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Save the Animals by Sara

Animals are our friends,

Don’t put them down,

Or make them frown,

Because you will cause a mass destruction.

Show them your love,

Even in May with the sun above.

Don’t harm a friend please mend the hate,

And don’t you dare break their heart,

As they are fragile and sensitive like a porcelain doll.

Don’t hurt their feelings if you must say No,

Just give them a warm smile,

And pet them on their soft furry skin.

Show them love,

For you are their mate,

And they are your fate.

Save the animals today,

Save their lives,

And you will save the day!


School by Ellie T

School is cool,

So never be a fool,

You can write with a pencil,

But you can also use a stencil.

If you make progress,

You will be able to go to recess,

You are able to play tag,

But please don’t start to brag.

You also eat lunch,

With a crunch, crunch, crunch.

Three times a week,

You will have Greek.

In the class,

You can experiment with a magnifying glass,

You might have tests,

And they might not be the best.

There are also many other specials,

Like music, art and physical education.

School is fun,

You get to learn and play with your friends,

But most important of all it’s a place,

To make mistakes,

And even learn from these mistakes.

So, please go to school you will learn,

And you will learn the respect you need to earn.


Good Bye!!! by Madhawan

Hello!! Some of you may know the news that I am leaving on the 27th of February to Bahrain forever. I will absolutely miss all of the people here as well as the cuisine of Greece. It was a great year in 5th grade with all of the best students there can be. I will be gone, but I will keep in touch with everyone with moodle and other communication forms (ex: Skype, Instagram, Twitter, e-mail etc.)

It was by far THE best posting my family and I have been to. When I had first come here, in 2nd grade, I didn’t know how to say a single word but with all of your assistance, I learned English as my second language very easily! However, when I moved onto 3rd grade,  things started to get a bit more intense. I had to move to the intermediate Greek class; which I could barely go through, but somehow still manage to get through it in 4th and 5th grade.

In general I was a fast learner and knew most of what we did in math because in the Indian schools you had to learn your multiplications by heart in 2nd grade, I had really loathed that but I did become one of the fastest mathematicians in 4th grade. I was pretty happy to be a good mathematician and get good grades but the only 2 subjects my grades were low in were Greek and  HW.   These were the things that slowed me down.

However, I was really jubilant that I had tons of friends to hang out with and occasionally to joke around with. It was an obscure year, I had many slow-downs and speed-ups but I had met new friends and started liking art a bit more than I used too.   What I am trying to say, although the many obstacles in my transition to Greece and at ACS, I have had the best years in my life with all of you. I’ll keep in touch with you all! I will send videos now and then as well and I’ll be sure to participate in all of the occasions I can.

In conclusion, I will miss all of my friends!!! If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t know how to play basketball, know how to code, and many more which would take me a long time to write down. But I will miss every single one of my classmates and my teachers!

I always wished I could stay here in Greece!  when I first found out that we were moving, in the beginning my father had a posting to Norway, of which I was happy of because I would be able to see Isak and Live there at times.   However, when we learned that someone else had taken Norway, our only choice was to wait and we got the posting to Bahrain; which I don’t hate I would have liked to have some of my old friends there if I could.

I couldn’t achieve what I have done so thus far without all of you! Thank you for your support along with all of the teachers who taught me what I needed to know.  I hope I will see you sometime when I come for vacation, and I’ll definitely stay in touch! So you do too! See You All! Bye!


Why Snowboarding is an Awesome Sport by Vaios

Snowboard is a winter sport that I think you would all like. I personally have been snowboarding, for more than two years. I like this sport because it is totally cool, full of excitement and risk. If you are going to snowboard for the first time you might feel a bit scared but at the same time you will feel the passion on the board! After a few lessons you will feel the energy and you will want to go faster and faster. When you feel ready you can jump over small cliffs and if you are a pro you can do flips. Check what this guy does:


Helpful Snowboarding Tips

Let me give you some tips incase you want to try snowboarding.  First you need to have the weight on your “bad” foot, the one which is not as strong as the other one. Then you need to put your foot in the front of the board. After that, you try to have balance. If any of you have done wakeboard, skateboard or rip stick remember that the skills you already have will help you on the snowboard because all of them need the same balance. The direction of the board needs to be facing front and then you let yourself go down the hill. When you want to stop you turn your body vertically, but remember push your heel back and down and your toes up. Be careful to not push your toes front and down and your heel up because you will fall facing down immediately. Moreover, there is another way to stop. You need to turn around vertically so you look up to the hill and you do the exact opposite thing.

