Leo hadn’t chewed on and went to open the TV. I couldn’t find the tv controller (I later figured Leo had chewed it too) so I decided to get Panagis laptop, which was in his room across the hallway. To 100% sure I got my nerf gun with me. I crept towards his room because I didn’t want them to hear me. I then got the plug out of the computer, which I had plugged earlier so the computers battery would be full when someone would get it. I brought It to the living room and then went to my favorite game site: I wasn’t playing good and I wasn’t focused on playing because I thought they were going to sneak up on me any second. I  then went to the kitchen to grab some cookies and milk. The ground was full of pomegranate juice staines because we were goofing around with it earlier. I was sure Panagis mom wouldn’t be happy of it. When I was done I went to play on the laptop again. Some minutes past and then I went to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, I heard a loud thub on the wall. I was scared then I heard the balcony door open…

To be continued

Castle Clash by Herny Turner



Do you know the game called Castle Clash? Castle Clash is a game that you play on the computer, iPad, iPhone and all the kind of electronic gadgets. In this game you have to double evolve, and have all the legendary heroes at the max level which is 200. Some more things you have to do are to roll and get good talent. This way when you have a red bar ready your hero will do more damage, run faster, and have many more weird talents. This essay will teach you some things about the game. You will learn heroes, the Guild, Honor Badges, Shards, gems, how to play in groups, the Lost Realm and the Arena.

The goal of the game is to upgrade your heroes. Then you upgrade all the towers and defenses (bases). Once you’ve done all this, you’ll have a lot of might which is strength. When you have upgraded many heroes you can fight in the arena, and make your base very strong. Another player could attack you in the arena. You can earn Arena cards with the games you play.When your base is upgraded you will look at the top right corner and you will see a picture like a crown if you are at max level, or a fist if you just have started the game.

For you to get legendary heroes you have to have gems. To get gems you have to go to the hero altar. You have many gems and then you press the hero altar and choose either the 450 gems, or the 150 gems. When you have pressed your choice you will get legendaries, ordinary, or elite heroes. The legendaries are the purple color, the ordinary are the green, and the elite are the blue. When you roll the 450 gems you get three different kinds of heroes, but when you choose 150 you get one hero. In addition to get gems easily you download the game. Then you get the first present at the corner of the page and then you sell it like you do not know how to play. Then you do not play for a long time and the game will give you many gems (5000). Then with these gems you are going to roll so you get legendary heroes. Also you are going to keep some of these gems if you want to, so can you upgrade your buildings.

You can upgrade heroes by having the necessary amount of honor badges, gold and flames. You get flames by attacking dungeons and when you win a three-flame you get three flames. You get honor badges by fighting in the arena, but to fight you need to have a name. First you need to make a team of heroes in the arena. A favorite combination of heroes for me is Beast Tamer, Skull Knight, Golem, Pumpkin Duke and Dre Drake. All there are legendary heroes.

When you have ten thousand strength, you can go in the lost realm. When you get this strength you can attack other heroes and get crests, money bags, bronze, silver and gold keys. With the bronze keys you open chests. In the chest you might get whatever the game gives you, but there is a higher chance you win better prizes with gold bags and silver keys. Some players want to become even better at the game, so they fight strong heroes. They open more gold chests and have a bigger island. In the Lost Realm you can fight a Boss hero. A Boss has a lot of health and strength. A good idea is to go to the First in The World and ask him to be your friend, because you can team up and fight the Boss together. In addition you will need a lot of gold, because in Lost Realm sometimes there is a merchant that you pay gold, elixir, red crystals and blue crystals. To get the blue crystals you need to upgrade in the Lost Realm in the crystal mines. To get red crystals you need to level up in the Lost Realm.

Now I am going to talk about the Arena. The Arena is the most important place in the game, because you get 50 to 4,400 honor badges per hour. To get to 4,400 honor badges you have to be first in the world in the Arena. To be first in the world you need to have good heroes and good talents, so when you win many times you add 10 honor badges per hour. When you build your Arena you start with 50 honor badges, and when you have reached about 3,000 honor badges per hour. After you have won the first place in the world, someone is always trying to beat you. When someone defeats you go to second place. Every thirty minutes you have one chance to fight and defeat another player. With the honor badges that you get from the Arena, you can upgrade heroes and upgrade some buildings.  In the Wrenched Gorge level you have six hero bases, and to upgrade the buildings and walls you have to give honor badges and then you team up with four people and fight Bosses and many heroes. When you have used the arena cards you have one more chance to play at the arena.

