Movie Night by Green Mustache

It was a cold night and I just finished my homework. I asked my mom if she wanted to watch a movie with me. She said that she had to finish the dishes. So I went to my room to listen to music but at that second the lights were off! I was really surprised that the lights were off at that time and angry because I was about to watch a movie with my mom. My mom and I started running in the dark trying to see what was going on. After a few minutes the lights were back on. Mom said that she was done with the dishes and was ready to watch a movie. So we sat on the old couch, we got our popcorn and watched a movie. We watched a movie about a clown that no one was watching or even looking at him.

The movie was really sad but the clown sometimes was talking funny and he was making a lot of jokes and more. But the other times it was really sad like one part of the movie was that the clown was walking in the rain and a guy pushed the clown in the mud. At that part my mom and I started crying. So at the movie sometimes I was laughing so hard that I fell of the old couch and sometimes I was crying so hard that I used a box of tissues.

But the night wasn’t over. After the movie was done I didn’t want to go to sleep. By the way it was 11 o’clock at September 8th, 2017. After a few minutes something really scary happened. There was an earthquake and one of the vases fell down and broke into a million pieces. My mom went running for the vacuum and cleaned every single piece of glass there was. After that I still didn’t want to go to sleep! I went to my bed and read a book. My mom did the exact same thing but then I heard a noise from my brother’s room. I was so scared that I froze for a second but I went inside the room and saw that my brother was still doing his homework. I forgot that my brother didn’t finish his homework and saw that he was going to bed. I went to my mom and saw that she was sleeping. So I went to bed and I remembered that I had soccer practice.  

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