In order for you to go snowboarding you need the right equipment. You need to go to a ski or snowboard rental store so you buy or rent your equipment. First you need to buy the most important thing, your helmet because it protects you from all your falls.


This photo shows a very good helmet. Also you need to buy thermals; warm clothes and gloves. Be careful what you choose as you need to be warm all the time due to the cold weather in the mountain.

You need to rent or buy a snowboard. There are numerous kinds of snowboards you can rent or buy. If you buy you select your own.

Check these cool boards out:


You cannot do snowboard without having boots, so you will rent or buy boots as well. They are tall and heavy and protect your foot from getting injured.


I challenge and invite you to explore the fun of snowboarding because we can all have fun together on the mountains. Eventually, when we are teenagers, we will be able to go snowboarding on our own. Just like these guys:


Dino Daze Show by Angeliki

“I’m so excited to see Dino Daze!” I said to my friends.  It was very exciting for all of us to be able to watch the Dino Daze Show because most of us remember it from when we were part of it.

My sister is in first grade and she was part of this show, as well as some other girls from my school bus.  My sister had been practicing her lines and songs for months.  She was very excited to perform but at the same time nervous to be on stage in front of everyone.

Of course the days passed and the day came, when she and all the other first graders would perform in front of the whole elementary school.

In the morning we went straight to class, took off our jackets and off we went to the theater.  I told my friend that my sister was a cycad-tree and I knew her role by heart.  I was ready to see the show and I couldn’t wait to see my sister in her role.  Waiting for the show to begin, Mrs. Carlson introduced the play and off we went to watch the Dino-Daze Show.

The show was fantastic!!! All the first graders wore extravagant costumes and were in their roles.  They sang songs and helped each other remember lines and what they had to do and where they had to go.  The songs were beautiful and at the end of the show they danced altogether.  It was such an amazing show.  Congratulations to all the first graders for all their hard work!!!

dino daze pic

Cheese by Live and See Eun

Mozzarella, feta, cottage, swiss,

How can you possibly stand all this?

Gouda, cheddar, provolone, blue,

Cheese is like, poison for you!

Buffalo, parmesan, babybel, goat,

These are just a few cheeses we loath.

Yucky, rotten, yellow, nasty,

How can you ever find this tasty?

Awful, terrifying, it’s a fear,

If you smell it, you’ll lose a tear.

If you eat it, you’ll be full of sorrow,

We doubt that you will see tomorrow,

It’s almost toxic, it’s really bad,

If you eat it you’ll become mad.

How can anybody truly like cheese,

It’s like a contagious, yucky, disease!

Cheese, oh cheese, you’re such a displease,

We hate you more than we hate flees.


A Wheel Chair for Recycled Plastic Bottle Caps!

Our class decided to make a difference in our community and to work as a TEAM to contribute effectively to save and serve the environment by setting up a practical goal of recycling plastic bottle caps. Plastic bottle caps are being collected and recycled in exchange for a wheel chair for a child in need.

Interesting Facts:

The cost of a wheelchair is: 150 Euros

1 kilo of recycled bottle caps can be sold for: 20 cents.

Do you know how many kilos of bottle caps we need to collect in exchange for a wheel chair?

Our class was able to fill up the whole bin of bottle caps and is continuing the efforts to fill up as many bins as possible until the end of the year. If you have any bottle caps at home, feel free to bring them in!


temp_collage_1422562640.401429 (1)

Pita Cutting in Math Class by Danae

As the Greek tradition has, a pita is always cut in the beginning of the year as a sign of good luck for the one that gets the piece with the coin in it. The Pita is also known as Vasilopita that means the king’s pie. It is a New Year’s Day bread or cake in Greece and many other countries as well. In some traditions, including the Greek one there is a coin hidden in the cake. The one, who gets the piece with the coin, is usually given a good luck charm or a special gift. However, some also believe it brings luck for the year to come.

