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A Weird Evening by The Bottle Flipper


It was a peaceful summer evening when I was watching
Netflix from my TV, when suddenly I heard a bang in my
house. So I went to look at what it was and a few
minutes later I noticed that it was my dad who had fallen
from the roof while cleaning the roof. After I noticed
what had happened I ran inside the house to tell my
mom about it. When she heard about it she went crazy
and tried to call 911 but she accidently called Uber. So
when my mom noticed a car coming close to our house,
she ran to it when she was close enough to it she noticed
that she had called a Uber and not 911 so she ran to look
at my dad and see if he was still ok. Right at that point
my mom remembered that we were supposed to have
my mother’s birthday party at my grannies house. So my
mom thought that what a great coincidence it was that
she accidently called an Uber to our house because the
dinner starts at 7pm and it’s already 6.30pm and it takes
us about 45 minutes to walk there but with an Uber we
will get there before the party even starts and for an
even better coincidence my dad said he was ok and that
he is feeling better than ever. So we ran to the Uber and

told the driver the address of my grannies house. So in
about 20mins we were already outside of my grannies
home. When we got there my granny ran to us and told
us that grandpa was in the hospital because he had fallen
from the roof when he was fixing the roof. When we
heard that we quickly got into the Uber with granny and
told him to go to the local hospital. We were at the local
hospital in about 30mins. Right when we got there
everyone jumped out of the Uber even my granny who is
86 years old jumped out and ran inside the hospital.
When we got to our grandpa’s room everyone look at us
and shouted “Hooray, Happy Birthday!” me, my mom
and my dad were all confused until I saw my grandpa
standing and throwing confetti on my mom. That’s when
my mom and my dad and me understood it all. It was all
a joke what granny had said, it was all just a surprise
party for my mother.

My Cats! by Catwoman

I love animals and of course I love my pets.  One day at my house we started feeding cats that continued coming for food but one day there came a beautiful cat with a tiger pattern in gray and he had a black line from the top of his head running to the tip of his tail.

After a few days we started giving him food inside the house.  We gave him a little basket to lie in.  when the comes to the house I always asked my mom, “Can we keep him, please?” there was a big sad frown on my face if my mom would say no, “Yes we can keep him, but only if you take care of him when we don’t have time, “Okay!”, I said.

We moved to another house at the end of the school year.  We waited with bringing the cat over because I is not easy putting the cat in the cage so we could bring it to our new house.  So when everything was at the house I asked my mom, “Can we get the cat now?” and she said, “Yes we can, don’t forget the cage”. We went to the house and we brought a towel we first put the towel over his body as if he was wrapped in an adorable blanket ready for winter, so after we put it really quickly over his head and I opened the cage and first his tail was sticking out and I said, “Mom careful his tail is not inside!” so we pushed it in and locked the cage.  Then we went back luckily it was not a long drive.

When we arrived we put him on a leash so he wouldn’t run away.  We had him on the leash outside in the garden but he was panicking so he was really wild and his collar went over his head and he ran away.  I was so sad I cried the whole day.  The next day I heard a really nice, “Meow” and I went outside and he was there I was relieved I could have screamed as loud as I could but I didn’t.  As we settled in everything ready.  One day my sister went to Kifisia and she saw a kitten she called my mom and said, “Mom there’s a kitten in the middle of the street what should I do?”  “I have to go for a coffee with my friend, I will check if he’s there when I come back.”  After a while my sister went back and the kitten was still there.  My sister had a big smile on her face because she really wanted to keep it.  My sister called my mom again and said, “It’s still there, can we bring it home?”  My mom said, “Is it a male or a female?”  We could not take another male because we already have one male cat and otherwise there will be fights for territory.

So eventually I went to pick up my sister and her friends with my dad and we brought the cage in the car and he was so calm in the car I couldn’t even believe it.  So we had to keep it in our small living room so we gave a bit of milk and some food and first he didn’t eat anything.  After a while he drank a bit of milk and we had leftovers from dinner and it was chicken!  Of course the cat ate the chicken, cause I don’t know any cat that doesn’t eat chicken.  So we had to let the two cats meet each other so they get used to each other.  That did not go out well the small one was scared and the other cat wanted to attack but I screamed, “NO”!!!!!!!!  They left each other and we closed the doors.  We had to find a place to put the cat, so we put the cat in my sisters bathroom with the litter box and a blanket to lie on.  The next day worked out well! But a few days later the big cat attacked the small one and in time my mom came in between, but it was sad the big cat (Bernie) bit the small one (Gucci) 4 times in the stomach and you could not touch him from the pain.  He stayed on the couch the whole day and didn’t move.

A few days later the cats still didn’t like to be with each other so we still had to keep them separated that’s how it went on until now it is keeping cats separate probably we are going have surgery/operations so they don’t fight for territory.  “It’s a hard life for me with all these doors closed”.   


