My Cats! by Catwoman

I love animals and of course I love my pets.  One day at my house we started feeding cats that continued coming for food but one day there came a beautiful cat with a tiger pattern in gray and he had a black line from the top of his head running to the tip of his tail.

After a few days we started giving him food inside the house.  We gave him a little basket to lie in.  when the comes to the house I always asked my mom, “Can we keep him, please?” there was a big sad frown on my face if my mom would say no, “Yes we can keep him, but only if you take care of him when we don’t have time, “Okay!”, I said.

We moved to another house at the end of the school year.  We waited with bringing the cat over because I is not easy putting the cat in the cage so we could bring it to our new house.  So when everything was at the house I asked my mom, “Can we get the cat now?” and she said, “Yes we can, don’t forget the cage”. We went to the house and we brought a towel we first put the towel over his body as if he was wrapped in an adorable blanket ready for winter, so after we put it really quickly over his head and I opened the cage and first his tail was sticking out and I said, “Mom careful his tail is not inside!” so we pushed it in and locked the cage.  Then we went back luckily it was not a long drive.

When we arrived we put him on a leash so he wouldn’t run away.  We had him on the leash outside in the garden but he was panicking so he was really wild and his collar went over his head and he ran away.  I was so sad I cried the whole day.  The next day I heard a really nice, “Meow” and I went outside and he was there I was relieved I could have screamed as loud as I could but I didn’t.  As we settled in everything ready.  One day my sister went to Kifisia and she saw a kitten she called my mom and said, “Mom there’s a kitten in the middle of the street what should I do?”  “I have to go for a coffee with my friend, I will check if he’s there when I come back.”  After a while my sister went back and the kitten was still there.  My sister had a big smile on her face because she really wanted to keep it.  My sister called my mom again and said, “It’s still there, can we bring it home?”  My mom said, “Is it a male or a female?”  We could not take another male because we already have one male cat and otherwise there will be fights for territory.

So eventually I went to pick up my sister and her friends with my dad and we brought the cage in the car and he was so calm in the car I couldn’t even believe it.  So we had to keep it in our small living room so we gave a bit of milk and some food and first he didn’t eat anything.  After a while he drank a bit of milk and we had leftovers from dinner and it was chicken!  Of course the cat ate the chicken, cause I don’t know any cat that doesn’t eat chicken.  So we had to let the two cats meet each other so they get used to each other.  That did not go out well the small one was scared and the other cat wanted to attack but I screamed, “NO”!!!!!!!!  They left each other and we closed the doors.  We had to find a place to put the cat, so we put the cat in my sisters bathroom with the litter box and a blanket to lie on.  The next day worked out well! But a few days later the big cat attacked the small one and in time my mom came in between, but it was sad the big cat (Bernie) bit the small one (Gucci) 4 times in the stomach and you could not touch him from the pain.  He stayed on the couch the whole day and didn’t move.

A few days later the cats still didn’t like to be with each other so we still had to keep them separated that’s how it went on until now it is keeping cats separate probably we are going have surgery/operations so they don’t fight for territory.  “It’s a hard life for me with all these doors closed”.   


2 thoughts on “My Cats! by Catwoman

  1. Dear Catwoman,
    I also love a lot animals and I have seen your cats and they are both beautiful. I also would like to know if you have named the smallest cat of yours, because I already know that the name of the bigger cat is Bubbles!!!
    DJ – Melody

  2. Dear Catwoman,
    I really liked how you used very many specific details in each part of the story.

    Great story! Keep up the good work!

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