Before we cut the pita, Ms. Evloyias told us that we need to figure out how to cut the pita into equal pieces. Our first thought was to find out how many people we were, which was 19 with the teacher, but then we decided to add one more piece for the school. Then our second thought was to measure the length and width of the pita. We took a ruler and measured the length of the pita, which came to be 36 cm and the width was 22 cm. Then we took our white boards and we drew a model with how we would cut the pita to have equal pieces. We drew arrays and all the groups decided that the best way to do it was to have 4 by 5 arrays. Then each group had to find out what they needed to do to split the pieces into equal parts. We estimated 36cm to 35cm and 22cm to 20cm. After estimating we divided the 35 by 5 and got 7. So we took our ruler and marked every 7cm, so we know where to cut the pieces. We followed the same process with the width, 20 divided by 4 and got 5. So, we split the pieces every 5 cm. However, we did not finish here. We still had to find out what fraction of the pita the coin would be in. We knew we had 20 pieces and the coin would be in one, so we came up with the fraction of 1/20. It was a great experience and having to do the math was actually really fun.

In conclusion, Ms. Evloyias took our calculations and helped us cut the pita. As we were waiting to get the pieces, it smelled like we were in a sweet shop. The scents of the vanilla and orange were making us hungry. We decided that if someone finds the coin he or she would not tell, until everyone got a piece. Ellie T was the lucky one that got the coin in our class and she was also given a little gift. Of course when we tried the pita it was very scrumptious. We would like to give a big thank you to Ms. Evloyia’s Dad for baking the pitas for us and to Anna B for her beautiful poem! All three classes enjoyed eating them!!!!

PicCollage (2) PicCollage PicCollage (1)

My Trip to the Network Department by Computist

It was a casual Wednesday until my homeroom teacher told me while we were going to lunch recess, “Well Computist, you will go to Computers when you are supposed to have library okay? There is a surprise for you……” I replied back asking, “Wait a second what kind of surprise?!” I was so pumped, thinking of all the ideas I could possibly have come up with. Had I done something bad? ‘Well she did say it was a surprise so it probably wasn’t going to be bad right?’ I thought to myself. I left that aside for recess, I went and played some Volleyball with Thanasi, John, and Thisseas. Playing volleyball was fun after all but when I went to eat and was done, the real thing that got me excited was the ‘surprise’. When I saw our technology teacher waiting for me, she asked if I knew what and where we were going. “Well all Ms. Evloyias said was, there is a surprise waiting for you….” I responded.

“Well I think you are going to like this very much and may just write a story on the blog, huh?” Mrs. Helen responded.

“Well sure I will, if I am interested in it,” I responded gladly.
“You will probably be interested in it,” Mrs. Helen said with a smile.

“Well can you tell me where we are going?” I asked with wonder.

“Sure, we are going to the network department because remember you had some questions about the school server? Well I asked the school technician if you could have a little trip with him, and maybe you could ask the questions that you asked me,” Mrs. Helen calmly replied.
“Wow! Well I am really excited to meet him and go there, although what should I call him?” I thought outloud.

“Well Just call him Mr. Makris,” she responded.
“Okay,” I said with a tone of excitement.

We went through the high school library to a small hall with a really old computer displayed in a glass box. Trust me the computers that we have now are waaaay better than they had before because I remember my mom telling me that she had to do some research on the computer and it took her like 5 minutes for every page to load up, so it was quite impossible to do research like we could now or have all the cool tech that we have now than the olden times.

There was a blue door which we opened and met Mr. Makris. He was currently getting Linux set up on his desktop (Linux is an operating system just like other operating systems like Windows,  OS x, etc.). I have never seen Linux work before but it looked pretty much like an Apple desktop and Windows put together into one. I asked him, “How much storage do you have for the whole wide school devices?”