In the Guild part of the game you can play games with friends or people in the Guild. One game is the Boss Battle. In this game there is a very strong hero that can have millions of life and does a lot of damage. You choose some of your heroes and battle the Boss. No one has defeated with one try, so it will be hard to win. There are also levels that you can pick, some are easy and some are hard. In the Guild there are two bosses so the life of them is in the billions. The first Boss is pretty easy to defeat with your good heroes, so you won’t have a problem beating him. The Boss has about 5 million health points. To win the second Boss you need your heroes to have a slowdown-power-up talent, so he won’t even touch you. You have to use Pumpkin Duke, because he makes your heroes 50% faster. The second Boss battle is easy. You don’t really a slowdown talent, so it is easy because you can use other talents that make your heroes stronger.

A second game in the Guild is that you battle with other teams. You make a team of heroes together, and then battle the other player’s team. To win you have to take over the entire map. To do so you need to have good heroes again. Be careful to make strong teams.

A third game in the Guild is a game that you fight other bases with your heroes. There are four Guilds and you can attack as many times you want. The team that wins the central area the most times wins. To play this game you usually have to be a very good player. If your opponent has a very strong team I suggest you do not play because you are going to lose and that is not good for your team players. If you lose you can make all the teams lose. To win the game you need to win many times so if you lose you will not win. In the Guild you can donate shards. With the shards you buy some essences that you give the hero power-ups for his talent. and When you attack the base  you can put the Guild’s flag that gives the money you need to the people in the Guild. You can also get some Guild ores, and when you want to play a game in the Guild many times you don’t have to wait.

Now I am going to tell you about all the defenses the Archer Towers have. They have a thing called power-ups that when you put a hero in it makes the Archer Tower stronger, and like a legendary hero it does more damage to your opponent. You can make a tower a bombing tower, a tower that stuns heroes for 1.5 seconds, and a super Archer Tower. To have a choice of what tower you want,  your first tower has to be at a level 10.

In addition I will tell you about the Mines and Elixir Collectors. For the Elixir Collector you have to keep upgrading it to higher levels, so it gives you a lot of elixir which upgrades the gold storages, the troops, and gives you more fun. If you do not like to attack you can upgrade the gold storages and the elixir. This way you can get elixir and gold with not attacking. The most important thing in the game is the heroes, so if you want to have good heroes you can upgrade the gold storages and get the gold every few hours. Also you can upgrade many buildings, like the Archer Tower. It is hard to get an Archer Tower to a high level because it costs a lot of gold.

Getting gems is the most difficult part of the game. To get gems you need to collect all the daily rewards. The daily rewards are some rewards you get every day. You can get whatever you want from these, but every day you get something specific. You can see what you get by clicking the present on the left corner of the screen. To get gems you need to pay real money, but this isn’t a good thing. You can also show the game you do not know how to play, and when you don’t play for a long time you most probably will find many gems. With these gems you will have to roll heroes if you want to became good.

Now I will tell you about all the towers after you have upgraded your towers to level 10. The Mortar is a unit that when it shoots it does splash damage. To get it you need to upgrade your  Archer Tower to level 10. Then when you want to upgrade it you press the button upgrade and it has three choices. One is the Stun Tower, the other is the Archer Tower and the Mortar. Now I am going to tell you about the Stun Tower. It is a tower that can get many targets in the same time and after a few shots from this tower it stuns heroes and troops. Until you upgrade the Archer Tower it is not so powerful, so you have to upgrade it. The Archer Tower is one of the most damaging tower in the game when it’s upgraded. It also shoots very fast.

The last thing that I am going to tell you is about the Honor Badges and Shards. With the Shards you can get legendary heroes. The game gives you a number of shards and you with shards for the heroes you want. Also you can get essences that you give the heroes and their talent becomes very strong. With the honor badges you can roll for heroes but you will not get so lucky every time you roll, though you can roll many times. Also you can play a game that you can play with 20,000 might.  Here, you give the honor badges and it upgrades your buildings. In addition, you upgrade your heroes by giving honor badges. Also, you need gold and flames to upgrade your heroes. To evolve your heroes you need a ton of honor badges.

I hope you learned a lot about this game. It is special to me and so I spent a lot of time working on this essay. The game doesn’t take too long to learn, and so you don’t have to be addicted to it to become good. I like the heroes and how there are so many of them with so many different talents. I hope you play this game.

Dialogue with Eraser by Pink Mustache



Jeffry said, “Hello I’m Pink Mustache’s eraser.”

“Yes he is a good friend,” reported Pink Mustache.

“Sometimes I laugh when he uses me,” added Jeffry.

“Erase,” commanded Mustache.

