THE BAHAMAS ISLAND by The Bahamas girl 

​It’s beautiful there, it’s the best place of the world! Where can it be? Well, it’s the Bahamas Island of course! I’m in the beach with small bushes and tall buildings behind. I’m 30 years old and I’m there with my old mom, my big dad and my crazy sisters, Nayia the great and Maria the bloomy. My sweet little baby and Maria’s small kid are there too!

​We have many toys with us in case some of us want to play with them. After we all set up, my sweet little small baby goes with the great bucket and the dark shovel to play in the rocky sand. Aw my sweet baby is so sweet when he plays! My crazy sisters and Maria’s small kid go in the cool sea with the plastic giraffe and the air ball. I ask myself, “How beautiful can a place be?” The sun reflects on the cool sea, and there is a beautiful sunset!

​I settled and sat under the umbrella made out of sticks, my old mom settled and sat under the paper umbrella and my big dad settled and sat under the plastic umbrella. It was fantastic! I was telling myself, “This sound of the dolphins, it’s just great!”I was hearing them from the time we came here! I was wondering if they had an opera or something!Then I turned my head to see what my baby is doing. He was still playing with his toys.”Isn’t he bored,” I asked myself. I knew that Maria, Nayia and Maria’s little baby were in the cool sea.

​After I took a good short nap, I opened my bag and made myself a tasty coconut drink. It smelled really, really lovely! My mom asked with a loud voice and a mad face, “Did you bring the food?” With a smooth and gentle voice a replied, “Mom, I’m trying to relax but yes I did bring it.” I opened my phone and cheered from happiness! My favorite fashion team was on the top ten teams in the world!

​After a while, I decided to go in the cool sea. I took my flip flops and got in the cool sea. Now I could see why it’s called cool sea. It was cold but it cooled me down. Then, we decided to go back to the hotel. That was a wonderful day.


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