Movie Night by Green Mustache

It was a cold night and I just finished my homework. I asked my mom if she wanted to watch a movie with me. She said that she had to finish the dishes. So I went to my room to listen to music but at that second the lights were off! I was really surprised that the lights were off at that time and angry because I was about to watch a movie with my mom. My mom and I started running in the dark trying to see what was going on. After a few minutes the lights were back on. Mom said that she was done with the dishes and was ready to watch a movie. So we sat on the old couch, we got our popcorn and watched a movie. We watched a movie about a clown that no one was watching or even looking at him.

The movie was really sad but the clown sometimes was talking funny and he was making a lot of jokes and more. But the other times it was really sad like one part of the movie was that the clown was walking in the rain and a guy pushed the clown in the mud. At that part my mom and I started crying. So at the movie sometimes I was laughing so hard that I fell of the old couch and sometimes I was crying so hard that I used a box of tissues.

But the night wasn’t over. After the movie was done I didn’t want to go to sleep. By the way it was 11 o’clock at September 8th, 2017. After a few minutes something really scary happened. There was an earthquake and one of the vases fell down and broke into a million pieces. My mom went running for the vacuum and cleaned every single piece of glass there was. After that I still didn’t want to go to sleep! I went to my bed and read a book. My mom did the exact same thing but then I heard a noise from my brother’s room. I was so scared that I froze for a second but I went inside the room and saw that my brother was still doing his homework. I forgot that my brother didn’t finish his homework and saw that he was going to bed. I went to my mom and saw that she was sleeping. So I went to bed and I remembered that I had soccer practice.  

My Aunt’s Dog “MIKY” by DJ Melody

​“Miky! Miky! Come here boy! Come. Come,” I said with excitement when my mom, my sister, and I arrived at my aunt’s house in Anavissos. I heard Miky barking and barking from downstairs. I bent down on my knees and hugged him! When I stood up, the door opened and it was my aunt Irini, and my uncle Vassilis. They came out to help us with the things that we had brought with us.

Miky is a big black and white dog, he is named after Miky Mouse. Miky is the youngest, tallest, and also, for me, the cutest of all dogs. My aunt has three big dogs and one small dog. Two of the big dogs, including Miky, are boys and the small dog is a boy as well.

​I always see Miky during Spring break and during Summer vacation. Sometimes I see Miky during Christmas break as well. My aunt doesn’t know exactly how old Miky is but she says that he is about one year and 5 months old.

​I would really love to walk Miky outside my aunt’s house… But I never did because he is really strong. I would also like to take Miky to my house so my friends can see him for once, but I don’t think that my mom and my aunt will let me.

My favorite thing about Miky is… Well, actually, I have two favorite things about Miky. One of my favorite things about Miky is that he protects the house from strangers and also my aunt’s family from people he hasn’t ever seen before as well. My other favorite thing about Miky is that he doesn’t bite and he is kind and powerful!!!

​I wish someday my mom would let me take Miky forever!! I DREAM that when my mom says YES I can have MIKY FOREVER, I think it will be my PROUDEST MOMENT of ALL MY LIFE!!!


My Cat by Iro2007

“OMG! He’s so cute!” I said as I walked in from school. Last night we found him outside our door. My dad was getting out of the house to go to the doctor and he saw this super fluffy, beautiful, cute creature waiting beside our door. It was so big , that at the beginning I thought it was a dog!

​So that day, when I walked in from school, I saw the cat laying down on my parents’ bed! So cute right?! I was so happy we had him, but also felt bad about its owner. If I had lost him, I would have turned the whole world upside-down to find him/her!

​We didn’t know if this cat was a boy or a girl either. My dad said it was a boy, but my mom thought it was a girl! I actually thought that it was a boy because his meowing was dark for a girl. My mom insisted though that it was a girl, so we called it a girl. My mom used to have a cat when she was in college and she called her “Mitsi”, but it turned out it was actually a boy, so she called him “Mitso”.

​That afternoon, I took him/her out, at the balcony, and read him/her a story. At first, he wasn’t paying any attention, but after, he was looking at me with his/her green eyes. It looked like he/she was listening now! “WOW!!”

​The next day, it was Friday, and when I was walking into the elevator I saw a lady that had many cats and I asked her “Have you lost a cat?” She said “Oh, no! I haven’t, but I think my neighbor has!” “Can I come to your house to see the cat?” she continued. I didn’t want the cat to leave, but I chose to do the right thing and try to get-away with it, so I told her

“Umm, yes of course!”

“Oh, thank you!” she said politely. When I went up to my house, I went to see the cat to tell him/her a goodbye. When I walked in, he /she was laying down on my mom’s chair (where she does work!). He/she looked like a professional business worker! I went closer to pat him/her. It felt like my hand was melting in his fur! (I’ve decided to call him a boy). Now I felt so sad that he was leaving! Also, my mom wasn’t in Greece, or on land. She was in an airplane coming back from Italy (so there was no wifi!). She would be back in any time now, but still I wouldn’t be able to call her!

​“DING-DONG!” “Oh, no” I said to myself.