“Boss!” shouted Jeffry.

“Yes what is it” replied Pink mustache.

“I have a problem. I’m allergic to rainbows, cats, dogs, fish, sea whales, and water plus I’m glucose intolerant!” sobbed Jeffry.

“I don’t care,” replied mustache.

“Okay then,” thundered Jeffry.

“Okay then what,” boomed Pink Mustache.

“Because I’m smart I can erase your nose,” demanded Jeffry.

“Please no,” stammered Pink Mustache.

“OK but you have to make up,” rejoiced Jeffry.

“what do you want me to do?” asked Mustache.

“You have to make me non allergic to all of these stuff,” replied Jeffry.

“OK operation has started ding ding ding done !” said Mustache.

“Thank you,” responded Jeff.

“Can we be normal now,” asked Pink Mustache.

“SURE!” answered Jeffry.


Dialogue with My Pen by Fluff


“Pen not again! Why do you always not work? Do you know that you never work and I can’t do my job?” announced Fluff.

     “I am going to leave, that way I’m going to take revenge, because I really had enough of her!” repeated the pen, talking to himself.

       “What has the pen done? That’s incredible, a pen taking revenge on a human!” retorted Fluff, strangely wondering if pens can take revenge. When Fluff was sleeping, during the night something so weird and incredible happened. The pen went into the house, took the rest of the pens and suddenly disappeared with all of them. 10 hours later Fluff woke up and screamed “Help all my pens are gone!” She was really sad. So, the next morning the pen with all his friends returned to Fluff’s house. Next morning the pen shouted “It’s just a prank!”

       “I will always love you.” Retorted Fluff

     “Me too!” replied the pen.



Dialogue with Pen by Snowy Fox


“Hello, I am Snowy Fox the interviewer and today I’m going to interview one of my very close friends PEN.” I said. “So pen, why whenever I try to draw a picture with you, you…….”

 “I don’t!” interrupted pen.

   “Pen, let me finish.” I roared.

  “Fine.” hissed pen.

 “So when I try to draw with you, you mess it up for me?” I reported.

“I don’t.” sobbed pen.

“No pen, I didn’t mean to make you cry. But don’t do it again ok.”

“Ok.” said pen.

 “Pen you are so, so, so, so……..”

“I’m not.” screamed pen.

 “I was about to say cute.” I giggled


 “Pen, what’s your favorite girl I’ve drew?”

   “Nothing.” pen said

 “Why.”I asked

  “Because you never draw pens”

   “Well pen, bye.”I said.



Me and my Stuffed Animal by Shadow

Me and My Stuffed Animal


“Sit!” I commanded Prince. I waited and Prince did not sit.

“Gosh Prince, don’t you know how to sit?” I asked.

“Of course I do, but I get mixed up with the commands,” Prince proclaimed.

“Fine, then I will bring your treats and when you do something correct, you are going to get one,” I remarked.

“Well ok, I will try,” Prince mumbled.

“Sit, then,” I whispered. Prince sat.

“Did I do it?” he asked.

“Yes Prince!” I said. “Open your mouth, treats have wonderful tastes to you,” I asked him if he was still mixed up just until now, whatever we had done. After responding no, I thought we should have to move on. It would be pointless if we continued with << open your mouth>> and << sit>>.just ridiculous. So I said, “Give me your leg.”

“Did I do it?” He asked.

“Not this time! But try again,” I responded.

“Yes catch the treat!” saying that, I threw the bacon-flavored treat.”

“Prince, don’t you think that you need to learn to walk next to me…?

Half an hour later…


“We are walking for 30 minutes and you learned to walk next to me in the remaining 5 minutes,”

“You were not walking I would call that running”

“Alright” I yelled.

Before I could say anything else, Prince barked

“Plus, I have1, 2, 3…

“123? 123 what,” I asked suspiciously.

“What am I even counting, I have no legs!”

“I think we both need a rest do you agree?”

“I sure do!” And that is how are dialogue ended. But when and how we woke up, is another story….



A Dialogue with Me and my Pencil by Snow Dolphin Girl


“Why do you exist? I spoke.

“Why? What’s the problem?”replied my pencil.

“I am bored to do my homework and write!”I answered

“So why did you buy from the store?”the pencil asked.

“Because if I don’t, I am going to have a zero in my grades,”I told him.

“That’s your problem not mine!”The pencil told me.

“But why do you have such a disgusting color?”I shouted.

“Well I don’t know that, you should ask my dad pen, also that’s how I was born!”The pencil screamed

“Why do you look so…………..”I said

“Do not say it I look fantastic, amazing I mean better than you!”The pencil interrupted.

