Hershey Park by Mr Jeff



“Can we go to that ride please?” I said to my mom and dad with a pleading face, “Sure!” my dad exclaimed. We were in Hershey Park, Pennsylvania and we were going to a really cool ride. It had a part where you would go down in a twirl! When we got to the station we waited for our turn. Time passed but then it was our turn! We got in the rollercoaster and put the secure belt on, clunk!

The rollercoaster slowly departed, “Here we go!” I said eagerly. After a while of twists and turns, we finally reached the loop, it was so cool! We went round and round and while we were in the loop it felt like we were going to fall off! When we got to the station we got off and walked towards the exit and I said dizzily “That was so cool!”,

We walked all the way down and saw all the amazing rides in front of us. We walked over to this ride called “Thunder Race.” Then we walked up to the station and waited in line (it was not long). Then it was our turn we were waiting behind a gate, pfff! The gates opened and we got in our seats. I sat next to my dad and we pulled the secure belt towards us and waited for the ride to begin. “I bet this ride will be fantastic!” I said with a big smile on my face “I bet so too,” my dad said eagerly, Clunk!  

The brakes went off and the ride started. We departed and reached the gear that pulls us up, and then we reached the peak of the drop. I had a scared/ awesome face then we started the drop. “OMG!” I screamed terrified! The wind blew in our faces and I had my eyes wide open from the terrifying moment. The drop ended and then we began the twists and turns and there was so much power caused from the drop that the turns were crazy! In the final part to beat the race there were bumps. The result was . . . WE WON!!! “Boo ya!” somebody said. “We are the CHAMPS!” I said boasting a bit. Then we reached the platform and walked towards the exit and went off to try many other rides.         

3 thoughts on “Hershey Park by Mr Jeff

  1. Dear Jeff,
    I loved this spirited story! it reminds me when we went to EuroDisney with my kids and when we got off the Space Mountain ride, my husband said, ” I think my nose has ended up in my armpit!” We all died laughing!
    Thanks for this, I loved it!
    Mrs Kynigou

  2. Dear Jeff,
    I liked your story. It had very descriptive detail. It reminded me of when I went to the caterpillar roller slide in a theme park: Ta Aidonakia when I was 5 years old.


  3. Dear Mr.Jeff
    I really enjoyed reading your story because you had many interesting details and even some sound effects.

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