Welcome to O.W.L., the 5th grade blog.

*Follow what’s hot in 5th grade on the Class Blog and join in discussions by adding your comments under posts.
*Read our published work in the Writers Workshop and give the author feedback in a comment.
*Learn about using math in the real world in our Real Life Math project.

Around sixty students, three teachers, one iPad and loads of creativity and fun, this blog is our “interactive yearbook”, a forum to share our opinions and observations, publish our writings, and showcase our class projects.
If you are a classmate, a fellow 5th grader, a family member, friend or fellow educator, we’d love to hear your feedback. Our blog is a special kind of website that allows YOU to post comments. Let us know what you liked or what you have learned from what you read on the blog.

This blog has been developed by Penny Kynigou, Fifth grade teacher at ACS Athens, Greece. Penny is fascinated by educational technology and seeks for ways to best engage 21st century learners.

Quality comment do’s and don’ts:

Do really read the piece and all the comments. The best comments raise questions which open up discussion or bring something new to the blog. Share a related story, additional information, a personal opinion. Support your comment with evidence. Do proofread your comment with an adult before submitting.Write your comment like a brief letter addressed to the author.
Don’t ask a question which was answered in the text. It shows everyone that you haven’t really read it. Avoid repeating comments that have already been made. It’s boring. Don’t just say, “I loved your story!” Tell us why! Don’t forget to proofread as we do not post comments with poor punctuation, grisly grammar or sloppy spelling!

How to write great feedback:

Let us know what “works” for you in a piece of writing. Be specific in your comments. Was there a particular phrase or simile that grabbed you? Was there a surprise or something that made you laugh? Were your feelings touched or did the story remind you of an experience of your own.
Writers grow by getting positive feedback, so write a comment!

Steps to Comment:

1. Click on comment under the story you wish to comment on.
2.Write your comment in the box. Sign your comment with your first name only.
3.Type in your email address. Students should use their school email address. Add your first name only. Adults should add their relationship to the student, ex: Penny ( Markos’ mom) or Ria (Fifth grade teacher).
5. Click “Publish your Comment”. You may preview your comment before publishing if you’d like.
Important: You will not see your comment immediately as it will have to be approved by me first.
Check back on the blog in a couple of days!

Mrs. Kynigou :o)

PS: Many thanks to educational blogger extraordinaire Ms. Yollis for these tips on commenting!

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