“I’m never going to see him again!” But I had to try. So I opened the door and showed the lady the cat.

“Oh yes! Its my neighbor’s” she said. I tried to smile and tell her OK.

​I missed “my” cat so much, and thought that I would never see him again! “Ding- Dong!” rang the doorbell again!

“Who might it be again?” I thought as I walked towards the door to open it. When I opened the door, I saw a tall man with a black suit holding a letter.

“Hello! Do you have a cat here?” he started.

“Oh, yes… Um.. Im… Bringing it now! Um.. One second” I said straggly.

“Yes please, thank you” the man in the suit answered politely, as I started walking towards the inside of the house to try to find him. I went to my room in case he was there. I didn’t find him there, but before leaving I checked at the balcony too. Oh yes. He was there! I picked him up (he was so soft, my hand was sinking into his fur!) and moved towards the door to give him to the man.

“Oh thank you! I was looking for him!” he said excitedly. “You’re welcome sir! Is it male or female?” I asked curiously.

“Oh its male, and his name is Suleyman! They give him to me as a present from Azerbaijan!” he replied giving me a lot of detail.

“WOW!” I said and my mouth opened wide in surprise.

“Oh and he is very rare! He is 3 kinds of cats together!” he continued. As I couldn’t open my mouth more from surprise, I just said, “WOW!” again.

​After the following day, my friends Iliana and Marlena would be coming to my house. They really wanted to see him (Suleyman), so did I, and then something magical happened…… “Ding-Dong!” rang the bell. It was 9:00 in the morning! “Who could it be?” I thought when I opened my eyes, half awake, half asleep. My mom opened the door, before I could even stand up on my feet well and walk. I could smell a man’s perfume coming from outside the door. “Aaaargh!” I screamed! It was the same man I saw before yesterday (just without a suit) holding Suleyman in his hands! I knew exactly the reason why….. Suleyman would stay with us for the rest of the day! I was so happy!

When the girls came I showed him to them and they were amazed! They loved him so much!! Suleyman stayed with us for long. We watched the movie “Titanic” with him (kind of… he was running away!), we played with him, we took videos of him, but the rest we did by ourselves.

It was a very fun day, and I was very lucky to have Suleyman with me.

​“Ding-Dong!” th doorbell rang for one more time. I had to say bye-bye to Suleyman. I had fun though, so I wasn’t so sad. Actually I was happy that everyone left because I was very tired.

I went to bed to get a good sleep because I also had school the next day….

Hershey Park by Mr Jeff



“Can we go to that ride please?” I said to my mom and dad with a pleading face, “Sure!” my dad exclaimed. We were in Hershey Park, Pennsylvania and we were going to a really cool ride. It had a part where you would go down in a twirl! When we got to the station we waited for our turn. Time passed but then it was our turn! We got in the rollercoaster and put the secure belt on, clunk!

The rollercoaster slowly departed, “Here we go!” I said eagerly. After a while of twists and turns, we finally reached the loop, it was so cool! We went round and round and while we were in the loop it felt like we were going to fall off! When we got to the station we got off and walked towards the exit and I said dizzily “That was so cool!”,

We walked all the way down and saw all the amazing rides in front of us. We walked over to this ride called “Thunder Race.” Then we walked up to the station and waited in line (it was not long). Then it was our turn we were waiting behind a gate, pfff! The gates opened and we got in our seats. I sat next to my dad and we pulled the secure belt towards us and waited for the ride to begin. “I bet this ride will be fantastic!” I said with a big smile on my face “I bet so too,” my dad said eagerly, Clunk!  

The brakes went off and the ride started. We departed and reached the gear that pulls us up, and then we reached the peak of the drop. I had a scared/ awesome face then we started the drop. “OMG!” I screamed terrified! The wind blew in our faces and I had my eyes wide open from the terrifying moment. The drop ended and then we began the twists and turns and there was so much power caused from the drop that the turns were crazy! In the final part to beat the race there were bumps. The result was . . . WE WON!!! “Boo ya!” somebody said. “We are the CHAMPS!” I said boasting a bit. Then we reached the platform and walked towards the exit and went off to try many other rides.         

Wi-Fi Problem by Gucci-I


“Oh God, oh my God,” I said. “Why is it not working?!It was fine 2 hours ago!”. If my laptop is not working, what about my phone? I thought. I typed, waited and saw it on the screen. <No Internet. Problem Loading Page>. What about the tablet? Again, <Low Connection>.

“Dimitris! Is the router even on?” I asked my brother. “Why do you even need WI-FI?” he inquired. “YOUTUBE,” I replied. “Too Bad. I’m playing videogames, aka Call of Duty with my friends Rami and Kouzakos. I need Wi-Fi for this. You know?” his voice got a little bit louder. He was getting taller, and taller, his red hair was falling onto my face.

