My Aunt’s Dog “MIKY” by DJ Melody

​“Miky! Miky! Come here boy! Come. Come,” I said with excitement when my mom, my sister, and I arrived at my aunt’s house in Anavissos. I heard Miky barking and barking from downstairs. I bent down on my knees and hugged him! When I stood up, the door opened and it was my aunt Irini, and my uncle Vassilis. They came out to help us with the things that we had brought with us.

Miky is a big black and white dog, he is named after Miky Mouse. Miky is the youngest, tallest, and also, for me, the cutest of all dogs. My aunt has three big dogs and one small dog. Two of the big dogs, including Miky, are boys and the small dog is a boy as well.

​I always see Miky during Spring break and during Summer vacation. Sometimes I see Miky during Christmas break as well. My aunt doesn’t know exactly how old Miky is but she says that he is about one year and 5 months old.

​I would really love to walk Miky outside my aunt’s house… But I never did because he is really strong. I would also like to take Miky to my house so my friends can see him for once, but I don’t think that my mom and my aunt will let me.

My favorite thing about Miky is… Well, actually, I have two favorite things about Miky. One of my favorite things about Miky is that he protects the house from strangers and also my aunt’s family from people he hasn’t ever seen before as well. My other favorite thing about Miky is that he doesn’t bite and he is kind and powerful!!!

​I wish someday my mom would let me take Miky forever!! I DREAM that when my mom says YES I can have MIKY FOREVER, I think it will be my PROUDEST MOMENT of ALL MY LIFE!!!


2 thoughts on “My Aunt’s Dog “MIKY” by DJ Melody

  1. Dear DJ Melody,
    Your story has a lot of emphasis and I like that. I like that you wrote the story as if you were talking to your readers. I mean the three periods. That’s fun ! I don’t know why! I’m not pretty sure that it’s really your mom’s choice to see if you could keep Miky because it is more of your aunt’s decision than yours I think. She’s really going to miss him.

  2. Dear DJ Melody,

    I really liked how you described everything about Miky, and I wish your mom lets you keep him at your house, so all your friends can see him. But don’t you think Zizel will be a little mad? I don’t know. She is your dog, and I don’t think she likes strangers.
    Also your aunt’s other dogs might be sad that Miky is leaving.


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