Me and my Family by Green Team



The time I enjoy the most is when me and my family wake up on a Saturday morning and go to the forest. One time when we reached the forest it will start raining. In the meantime we are walking in the trees. We saw a turtle and the view of the beautiful city Athens. When we reach the other side of the mountain we could see the view of the island Aegina. Aegina is one of the closest islands to Greece. After we reached the cafe while it was still raining, we were drinking hot chocolate and watching the forest which is beautiful while it is raining. When it rains, it is beautiful because you can hear the rain and the sound it makes.

When we finished our hot chocolate the sun came out and we went again in the forest. On our way I and my mom picked up flowers and we made a bouquet. At the end I gave the bouquet to my mom. The bouquet smelled really fragrant. Then we went go to a place where there are some ancient rocks. The rocks are kind of bumpy. All of my family was happy because we were having a very beautiful time.

When it rains we have to be careful not to slip because it can be really slippery. Some times when it rains the weather is cold and that is when we use the extra coat or jacket we bring. Sometimes when we drink the hot chocolate it is really hot, so we get a second cup so that while the one cup with the hot chocolate is hot we pour into on the other cup which is colder. (We meet other people in the forest mostly a boy or a grill, a family like us or a group of people. Everybody in the forest is happy and when we see them and they see us we say “hello”).

The forest is beautiful place, I recommend to you to go there, though do not go by yourself go with a group of people or your family. The mountain that you should go that is where I and my family go to is Imittos it is in Greece Attiki. The place where me and my family went and drank the hot chocolate in the mountain is called Kalopoula which means in Greek, Turkey, like the one we eat on Thanksgiving but in real life there is no turkey there to eat!   

1 thought on “Me and my Family by Green Team

  1. Dear Green Team,
    I really wanted to be there when you were in the mountain and it was raining. Maybe we could go there for Thanksgiving!!! I really enjoyed reading your essay. It was very interesting and engaging. I really want to see a part 2 of your writing. You used some words that really made me believe that I’m there!!! Good Job!!

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