I just decided to watch TV but, guess what happened! My grandparents were watching “To Anthropaki”. An old, black and white, Greek show. I didn’t like it but I sat there and watched for a bit. All of a sudden, I hear “He,he,he,he,he!”.  It sounded like a witch making a poisonous potion with green goo and worms trying to escape. Like she was Snowhite’s stepmother making that apple. Something like that. Something that smells  bad. Something that bubbles popped every half second. So, at that moment, when she wanted to go to the bathroom, she slipped and fell.


I left and I went to the kitchen where my mom was. “Mom,  I have nothing to do!” my mom took a bite of the scrumptious, nutella filled cookie as I complained. “Why don’t you have something to do?” she forenamed as she wiped the chocolate off her face from the cookie. “Now. Stop complaining. Play with your toys , you’re at home,” my mom Dimitra opined. “Well, the only toys I have are Barbie dolls and other things. But, I want to watch videos on YouTube.  So, Dimitri’s friends are playing Call of Duty and they are using up all the Wi-Fi,” I verbalized.

I went back to the living room where the TV was, and then back to the study where the router was and all the pencil cases and I scribbled on a paper. Great. Now I have nothing to do because of everybody living in our house. But mom. She didn’t do anything bad.  I told myself.

“Dimitri!  Stop playing on your PS4 now!” I heard my mom shout. I knew it was an opportunity to go on YouTube, and turns out it was. I typed in : IIsuperwomanII on the smooth keyboard of my silver Mac and sipped on yummy apple juice, while  I watched probably about 10 videos.


By: Ioanna Pantazis

Think Ink by Kaitlyn

Are you one of those people who print things over and over again just making little changes each time thinking, ‘’Oh this isn’t my money I’m wasting so I’m going to print away.’’ You’re sure right it’s not your money but it’s your recess equipment, new books at the library and all the other stuff the school pays for that you enjoy.

Ink can be very expensive costing about 13.12 euro for a cartridge (the package the ink comes in) that can print 250 pages. So think if about 350 students each print 100 papers a year the price would really add up. About how many more tetherballs could we have if we stopped wasting ink?

Also using so many ink cartridges is bad for our environment because trash is piling up and we have nowhere to put it.

Here are ways we can solve the problem:

  • When you’re at technology, only print papers you need not random pictures.
  • Make sure you don’t make letters and pictures bigger than they need to be.
  • Check to make sure you’re ready to print so you don’t have to print multiple times.

In conclusion, I think kids should start caring about the schools money, and our environment, and start making better choices.

The Rat Friend, Part 2, by Thisseas

Gillfie gasped. “Oh my God” and jumped down on the soft sand screaming “Help!” When she hit the bottom she ran.

Nikol was second to regain his senses and began climbing down as fast as his long legs could carry him.

I wasn’t so lucky. The owl lunged and I jumped but it caught me in the air. Nikol took a needle and stuck it in the owls back. The owl screeched, then dropped me going back to its hollow.

“That was close!” panted Gillfie, who looked kind of ashamed that she hadn’t done anything.

“I can see a black speck getting bigger as we get closer,” whispered Nikol with enthusiasm and tiredness.

“What black speck?” I asked, hardly even looking in front or even paying attention.

“Pay attention!” Nikol commanded angrily. “It looks like a castle!” he pointed and this time I looked and sure enough a black castle was there, 100 yards away, and that’s a lot for squirrels.

“Gimmy your food!” said a demanding voice from behind us. We turned startled and there was a rat.

“Run!” screamed Gillfie.

“Now, now my friend, gimmy your food!” said the rat. It was a rat with yellow eyes, grey fur and it was very big for a rat.

Then Nikol did the most unexpected thing. He spoke calmly to the rat. “Let us go Jongey. We are on a quest for foodies. Do you want to join us?”

“What are you doing Nikol? Don’t tell me you know him?” Gillfie screeched and began smoothing her ears back nervously.

“You have to be kidding Nikol, there has never been a rat in our forest for years and you are smaller than me. You are only 7 years old. I am two years older than you!” I screamed! “Get back to your senses! Do you literally want a rat with us?”

“Yes I want Jongey to come along, there has been a rat. And that rat is Jongey.” He answered calmly. Then turned to the rat Jongey “Do you want to come?” he asked.

“Yes I do want. Though there is a problem. That castle over there is full of foodies and rats! So once we steal them they will have a full reason to attack the forest!” Then Jongey whispered kindly, “I have fragile feelings so don’t make me mad. Inside the gate is the secret of the rats!”

“You mean they are the same rats that attacked the forest? How could they make foodies? What is…the secret of the rats?” I gasped amazed.

“Talk quietly because the rats have spies everywhere!” he hissed.

“Oookeyy you can join,” I told him.

“You’re both out of your minds!” Screeched Gillfie. “First Nikol and now you!” she pointed at me angrily.

“Think about it again Gillfie!” I shouted back.

“OK I accept,” she sighed.

“Really!” I gasped.

“Be quiet you two!” whispered Nikol and Jongey at the same time. “Rats have an amazing sense of smell!” continued Jongey. “ I can smell some at the gate.”

