My Cat by Iro2007

“OMG! He’s so cute!” I said as I walked in from school. Last night we found him outside our door. My dad was getting out of the house to go to the doctor and he saw this super fluffy, beautiful, cute creature waiting beside our door. It was so big , that at the beginning I thought it was a dog!

​So that day, when I walked in from school, I saw the cat laying down on my parents’ bed! So cute right?! I was so happy we had him, but also felt bad about its owner. If I had lost him, I would have turned the whole world upside-down to find him/her!

​We didn’t know if this cat was a boy or a girl either. My dad said it was a boy, but my mom thought it was a girl! I actually thought that it was a boy because his meowing was dark for a girl. My mom insisted though that it was a girl, so we called it a girl. My mom used to have a cat when she was in college and she called her “Mitsi”, but it turned out it was actually a boy, so she called him “Mitso”.

​That afternoon, I took him/her out, at the balcony, and read him/her a story. At first, he wasn’t paying any attention, but after, he was looking at me with his/her green eyes. It looked like he/she was listening now! “WOW!!”

​The next day, it was Friday, and when I was walking into the elevator I saw a lady that had many cats and I asked her “Have you lost a cat?” She said “Oh, no! I haven’t, but I think my neighbor has!” “Can I come to your house to see the cat?” she continued. I didn’t want the cat to leave, but I chose to do the right thing and try to get-away with it, so I told her

“Umm, yes of course!”

“Oh, thank you!” she said politely. When I went up to my house, I went to see the cat to tell him/her a goodbye. When I walked in, he /she was laying down on my mom’s chair (where she does work!). He/she looked like a professional business worker! I went closer to pat him/her. It felt like my hand was melting in his fur! (I’ve decided to call him a boy). Now I felt so sad that he was leaving! Also, my mom wasn’t in Greece, or on land. She was in an airplane coming back from Italy (so there was no wifi!). She would be back in any time now, but still I wouldn’t be able to call her!

​“DING-DONG!” “Oh, no” I said to myself.

“I’m never going to see him again!” But I had to try. So I opened the door and showed the lady the cat.

“Oh yes! Its my neighbor’s” she said. I tried to smile and tell her OK.

​I missed “my” cat so much, and thought that I would never see him again! “Ding- Dong!” rang the doorbell again!

“Who might it be again?” I thought as I walked towards the door to open it. When I opened the door, I saw a tall man with a black suit holding a letter.

“Hello! Do you have a cat here?” he started.

“Oh, yes… Um.. Im… Bringing it now! Um.. One second” I said straggly.

“Yes please, thank you” the man in the suit answered politely, as I started walking towards the inside of the house to try to find him. I went to my room in case he was there. I didn’t find him there, but before leaving I checked at the balcony too. Oh yes. He was there! I picked him up (he was so soft, my hand was sinking into his fur!) and moved towards the door to give him to the man.

“Oh thank you! I was looking for him!” he said excitedly. “You’re welcome sir! Is it male or female?” I asked curiously.

“Oh its male, and his name is Suleyman! They give him to me as a present from Azerbaijan!” he replied giving me a lot of detail.

“WOW!” I said and my mouth opened wide in surprise.

“Oh and he is very rare! He is 3 kinds of cats together!” he continued. As I couldn’t open my mouth more from surprise, I just said, “WOW!” again.

​After the following day, my friends Iliana and Marlena would be coming to my house. They really wanted to see him (Suleyman), so did I, and then something magical happened…… “Ding-Dong!” rang the bell. It was 9:00 in the morning! “Who could it be?” I thought when I opened my eyes, half awake, half asleep. My mom opened the door, before I could even stand up on my feet well and walk. I could smell a man’s perfume coming from outside the door. “Aaaargh!” I screamed! It was the same man I saw before yesterday (just without a suit) holding Suleyman in his hands! I knew exactly the reason why….. Suleyman would stay with us for the rest of the day! I was so happy!

When the girls came I showed him to them and they were amazed! They loved him so much!! Suleyman stayed with us for long. We watched the movie “Titanic” with him (kind of… he was running away!), we played with him, we took videos of him, but the rest we did by ourselves.

It was a very fun day, and I was very lucky to have Suleyman with me.

​“Ding-Dong!” th doorbell rang for one more time. I had to say bye-bye to Suleyman. I had fun though, so I wasn’t so sad. Actually I was happy that everyone left because I was very tired.

I went to bed to get a good sleep because I also had school the next day….

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