Well then he showed me one of the computers which were laying around, the one he showed me looked like a really old one but he explained, “I know it looks old but inside there are 300 Megabytes of storage in there.” I replied in awe, “Wow! Just Wow!” He showed me another one which had well over 3 Terabytes! That’s like 1 million megabytes! My jaw felt like it dropped to the ground thinking how much that could just hold! We went inside the small room which actually held the server which connected your files from the computer lab so you can access them from your computer or whatnot. The first thing that caught my eyes were the Fiber Optic cables that were connected to the main server (Fiber Optic cables are cables which use glass or plastic threads to transfer data much more faster by transforming the data into light waves and then sending it back digitally). Usually Fiber Optic cables cost a lot but I saw quite a few of them laying around. The Fiber Optics that we have can send data as fast as 10 Gigabytes per second! Which is really fast if you think about it. After that there were many other things to explain but I decided to leave them out. I asked how many devices were connected and his reply was, “More than 300 desktops, over 200 laptops and a few mobile phones as well.” My eyes literally felt like they were going to pop right out! I told him that I have made a server of my own which was hosted off my computer for MineCraft. I explained to him how all you have to do is port forward your computer to your router so anyone from the whole wide world could join your server if they knew your IP address.  And then if you want to find out your IP you can press the window button which is located between the Ctrl button and the Alt button and it looks like a small, weird window, type run and then type cmd into the run application which will pop up. I continued, then write ipconfig and then press enter, you will see many numbers which will be confusing to find out which one is your IP address, the IP address is named IPv4 address, right next to that there will be a bunch of numbers followed by some periods and if you found that, that is your IP address.

He was pretty amazed by my knowledge, or so I think. After that I pointed at a weirdly shaped thing which looked like a sculpture, but it turned out to be a 3D printer! He said a member of the high schoolers built it but it never got to work. It was pretty impressive to see a real life 3D printer even though it did not work. We also talked about what kind of copies of browsers there are like IceWeasel, and that when the browsers actually were in the newest form, they did not have tabs so you would have to open up another window for each thing you wanted to do on another tab. However, it was Firefox who invented the tabs so you don’t have to open up another one all the time, then Google Chrome, Safari, etc. started copying the tabs from Firefox. After that I had to leave and go back to library but the small field trip was just so amazing that I would have never imagined this happening! But it did happen and I really just loved it, no other words can describe it than just great! I went back to our elementary library and the trip had ended.


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My Dog Lomo by Angeliki

Ding dong, the house bell rang. I had just arrived to my house and my mom and dad were waiting for me with a big surprise. When the door opened I rushed inside. There I saw my dad with a mischief face. “What is going on in here?” I asked myself. I couldn’t wait to find out what this BIG surprise was.  Then I rushed to my mom who was sitting on the couch and under her was…………………a cute Rhodesian Ridgeback, three months old!!!!!!  I ran like a cheetah to meet my dog.  I couldn’t believe my eyes; he was so cute and pretty.

So, before I continue my story, I want to describe my Lomo, my dog. He is brown with hazel brown eyes, and a line on his back because of his breed, and he has a white cloud with a thunderbolt on his chest. Lomo will always be in my heart and I will always love him because he has a golden heart.  I think he is unique because he is very funny, sometimes lazy, playful, energetic, cute, smart, a fast runner but can also sometimes be a scary cat.

Now let’s go back to his first day. After petting Lomoand spending time in the house we went outside to play. I took his ball and threw it as far as I could. He ran like a thunder-bolt to catch the ball and when he did he looked so proud. As he was biting it to bring the ball back to me, the squeaking sound of the ball was heard.   After playing for a while he got tired and laid on the grassy area with his tongue out.

We took a break and relaxed for a bit, until we realized that someone was watching us and guess who it was……………………………………………………………..?  It was Sylvester, my cat. He felt jealous looking at us play, so I went to pet him too. However, then Goldie my other cat came, but when Lomo saw her, he started chasing her.  Somehow he got the courage to chase her, but he stopped when he saw Sylvester MEAWAWWAW something in his “catish” language. “Lomo! “ I shouted laughing,” you’re so funny!”

After all that playing we had to go to bed, because we had school tomorrow.  “Goodnight Lomo,” I said to the dog like he could answer back.  This still remains to be one of my favorite days of my life.