As we approached them they grinned showing their sharp yellow teeth.

I slowly began doubting this plan would work.

“Um hello. Can you let us enter your castle?” I asked nervously. My teeth were nibbling on our last nut.

“Yieeesss, though what are you here for?” the lead rat hissed suspiciously, barring his sharp yellow teeth.

“I think they have come to steal our secret,” hissed one rat in a croaky voice that was old.

Then I remembered what had happened. When I was little I remembered when rats came with torches and begun burning down the forests yelling “destroy, destroy.” Small and big squirrels threw nuts at the rats’ heads from the trees until the rats retreated and finally ran away.

“No, we just want foodies and to learn how they are made.” I answered as politely as possible (after a moment of remembering).

‘What are you thinking?” croaked the old rat with three wiskers that apparently had a sore throat.

“Can we just have some foodies please?” begged Gillfie in a very childish tone.

“Okay then,” whispered the old rat.

“No” snarled the lead rat and glared at the old rat. “You are being tricked Roll! How could they have passed the dessert by themselves?”

The moment the leader began talking Roll gave us two papers. The lead rat snared and screamed “Traitor!” as he lunged with his claws scratching at Roll.

“Run!” croaked Roll who extended his claws in defense. And that was the last time I would see him. Or maybe not.

We were running away as fast as possible and we heard his screams as he was dragged to jail.

When we couldn’t hear him, I whispered urgently “Open it, open it!”

As Gillfie unfolded the paper I saw something amazing. The letter said “Look for the room of Lava.”

“Open the second letter,” I whispered.

“Everybody be quiet!” Whispered Gillfie so quietly that I almost couldn’t hear.

When the second letter was opened I read “ Come from the back door or open the secret door on the fifth cactus from the front door, which leads to the prison and to the Room of Lava!”

“Let us split up! I and Gillfie will go to the back door and Dwellwap and you will go to the secret passage, first to get Roll from the jail, then go and meet us in the room of fire,” whispered Nikol to Jongey. Then he and Gillfie bounced toward the castle.

“I guess we are together, lets go!” I said “follow me.”

We began running towards the entrance. When we were about 5 feet away I signaled at Jongey to stop. We immediately began to search the needles of the cactus in front of us until Jongey whispered “I think I found it!”

He opened a door-shaped ring of needles and there was a passage. We began walking huddled close together deep inside the ruins of the secret passage. At last we found a crossing and I pointed right and we continued. At last we saw light!

“C’mon Jongey, almost there!” I whispered. But Jongey didn’t budge “No I can’t go there!” He was freaking out. “No, no, no! Don’t take me there. It is the place where the rats came from on our attack. I can’t go. I have sworn never to go there again.”

“What do you mean “again”, tell me.”
“When I was your age I came from here and learned about how the rats are cruel and about Nikol, how I became his friend.”

“Hey look there is light over there in that cave” said a very familiar voice.

Then I realized two very scary things. One that the voice was Vill’s (the Bully). And the tunnel led straight to the forest.

“Hey, Who is there?” growled Vill. We stayed quiet.

Then Vill did an unexpected thing. She said “Go to your parents, I’m going to deal with whatever is in this cave!”

She charged in the cave and saw us. She fainted with a scared expression on her face. She looked to me like a scared squirrel for the first time in my life.

“Run?” I asked.

“So let’s run” agreed Jongey quietly as the other squirrel that had went to its home came to the entrance. It had to be looking for Vill.

I only saw a rat and a familiar squirrel back run into the darkness.

To be continued…

The Rat Friend by Thisseas (Part 1)

“Hey,” I exclaimed, “you’re being rude!”

Vill laughed. “Gimmy your nut, or I’m gonna beat you until you beg for me to stop!”

I was scared because I was sure she would do exactly what she said. Vill was the daughter of the forest’s mayor so technically could do anything she wanted .I wasn’t sure what I should do because I didn’t want to get beaten but my family was poor. My family was one of the poorest in the forest, also I had had to go on a very thin branch of a tall tree to get the nut and a snake chased me. Vill took one step closer to me, was so scared I was trembling. The sight of me had to be funny because Vill fell over laughing.

“You are so funny Dwellwap.” She paused, thought a bit then sneered “give it to me and stop making me laugh, I might even give you a foodie.”

That caught me by surprise. I really wanted a foodie. A foodie is a squirrel shaped thing that scientists call a robot .It moves around for a time bringing (or making) food. A lot of animals have foodies even though it’s hard to get one. Just then the mayor suddenly came out of a bush.

“Vill , leave us. “He commanded.

Vill backed away than then stammered. “As you say.” And scrambled away.

“Thanks,” I said. “Now what do you want?”

“Oh nothing, I just hate when my daughter threatens people.”

“No, tell me the real reason you came here.”

“I prefer having fresh nuts, and my daughter wouldn’t give it to me .She would have buried it in a secret hiding place

“Maybe you could persuade Vill to tell us where you get foodies?” I asked.

