Sergio Ramos by Chrisswaglol

Sergio Ramos

One wonderful night I was watching the Champions League Final by myself and i could  smell the popcorn cooking in the oven. Anyway, I was supporting Real Madrid. Then suddenly Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal and I was shouting, “goal!!!!!!”. Then  Mandzukic scored a goal and I was banging the wall! Then Casemiro scored a banger! I  was sure that Real Madrid was going to win just by looking how they play.  Then again Ronaldo scored, the score was 3-1 Real Madrid was winning.  Then Asensio out of nowhere scored.

 Then someone did something clever his name is Sergio Ramos. what happened was a Juventus player just touched him and he was doing like someone kicked him.  For that the referee believed him and raised a red card at the Juventus player.

 So let’s go back at Asensio scoring. So he scored and after the fantastic goal, the nice match finished and I was happy and mad at the same time. I was mad that Sergio Ramos faked, and happy that my third favorite team won. Then my mom came and said it was time for bed, but I said, “Can I watch when they put up the trophy?”

My mom sighed, “The commercials take a long time to finish.”

I said, “Please!” and then my mom said ok.

Then my sister came down from my grandma and asked me who won.  

I said, “Stop, look at the TV!” because, guess who was holding up the cup? It was the faker, the Hollywood actor Sergio Ramos.  He isn’t a Hollywood actor, I just said it to show how much of a faker he is! Then I replied to my sister’s question and I said,

“Real Madrid” with a sad noise.

Then my mom asked my sister, “Did you read 20 minutes?”

and she said, “Yes.” Then she asked me and I said yes but it was a lie, just so I could see more.

So the match had highlights and one of the highlights was the faking Hollywood scene. Thank God I wasn’t eating because I would have spit my food out! Then she said that I need to sleep so I went to bed.

 It’s not the first time he has done it.  He always does it, but, one thing I like about him is that he always saves Real Madrid. Like, once it was Barcelona vs Real Madrid and the match was in Madrid. I am saying it for a reason, and the reason is that they always win when they are in Madrid. It would break the record if they had  lost. Trust me, they would cry if they lost in Madrid!

I was watching it with my friend. My friend was sad because he was with Barcelona. He wanted for Barcelona to break the record and end it. Listen, it’s not that I don’t like Barcelona, it’s that Barcelona likes Olympiakos, because they helped Olympiakos, and Real is more with Panathinaikos’ side. If you ask why, I will tell you it’s because they helped Panathinaikos pass to the Champions League. It’s a huge accomplishment that a Greek team would even go to Champions League.  

So now let’s go back to Sergio Ramos.

So here’s what happened. Suarez scored at “78 and they were a little bit of nervous so at 90 minutes+ Sergio Ramos scored a header. I wish he would change because  then I would be so happy and maybe he could be in top 10 soccer players I like.

I think that Real Madrid or PSG will win the Champions League final. Once it was a close call, so PSG wanted Ronaldo but he didn’t transfer. Now PSG got almost all the good players and they got Neymar, but Dani Alves for free!!!!! I would have to eliminate Juventus because they lost all their good players.  I would have to eliminate Barcelona too, because they lost Neymar. Overall, this year was a good year for Real Madrid.

I think that somebody will try to buy Sergio Ramos and he will reject the offer. This year I like Sergio Ramos more than the other years. I hope Sergio Ramos changes because he is making soccer a theater!

3 thoughts on “Sergio Ramos by Chrisswaglol

  1. Dear Chrisswaglol,

    I really liked your story, but I think it needs better punctuation. I DEFINITELY agree that Sergio Ramos is a huge flopper. He could also be an actor. A good one

  2. Dear Chrisswaglol,
    I really liked your story because it was very funny and entertaining. I guess you really enjoy watching soccer on the TV.

  3. Dear Chrisswaglol,
    I liked your story, it made me feel like I was on the pitch (soccer field) and was right at the moment when Sergio Ramos flopped and the Juventus player got a red card. I also liked how you described Sergio Ramos as, “the faker, the Hollywood actor Sergio Ramos”.

    Like it, Demetris Getsos

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