Criminal Crisis by Live

“What am I going to do?!”  Ms. Warthington sobbed in terror. She clutched police officer Gray’s chest and gazed into his black, unreadable eyes. He had kept quiet ever since he arrived at the scene of the murder. The police officer glared harshly at the blood splattered on the surrounding walls.

“Keep quiet.” Gray said firmly. “No one is to know about this is that clear? If anyone finds out about what happened to your husband tonight, you may be reunited earlier than you thought.” Ms. Warthington gasped.

“Yes, Officer Gray.” She said in a terrified voice.

Still shocked about Gray’s answer, she looked at her husband’s dead body lying on the floor. She blinked away a tear. She couldn’t believe what had happened over the last few hours. It had all happened so fast: She and her husband had gone to bed when an unknown thief had stolen all her money, jewelry and diamonds, and also murdered her husband in the process. It was too much for her. She staggered and fell to the floor. She felt cold and miserable, as if all the warmth had left her.

“Martha!” Gray exclaimed, hurrying to help her up.

“I’m fine.” she said pushing him away and getting up. “I just need to rest. Good night.” She turned around, bent down and kissed her husband on the cheek, and strode off to bed.

Early the next morning, Martha had still not come over what had happened the previous night. The first thing she did was to lock all doors, windows, and remaining untampered safes. She quickly looked out the window to check that no one was spying on her. Relieved, she went outside to quickly grab the newspaper. Once inside, Martha started reading the headline, in both shock and anger: Billionaire Alex Warthington Killed Last Night! Wife Terrified!

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. Deep in thought about the headline, Martha opened the door without checking her key hole. “Ms. Warthington,” a small, chubby man said in a choked voice. He had short, unruly hair and yellow teeth, if not missing. Ms. Warthington, who had not lifted her head from the newspaper, held the door open and silently invited the stranger inside. However, the man stood his ground and said again, “Ms. Warthington.” This time a bit louder. “Yes?” Ms Warthington replied, still keeping her eyes on the paper. The man, now looking fairly agitated, said    “Ms. Warthington!” the man clearly meant to be frightening.

“Mmmhmmm?” Ms. Warthington murmured and slowly dragged her eyes off the paper. She gasped. Right in front of her head she saw the unmistakable shape of a gun.

“Yeah, you know what this is.” The man said gleefully.  “Now go and get the keys to your safes, tell me where the cash is, and then go and lock yourself in your room without hesitation. If you don’t do what I’ve told you, you’re dead meat just like your husband.”

Martha glared at him for a minute, stuck out her tongue, and then unwillingly did as she was told.  Once in her room, Martha began looking for an escape route. The small man had taken away her telephone, so she could not call for help. She gazed around the room looking for something that would get her help. Her eyes rested on the window. Then carefully looked outside at the road. “Hmmmmm.” she murmured to herself.

Half an hour later, Martha was quietly drinking coffee in her living room. She had just returned after climbing out the window, running to the police office, and telling police officer Gray what was happening at her house. She brought back a bunch of police cars with her, to arrested the thief, the infamous Jackson Troll. On his way out the door he hoarsely whispered something that made Martha stop dead cold. “I know who killed your husband.”

Over the next few days Martha could not stop thinking about what Jackson had said. His words chanted in her head until she couldn’t take it anymore. She rushed to the local prison clutching her head and trying to sort out her thoughts.

“Tell me who killed him?” Martha stood inside Jackson’s cell, with a desperate look in her eyes.

“Why should I? Do you see this cell? This is my home for the next two years thanks to you!” Jackson snapped.

“You were about to rob me if Gray hadn’t showed up! You deserve prison. Now tell me who killed my husband!”

“Ahhh. Deserve. The word we all think is the word of fairness. But guess what? It’s not! Take for example what you want me to tell you. Now take your case and compare it with my case. I wanted the money, you want the information. Think about that for a minute. Now, you say that I deserve prison because I robbed you. But how, and I repeat, how do you deserve that piece of valuable information? I mean, like you said, I don’t deserve the money, I deserve prison. You, like all people, have to deserve the information. Now you don’t deserve this information, you deserve the pain of your husband’s death.” He said in a mysteriously gleeful voice. “But, I will say this: if you get me out of here, I might give you a name.” he finished off.