“What a great idea Dwell, we could have a group of forest animals that don’t have a foodie an once we know where foodies are we can have a quest to find how they are made so we can have some! He exclaimed. And with that he bounded into the woods towards Vill.

“So enthusiastic on something almost impossible,” I muttered.

So I continued to my family’s tree with the nut feeling ashamed because I should have been enthusiastic about persuading Vill.

The next day I was gathering nuts and going to Nikol’s house. Then I heard something. Suddenly Nikol’s burst out of the leaves and shouted “Ants!” running past me desperately! A floor of black emerged out of the leaves. I began fumbling in a small pouch I had tied on my waist for emergencies like this. It was water with soap that freezes ants. I began running dripping soap on the ground after me. When I was out of breath I hid with Nikol in a hollow tree.

“Good morning Dwellwap.” Said a small rabbit.

It was my friend Gillfie the red eyed rabbit.

“What are you doing here Gillf?”

“I’m learning about your quest, can I come?” she pleaded.

I began thinking about foodies again and why everybody wanted one because there is little food in the forest.

“I told all the animals that don’t have foodies about this quest. The scientists are trying to find how foodies are made but my father who’s a scientist says that they get energy from some things they call batteries but nobody knows how you make them”, said Nikol. “Though I know where foodies come from, a place that is a giant beach with no water!”

We began walking to the hottest parts of the forest until we found ourselves in a place filled with sand. We were walking slowly and I began wondering why I had volunteered on this quest because I was scared by new places. Finally we stopped to rest and look at the sandy place in front of us with nothing but cacti to look at. We had named this place the desert because it looked kind of deserted to us.

Two days later we were running out of water. We were also bored out of our minds. I glanced in front and saw a cactus with a hole in it and it looked like a perfectly good place to sleep. We did not remember that owls live in hollows even though we learned it in school. It was going to be hard to climb the needles but we could manage it. When we reached the top we saw a sight that took our breath away. Two yellow eyes glaring at us…

To be continued!

If you want to read more of this exciting story, written by Thisseas when he was in grade 3, please add a comment. The next episode will be published when 5 comments have been received!

Monkey Bar Academy by #9


‘’Lily I’ve got a great idea!’’ I shrieked. We can teach Jenny and Danae how to do the bars. Keep in mind that these bars are special kind of bars ones you do flips on. Lily and I worked really hard every lunch recess to teach them everything we knew. We split up all the flips into 3 units and gave them mini tests. Then it came to the front flip switching hands. Both of our students were really struggling. No matter how many times we tried, they still couldn’t do it. Lily and I tried everything, or at least we thought we did.
Lily and I told Danae and Jenny that they wouldn’t have class that day. Meanwhile, we worked really hard to find out a way to make it easier. We found out that they just needed some self confidence. We came up with a brilliant plan. What we would do is hold their legs while they switched their hands. Then every time we saw them get better we would hold farther down on their legs. Now, let me tell you the clever part, when we saw them get really good we would raise our hands just off their legs, so it would look like we were holding them. We tried the first part of our plan and it worked like a charm.
Then came the moment of truth! I signaled Lily, to try the clever part of our plan on Jenny and it… worked! She didn’t notice a thing and did it perfectly. Same thing happened with Danae.
So I can prove that you can do anything with a self confidence and a little help from someone you trust. Lily and I never dared to share our secret with Jenny and Danae. So Shh! Don’t tell our secret!

Columbus Character by Steleeza


Have you ever imagined one of the earliest explorers on a piece of paper? Well, now you can!! Now, don’t start thinking of any 40year old boy! An old man, as weak as a kitty, sits on his armchair and starts telling his grandchildren a story. A special, special story………

I was walking on the ship, a cold breeze pushing my long curly hair back, as I was stopping to supervise my sailors: ‘Stop daydreaming captain sleepyhead! Put some effort and pull the sail like a man and NOT like a newborn kitty-cat!! “I yelled to a sailor. “Chickens…” I murmured to myself. Then I imagined all my, supposedly “brave” men saying Pock, Pock, like a bunch of chickens that always kept me laughing. My serious large, brown eyes stood glued on my pocket, half ripped as it was, but my light blue journal was still inside. Running downstairs, the air made my puffy, squinting eyes sore. “Finally!!” I said to myself and pulled my journal out, as a new bottle of ink splashed upon my hand. “Ziff! Seriously??” I said again to myself. “How many miles are we from land?” a curious and young sailor asked me. “Forty- nine!!!” I grunted. Then I finally started writing in my journal: “We are exactly ninety-five miles from land.” I wrote as my pen was scratching the paper. “Hmm… I might try to start locking this!” I thought and continued.

I might be a bit stubborn. OK. A lot. But I’m as smart as a fox! I am a bit bossy. I don’t want any of my sailors to be chickens, and do what their own head says! Oh, and additionally, if I tell them that we are one hundred miles from land, they are going to start crying and throwing up. What? I want my ship clean!

