Soccer by Lamborghini


In my opinion soccer is the best sport. As far as I know soccer is the most played sport. If you don’t believe me stay on the ride

Imagine yourself going out on a sunny day playing soccer with your friends. Now I bet you’re screaming that you don’t have a ball. Just make a paper ball. If you have no friends with you, just make 2 or 1 goals and play for both teams. Now if that hasn’t convinced you, at least you have to watch soccer. Just take your favorite snack and sit on your couch and watch the derby and enjoy. Derby means when two rivals compete against each other.

Usually when I play soccer at home I often hit myself, which I hate. One time I took my toe nail off by kicking the couch instead of the ball. The team I want to be on is Olympiakos. There are low on players. Paok used to be my favorite team. If I could pick any team, I would be on Real Madrid but there probably going to reject me, maybe they might accept me, but I really doubt it.

I like soccer so much because my dad took me to almost every game to watch. When I was 3, I was already in a soccer club, Chelsea. My dad coached Chelsea. He met 2 soccer players as well. Diego Maradona and Ronaldinho .That’s why I like soccer so much. From a small age I really liked soccer. I even could on megged My Dad and a 12 year old which means when you kick the ball through someone’s legs.

When I grow up I want to become a soccer player. I have practice almost every day. I play as a midfielder. He passes shoots and plays in the middle of the field. I play for about 3 hours a day. I pray that I will become a soccer player.

Now I will say some fun facts about soccer.

  • My favorite soccer player is Ronaldo
  • The first ever world cup was in Uruguay
  • The next world cup will be in Russia!
  • Soccer is one of the most played sports in the world
  • Messi and Ronaldo and considered ‘’One of the best players”
  • In soccer you have to wear a certain kind of shoes with round spikes at the bottom.

I really hoped you all enjoyed my piece about my favorite sport soccer!!!

4 thoughts on “Soccer by Lamborghini

  1. Dear Lamborghini,
    Awesome story and I love the imaginary/smart ways to play soccer without a ball and with no friend

    sincerely Spy-Dude

  2. Dear Lamborghini 1/21/2018

    I really enjoyed reading your story. You persuaded me that the best sport is soccer. One thing that I really liked is that you were explaining every word that someone might not know.

    I hope that when you grow up and become a soccer player Real Madrid will want you in their team.

    Your Friend

    Green Team

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