It took several long minutes for Martha to digest the words of this thief. She had a million different questions, but only managed to ask one of them.

“How do you know who killed my husband?”  This particular question had been in her head all day long and she desperately wanted an answer.

“That’s a lot you’re asking for now, Missy,” he said.

Suddenly Martha felt a searing sensation of anger and hate. In a swift move Martha pulled a gun out from under her trench coat.

“Wow, wow, Missy. Put that down, will you!” Jackson exclaimed, apparently shocked. Then he added in a hoarse whisper, “You don’t want to end up here as well, do you now Missy?

Martha slowly moved her gun away and then, without saying anything more, stormed out from the cell.  The way home took a little longer than expected because Martha had to avoid as many people from the newspapers as possible. Sighting a particularly big group of newspaper people, Martha pulled up her trench coat as far as it would go, and rushed through it, not daring look back.

Once at home, Martha rushed to the garden, the place Alex Warthington’s grave was placed. Running to his grave, clutching his tombstone with all her remaining might, and sobbed. She sobbed for hours, even though it only felt like minutes. As the tears streamed, Martha screamed and pulled her hair.

“It’s my entire fault!!! I am the one who should be dead!!!!” She screamed and pulled hair all night and well into the next day. Ever since the murder, Martha had felt guilty. She thought it was her fault, although it wasn’t.When she finally pulled herself together she had made a plan. She had silently promised to her and her husband that she was going to find the murderer and kill him. It was the only real thing in the world that would make her feel better. And she knew where to start.

Back at the police station, Martha once more entered Jackson’s cell.  “I had a feeling you were coming back.” Jackson said, not looking up as she entered. Ignoring Jackson, Martha held the door open and said,” You’re a free man.”  Amazingly fast, Jackson was standing in front of Martha, eyeing her suspiciously.

“I’m guessing you want something back, don’t you?” He said, a look of disgust on his face.

“As a matter of fact I do.” Martha said, a look of glee on her face.

“And that is…?”

“The name, idiot.” Martha said, rolling her eyes.

“And why should I tell you?” Jackson asked.

“Because, that was the deal, remember?”

Jackson looked in deep thought for a minute and then said plainly: “No.”

“That was the deal. You said that if I got you out of here you’d give me a name. Do you remember now?” Martha asked, with hope in her voice.

“I do remember, but a) it was no deal, I was just saying it and b) I remember myself saying I MIGHT give you a name. Don’t you?”

Martha was about to explode, but then said in a mysteriously calm tone: “Fine.” She stepped out of the cell door and closed it behind her.  Martha stood outside the cell looking very amused with herself, waiting for a reaction. She waited a few minutes and looked as if she had seen a ghost when she heard booming laughter coming from Jackson’s cell.

“What is so hilarious?” Martha asked in a shocked and defeated voice.

“You didn’t read the rules, did you?” Jackson said through gasps of laughter. “When you make a thief a free man, you can’t take it back!!!!!! I’m free thanks to you!” He laughed again, and then headed for the exit.

“Not so fast, Mister!” Martha said, pointing her gun at him.

“Hey, that’s my thing!” Jackson said childishly.

“You’re coming with me.” Martha said gleefully.

                                                  To Be Continued…

An Apology to Antoinette by Maria

Dear Mom Antoinette,

I’m writing this letter to you from the dungeon to apologize for my misbehavior and my unlike mouse behaviors. I know I have been causing a lot of talk and disappointment to you, our family and to the other mice.

It all started from the moment I was born. I saw all this bright light and shades of color that I couldn’t resist. Every single moment of light brought me all these wonderful feelings, that I could not help myself not get in trouble.

When I heard the King play the music that was as sweet as honey, I just had to be near. Something about the music and light make me not feel like a mouse. Princess Pea is so beautiful you should meet her. She complimented me so many times that I was blinded from her words and love that she showed me.