I would love to explore endless oceans and seas and I want to explore another trade route to China, or to explore unknown lands…. I want to see ancient ruins and falling stars, just like the stories my dad told me. I still fear falling off the edge of the ocean, and I fear gruesome creatures like giant serpents climbing up my ship…………

Getting Kokona by Chrysonoe

“That one! That one! I want this bird!” It was a cool, fresh day that all birds tweeted. The flowers were bringing a cool smell.
In a small pet shop that was filled with cages, and food for dogs and everything else you could imagine, a small bird was tweeting so hard that I just wanted to let it out so it could fly away.
Anyway, I loved it. As I said before I wanted that bird with the grey and orange cheeks, and some yellow brighter than the sun. It was so beautiful that all the light fell through its bright eyes and covered its long thick tail. I just wanted that bird. I wanted to get it so bad.
As my mom and I went home, I was very excited. I tried to peek to see my new bird. But it was so dark and heavy that when I tried to see inside it, the box fell down. It was as if I was holding an elephant or something.
As we arrived home we heard my new bird tweeting so hard. She was feeling alone. I was so sad that I couldn’t let her stay like that, so I went with the stairs, instead of the elevator, and I pulled and pulled but I only got to the 3rd step because the box was so heavy. Then I decided to take the elevator.
My new bird was ok after that. I was telling my mom “Come on! Come on, mom!” Then I ran to the door and slammed open Koko’s door, my other parrot and grabbed him so quickly and hard that his feathers were falling off. Faster than a cheetah, I opened the box so my other bird could get out. But she didn’t. So, I let Koko fly wherever he wanted in the house.
My other bird was still not getting out. I waited and waited, rumbling of terror. I was so worried something had happened to her in the box. Then I saw a small face. It was Kokona.
When I saw her, I immediately called her Kokona. She was so cute. Then I went to my room and grabbed my mouse toy. My house was rumbling as I rushed through the hall. I just wanted to take a huge break. I couldn’t do anything except watch for my bird, so I tried to do everything at once.
I put my mouse toy into the box and it turned on. Kokona burst out and flew through the living room, screaming with joy. She went straight to the wall. She crashed!
Koko was hiding on a short shelf that was connected to the wall. He was looking at the small electric mouse as it went here and there. He didn’t know what was going on. He was amazed.
Then they talked and went close to each other. Then they became friends. After that, I just went to my room, and got a good nap!

Thank You! By Francesca


“Hurry up, we are going to be late!” my dad was yelling, “Get your clothes on and let’s go.”
I quickly woke up with a yawn, I brushed my teeth while I was half way asleep. I put on my denim skirt and my red heart shirt. My dad told me that on March 4th 2009, was a very special day.
​As I was walking out of my nice warm room I was thinking, special day? What do we have to do that is so special? We got in the car as fast as lightning. I put my seatbelt on, and in no time we left. Again and again I was wondering what was happening. After five minutes I realized that my mom wasn’t there!
​BOOM, my light bulb went on! I remembered that my mom was giving birth to my baby brother! I was so astounded that I couldn’t stop smiling. I was smiling from ear to ear. We finally arrived at the hospital. All my family and friends were outside the door waiting to see my little brother.
​After a while my brother came out, I was the first on to see him. I went closer and closer and quickly ran to my dad. “Is that my brother?” I asked my dad and wondered. “Yes, he is,” he responded.
​My baby brother was crying so much that everybody could hear him. I gave my mom a big hug and told her this was the best present anyone could give me. “Thank you,” I told her. “Thank you.”

Kiparissi by Anna K.

Kiparisi is a beautiful place in Peloponisos. It has beautiful beaches and beautiful hotels. It is a beautiful place. Every summer we go there. I LOVE it. I prefer to stay at home if we can’t go there, because as I said before it is a beautiful place and I have lot’s of fun there.
First time we went there was in 2013, we went there because we heard that it’s a beautiful place and we needed something close to Tsapi so we can go camping there. Tsapi is a beautiful place in Peloponisos too. We go camping there. This year (2014) we went to Kiparissi and to Arkitsa and not to Tsapi because we didn’t want to. We wanted to go to other places that we go to and we also like. Any way this year we met more kids there and we played together. First we met Stella and Apostilia two sisters. We painted rocks together and then we opened a store selling them. Then we met another boy named Konstantinos, and his sister Elpida. They tried catch a shark that they saw. We planned a party. I ran to the super market to get chips, also we sold two painted rocks for a big bowl of chips.
We made a disco ball, out of paper and it worked. Colorful lights were coming out. We had lemonades, rocks and other things we made. Also we put up mini posters telling about our party at 7:30.
Every door had a poster that said about our party. Who ever could come came. The only problem was that the kids didn’t find the shark, but still our party worked. Everyone loved it. At the end some of the left over rocks we gave them for free and some of them we kept. Now the ones that we kept are in a plastic super market bag, at home. This was the best vacation ever.

