Monthly Archives: January 2018

A Weird Evening by The Bottle Flipper


It was a peaceful summer evening when I was watching
Netflix from my TV, when suddenly I heard a bang in my
house. So I went to look at what it was and a few
minutes later I noticed that it was my dad who had fallen
from the roof while cleaning the roof. After I noticed
what had happened I ran inside the house to tell my
mom about it. When she heard about it she went crazy
and tried to call 911 but she accidently called Uber. So
when my mom noticed a car coming close to our house,
she ran to it when she was close enough to it she noticed
that she had called a Uber and not 911 so she ran to look
at my dad and see if he was still ok. Right at that point
my mom remembered that we were supposed to have
my mother’s birthday party at my grannies house. So my
mom thought that what a great coincidence it was that
she accidently called an Uber to our house because the
dinner starts at 7pm and it’s already 6.30pm and it takes
us about 45 minutes to walk there but with an Uber we
will get there before the party even starts and for an
even better coincidence my dad said he was ok and that
he is feeling better than ever. So we ran to the Uber and

told the driver the address of my grannies house. So in
about 20mins we were already outside of my grannies
home. When we got there my granny ran to us and told
us that grandpa was in the hospital because he had fallen
from the roof when he was fixing the roof. When we
heard that we quickly got into the Uber with granny and
told him to go to the local hospital. We were at the local
hospital in about 30mins. Right when we got there
everyone jumped out of the Uber even my granny who is
86 years old jumped out and ran inside the hospital.
When we got to our grandpa’s room everyone look at us
and shouted “Hooray, Happy Birthday!” me, my mom
and my dad were all confused until I saw my grandpa
standing and throwing confetti on my mom. That’s when
my mom and my dad and me understood it all. It was all
a joke what granny had said, it was all just a surprise
party for my mother.