I wish you and the other mice would be able to see what I feel and be happy for me. I disagree with all of you telling me that I can’t love someone that is not a mouse. Love is a strange thing that just comes. I read it in the books at the library! A story always starts with once upon a time and ends with a happy ending of love.

Being in the dungeon for a few days has given me the urge to apologize for the damage I have caused to you and our family. I know I broke the most important mouse rule and I let Princess Pea touch me as well. All these were actions of love. However, having everyone treat me in a mean way and comment on how tiny I am, my big ears, and my not so mouse like habits made me feel different.

I might be different by my own way but you still have to remember that I’m your son and that you gave birth to me. I am still your little Despereaux and I hope to change your mind about being a disappointment.



An Apology to Furlough by Madhawan

Dear Furlough,

I owe you a big apology for not being a mouse. I am full of sorrow that I couldn’t focus on your mouse lessons. I was too busy enlightened with the light of the beautiful sun going through the enormous stained glasses. I was daydreaming about loving Princess Pea. I wasn’t thinking of “Let’s just ignore Furlough’s boring lessons.” I had been too dreamy with the light and Pea.

To make it up to you, I would like to take the mouse lessons, even if they are really boring. I believe I have changed.  I have not seen the light in a long time. I haven’t seen Princess Pea either. Although I don’t want to be a mouse, I will accept the challenge. I do deserve a punishment though as I have broken some very major rules.

Your small little, big eared brother,



The Best Volleyball Match by Azra

“Let’s go Lancers, let’s go!!!” shouted everyone. The crowd was spirited and eager to watch ACS win. Fifth graders and High Schoolers were cheering for the Lancers, as they were playing the drums and moving the “Lancers flag” from left to right as they were singing, “Let`s go Lancers, let`s go!”

Everyone sitting down in the gym was really excited. Our class and the rest of the fifth grade, was cheering for the Lancers. We were singing chants, clapping in rhythms and stamping our feet at the bleachers.

When the game started, everyone was hooked on the ball ready to see an ACS victory. There it was, the Lancers won the first point, second point, third point and this continued. As you can imagine everyone was getting up from their seats and screaming off the top of their lungs, “Yeaaaaaahh!!!!”

The referee blew the whistle and the buzzer went off. The ACS Lancers were a very good team, but do you know why? They actually won the first set!! Bang Bang Bang, the high schoolers were playing the drums. Everyone was getting super excited. The Lancers were doing so well because they had teamwork, leadership, effort and sportsmanship. Even when a team member lost the ball, they would still cheer each other up.

After winning the first set, the teams changed spots. Now the ACS Lancers were playing on the other side. The judge gave the ball to ACS and the game started. The game was as fun as going to the Luna Park. Everyone was enjoying it and we were so happy we were part of it. As the second set was happening, the Lancers seemed to be getting tired. The other team was getting more points and the difference was becoming bigger. Suddenly, we win a point and the whole gym started cheering. We get another point and another one and then another. ACS Lancers were getting back into the game. The gym started moving as if there was an earthquake. “From East to West, from East to West… the Lancers are the best, the Lancers are the best,” was sang from everyone in the gym. They started getting more points but unfortunately, lost the second set.

“ Go Lancers, go Lancers!!” everyone shouted as the third set began. In this set the Lancers were lucky, as they won!!! Everyone in the gym was really happy, but the excitement didn’t finish here. ACS Lancers won second place in the whole tournament. It was the best volleyball match, and we were able to be part of it!!


What I Like, by Maria K

My favorite sport is tennis,
Playing, with the powerful racket,
That is used to hit the bright yellow ball,
Swoosh, to the other side of the black net,
That crosses half of the green court,
To the opponent’s side and SCORE I get a point.

My favorite animal is a dog,
Like the golden retriever that has shiny smooth fur,
With large brown glittering gorgeous eyes,
Fluffy soft ears,
That can hear everything no matter the distance,
All this makes you want to love the golden retriever.

My favorite place is Damialis beach,
With its crystal waves that form a big wavy shape,
Like a mouth ready to devour you as people are splashing in the sea,
Their sky blue color,
Getting ready to crash on giant rocks,
Filled with green, red, pink, yellow corals,
That shines as the sun’s rays fall on them.