“Awful!”I screamed.

“Ha ha I know the game today is the opposite day!”The pencil laughed.

“I mean you could be a bit more colorful or fancy!”I told him.

“I am going to try my best and make myself look gorgeous fabulous more than you would imagine!”The pencil replied.

“Next time I look at you and touch you or do anything with you need to look fabulous!”I rejoiced.


Dialogue With Tony by Grey Orca


“So, Tony…” I started.

“What!” Tony shouted.

“I have a question,” I explained.

“Alright, go on; say what you want to say,” Tony ordered.

“Can I cut your two fingers?” I giggled.

“What?! Are you insane?” Tony screamed.

“Might be; I’m so sorry,” I gulped hard.

“You should be sorry. As for your consequences, I’m going to plan them,” Tony warned.

“Like what consequences?” I asked worriedly.

“Well, I can erase the work you spend so much time,” he informed.

“Nooo!” I cried.

“Hmph, we’ll see about that,” Tony remarked.

“No, please! Besides, it was all a joke, and I really didn’t do it,” I pouted.

“The thought of it still counts,” Tony confirmed.

“At least I asked you before doing any of it at all,” I shrugged.

“Blah, blah blah,” tony replied, imitating my frown.

“And anyways, you’re an eraser, what can you do?” I wiggled my eyebrows.

“I can do many things, you don’t know,” Tony informed, “and you wouldn’t like them.”

I laughed.

“The person who laughs last laughs longest,” Tony announced.

[Bart the Scissor comes in]

“Well, well, what do we have here?” Bart wondered.

“Life as normal,” Tony replied.

I coughed slyly.

“Just about the right time,” I smirked.

“W-w- what do you mean?” Tony trembled, “I-I- I’ll fight for my life, whatever you two are


“Oh my, kill me, kill me now,” I required ironically.

“Can I say my last words?” Bart pleaded ironically.

We both laughed.

Tony was doomed.

My Friends and I, by Grey Orca

“Haha!” We were making jokes and laughing with my out-of-school friends.


After going to their house, we went to The Mall to play bowling, with their dad. We were laughing and singing until we got there.

After their dad had registered us to the man that created the board scores, we happily hopped over to our table, Table 2. As we put on our bowling shoes, our names first letters appeared: M, T, S. First was my bigger friend, then it was me, and then my other friend who was also older than me, but younger than my other friend. In other words, she is the middle age in our friend-band.

My bigger friend chose a six kilo ball, and slowly tip-toed to the bowling road. She looked at the pin in the middle, and rolled the ball. She scored nine points, and that was her first chance. One pin left, and she would spare. She waited for the same ball, walked towards the bowling road, and rolled again the ball. Unfortunately, the pin left was in the right side of “the road”, and her ball went to the left side. She frowned and returned to the table.

We played until their dad asked if we wanted something to eat. My middle friend and I refused. We continued playing and soon I was in second place, with no strikes or spares though. After, my second-place-success, I finally ordered chips and toast.

I took a bite from my toast, two chips, and stuffed myself, ready for my turn. I got my bowling ball, seven kilo ball, and walked towards the bowling road. I took force and aimed at the middle pin.

As I rolled the ball, it hit half of the bowling pins, leaving the rest, straight standing. On my second chance, I hit the rest of the bowling pins, “Spare!” my friend shouted ,we high-fived each other, and when I sat down I asked their father to explain me what spare was, and I was amazed. She played both her chances and striked! “Yay!” she shouted and jumped. Again we high-fived, and it was my other friends turn. She quickly rolled the ball, and waited for the pins to go down, but in total both of her chances, she got only nine pins down, again!

When it was my turn, I aimed again at the middle bowling pin, and this time, not did I only hit the middle bowling pin, but all of the other pins fell down too. I had striked! “Horay!” I shouted and sat to eat my toast. I was in first place, until the end of our game and I had finished my toast and chips.


It was the best bowling day of my life!


My Dog, Bonus! by the Cool Owl Boy



“My dog is running so fast!” I exclaimed out loud. I was really excited to walk my dog! I walk my dog on Lykavittos at 17:30 where the tree crickets are creaking. The beautiful white clouds are covering the hot summer sun. I just love the shining blue, light sky.

“This is beautiful!” my mom expressed her excitement. Then she unleashed our dog, Bonus. He is black with white spots. We just enjoy the breeze and the smell of the flowers and trees. It is just glorious. I feel like I am daydreaming.

