Finding my Book by Superwoman

​“BAM!” I immediately woke up and went downstairs. I saw all of my books down all over the floor. I was really angry. I tried to pick them up, but they were really heavy.

“It was fine all of those days, what happened?”I complained to myself.

Then I looked at my watch and saw that I needed to read my book for school. I love reading books, but guess what, my book was all ripped and I couldn’t do something about it. Today it was such a weird morning! I was alone, when suddenly my cousins came.

“Oh my god,” they shouted, “what a mess!”

I explained to them what happened. Then they helped me pick them up. But then they saw the time and said that they needed to leave because it took us a long time to pick the books up.

​Then I remembered that I had two of those books because my sister did a presentation at the same book. I went to get it but then I couldn’t find it. I was really mad and I didn’t know what to do and I had a presentation to do. I felt really nervous. You can’t imagine how my face looked. Then I started crying. My tears were dripping one by one at the floor. Then I called my friend and explained to her what happened. Without me knowing she told me that she had this book. I was so excited that my face immediately changed. The phone dropped from my hand and landed to the floor. I was really happy. Then I was back to my normal self.

She was screaming, “Hello, hello is anybody here?”

Then I picked up the phone and said, “Yes I’m here.”

Then she said to me to go by her house to get it because she couldn’t come.

Then I said, “Ok.”

​Then I went to her house to get the book. She took me upstairs to her room. Her room was colorful with light pink flowers. Then she went to her bookshelf which had a lot of books. She found it and gave it to me. Then we went downstairs and I told her that I had to leave. She said ok. Then I walked out the dark brown door and into my car. As we were leaving she was waving to us to say goodbye.

​Then I started working at my project. My poster was light blue with white dots. The good thing is that I was done reading my book. I added some pictures then colored the edges with my glittery markers, added some detail about my book and then I was done.

One day later I had to present. The teacher said that I was amazing, creative, and said that I put a lot of detail. I was really happy. Also I was lucky that my friend had the book that I was reading.​

​My best friend is my book. I like reading books because you learn more things and you get smarter. When I read books feel amazing. I feel calm and relaxed. Books are really interesting too. Also my favorite book is Lost and Found.


4 thoughts on “Finding my Book by Superwoman

  1. Dear Superwoman,
    I really liked your descriptive story. I am actually wondering how only your novel that you read for class rips and the others don’t. What a coincidence?! Anyway, I loved how your cousins spent all their time cleaning up your books, and putting them back. Good Job for that!

  2. Dear Superwoman,
    I also like reading books because I also learn things.
    This year I’ve read lots of books and I want to read
    Your friend,
    The Bahamas Girl

  3. Dear Superwoman,
    Your story was very interesting. I surely agree that books are very fun to read! Its very weird that your friend had the book you were looking for.

    Your friend,

  4. Dear Superwoman,
    I really enjoyed reading your story. I also love reading books! My favorite books are Moon Bear and The Great Fire Dogs!

    Sincerely, Catwoman

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