The next day was the day that we left Kiparisi and went back to Athens so we can go to Arkitsa. Our last day was awesome. We played with our friends on the beach and had lots of fun with the water guns and with other things. Then it was time to go, so we said good-bye to every one, went to the hotel to get our stuff and we were about to go when I fell and hurt my self. Then they had to put Betadine on me and then finally we left!

Central Park by Yasmin

I pulled the sheet off of me and slowly opened my eyes.
O.M.G.! I just remembered its squirrel day! I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. My toothbrush started to sing as I put it in my mouth I pushed it around and spit it out. I brushed my hair and put my clothes on. I ran to my grandma’s room.
“Grandma, you’re still sleeping! Until you get ready I’ll go to the kiosk and get some nuts. If we get to Central Park late there will be a lot of people and the squirrels will get scared easily.”
I slammed the door behind me and ran to the kiosk. Then I bought the nuts and ran back.
“Grandma, are you ready now?”
“Yes I’m ready but an old lady can’t run! Be patient.”
“Fine, I’m just really excited! You know I love feeding squirrels, so let’s get moving!”
We had to slowly walk to Central Park but we finally got there. The first thing we saw was two chubby squirrels. I named one Chubby and the other one Chubs. We threw a handful of nuts. Then they impatiently stuffed their faces and nibbled.
“Grandma, the squirrels got fed, so now can we eat pancakes?”
“OK, but promise you won’t run.”
“I promise.”

Notebook by Sophia

Hi!! My name is Notebook. Whenever you write my name (Notebook), capitalize it. I am a being too. Not everyone treats me like one. (Eh-em. YOU.) I mean imagine you were being written in. Man, that hurts being stabbed every time someone wants to write. Like for example, someone takes your friend (pencil) and taking their poop, and smearing it all over you. Exactly. Welcome to my life. I have a few more complaints to make, so let’s get on with it. First of all NEVER, EVER, EVER, fold me in a way that my spine breaks. It is a spine. My spine. Part of my notebody. Another thing, please don’t rip off my arms. I know it may sound weird to have arms coming off your spine, but it is the way our notebodies are shaped. Now that I have said what I want to say,, maybe you will think twice before you hurt me.

Super Skiing, Super Slush by George

Swishing down the slushy slopes. Skiing fast, wind blowing in my face, cheeks puffing up. Feeling like I’m going to fall at any moment. Seeing the bottom, knowing it’s over, getting ready to go back on the lifts and do it all over again. I met in the café with my friends, talking about how cool the slopes were.

After a long day of skiing, I jumped into a big soft pile of snow and relaxed. I saw my sister walking by. I quickly made a ginormous snowball and threw it at her. She screamed my name and started chasing me. She had lumpy snow on her face and she was still chasing me so I jumped onto my skies and skied to the lift. I was at the top of the mountain and she was right behind me. I skied down the slope and lost sight of her. I skied down to the car where I saw my family getting ready to leave, my sister was next to me and she had a snowball in her hand. She threw it at me. My friends and I were throwing snowballs at each other and at my sister. We had a massive snowball fight and it was a lot of fun.

When we left the slopes we all went to a taverna. There was a huge group of us and after we had eaten, we all went outside and played in the rain. It was a lot of fun. These are the sorts of holidays I like to have: friends, family, fun.

Just How Much I Hate Fish! by Piper

I hate fish. Now let’s just cut to the chase. When I open the door to the kitchen and I smell the stinky smell of f-f-f …..Sorry, I can’t even say it. Well I walk inside and sit at the table frowning. I put a piece in my mouth and it feels gooey and yucky just like soap, only I bet soap would taste better!!! I try to chew it, bit by bit, but I just can’t, so I wait until my mouth is filled to the top with saliva, and if my parents ask me something I just nod and bobble my head and I think I have eaten worse, not really.
​After I finish what’s on my plate, I empty half the bowl of salad on my plate.

Comment what your favorite and worst food is.
Start a conversation!!
​​​​Thank you

The First Time I Rode my Bike by Anna Louise

​When I was about seven years old, my Mom and Dad decided to buy me a pink, sparkly bike, so I would finally decide to try to learn how to bike.
When I first saw the bike, I screamed and ran to my room and slammed the door, and shut my eyes… I was never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, going to ride a bike! Slowly though, something inside of me started to change, and in a few seconds, I started thinking. “What if I DID try, just try?” I thought, Slowly, I got out from under my bed covers and walked to the garden, where my rejected bike was placed, under the fat oak tree.
I decided I would not ask help from my parents and figure it out for myself. I just climbed on the bike, and remembered how my brother rode his bike, and put my feet on the pedals, my hands on the wheel, and moved my feet in a circular movement. At first, I did not realize I was moving, but suddenly I felt as if I was a free bird, flying in between the clouds. The zephyr blew gently on my face, and I felt free!
I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the moment! I had just saved the world, my world! I felt amazing, until I ran into the brick wall (because I had my eyes closed) but it didn’t matter! I had learned how to bike, all by myself! I will never forget that wonderful experience!