“I agree,” I replied. I admired the forest. The birds above us were singing their tune and were also traveling from tree to tree. I really enjoyed the shade under the trees. Me and my dog were running, and running, and running. We jumped, we ran, we walked, we did everything you can imagine! I was so excited! It was so quiet and peaceful.

“I am so tired. I want to sit down and rest for a bit,” I said. I sat down in a place with a lot of shadow and with not so much dirt and just relaxed. I exclaimed, “I don’t want to go home, I want to stay here forever!”

It was an awesome day but now it was coming to an end. We leashed our dog Bonus and went to our home sweet home. The moon is almost greeting us. “See you tomorrow forest!” I thought.

Loves and Hates by Pink Mustache

Boom! Goal! I just scored a goal on my favorite video game!

Video games: a time to sit down and relax when you finish your home work. When you play it’s like you’re in the game playing. When I pass the ball to my player I feel what emotion he has and what he can do. When I’m holding the controller I feel the player moving up, down, left, right. When  you score you want to scream. But my mom doesn’t let me because she thinks something has happened to me. Or sometimes she thinks I broke my arm or something like that. But sitting on that comfy couch relaxing your back, like you feel it’s a massage, it’s beautiful to think about. So kids, here’s advice if you like video games as much as I do. Read your home work carefully and relatively fast. Write it down carefully, and then if you have some spare time, play some video games, sit down and relax. Play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know most people like Coke, Pepsi and all those other fizzy drinks that break your bones. But I hate soda. I only drink tea and water and rarely juice. Water is the best thing you can ask for. I started not drinking soda in 2015. I saw a video and it inspired me, also if you see how soda is made you will vomit and will never drink it again! I don’t want all my bones to break when I’m 30. I want to be healthy and fit. I don’t care if you like soda but my advice is don’t drink it. If you get use to it, you will literally love life. So I hope my advice was helpful.


The beach is beautiful, but sand makes it wrong. The sticky sand clogs on your feet. I hate it. I always hate when you want to leave and, “oh no!” sand is on your feet. My brother always says, “ I wish sand was never here!” Ok, the beach needs to have sand but sand is something most people hate. Although it’s sticky and I like sticky things, sand and water do not go together. I don’t think that’s correct. Sometimes my brother takes 2 mins to wipe off the sand off his feet. I mean why? Although everyone loves the beach, sand needs to get banned!

My Favorite Things by Ronaldo

My favorite color is white,

Like the fluffy white clouds that come after the rain.

Also like the white fluffy yummy marshmallows.

My favorite place is at the beach,

As the sun sets into the ocean,

And the sky becomes orangey.

My favorite animal is a cute dog,

Which wants all the time to play,

And likes me to pet him.

My favorite smell is the smell of ..

Red, dark red, blue, orange, white and pink roses

From the flowers and in perfume.

My favorite sport is swimming,

In the aqua colored swimming pool,

And on top the clouds and the blue sky.

My Favorite Things by Sophie

My favorite  color is turquoise,

Like the beach when it is as clear as glass,

and the sand in the sea are as white as snow.

Imagine swimming in these crystal blue waters,

just relaxing.

My favorite sound is the sound of music.

Music relaxes me.

When I hear calm music my brain  starts to relax  and all my bad feelings

slowly go away.

My favorite insect is a butterfly.

Butterflies are like a beautiful flying painting,

like little fairies that are colorful and magnificent.

My favorite subject is math,

because I feel like I have to solve a puzzle.

It is like I am a detective and I have to solve a mystery.

My favorite desert is ice cream,

it adds a breeze to the hot heat of summer.

My Favorite Things by Lizzie

My favorite color is purple,

Like the lavender that smells so good,

As a giant bouquet of flowers.

My favorite animal is a kitty,

Because its so soft as a cotton and it makes me so relaxed.

My favorite insect is a butterfly,

Because its wings are so pretty as the as the pretty colorful galaxy.

My favorite fruit is a watermelon,

Because it’s so refreshing,

Like when you are  so hot and and you run into the ocean.

My favorite dessert is cheesecake,

Because it’s so creamy,

As a full mouth of whipped cream.

My Favorite Things by Lauren

My favorite color is mint green ,

Like the hundred shades of blue, green, purple and orange on the skyline right before it gets dark and the stars come up passing behind the mountains.

My favorite sound is music,

The relaxing source of calmness and serenity.

My favorite animal is a dolphin,

Soaring through the aqua blue waves trying to find its path.

My favorite insect is a ladybug,

A little red and black creature crawling on you,

Giving you good luck for the rest of your day.

My favorite dessert is brownies,

When you are holding a fresh one,

and the glaze is dripping.