Champions League Final 2016-17 by Masked Boy 10



June 3, 2017

I could not believe it. 4-1! Real Madrid just beat Juventus – my favorite soccer team – 4-1! In the Champions League Final! Most people thought it would be a good game, but nooooooo…it was horrible! Well, for Juve fans, that is.

Anyway, Cristiano Ronaldo scored first for Real Madrid in like the 22nd minute. Then in the 30 something minute, Mandzukic scored a screamer for Juve! The ball was in the air right outside the penalty box of Real. Higuain tapped it up to Mandzukic, who controlled the ball with his chest, and did a perfect chilena (bicycle kick) which dipped over Navas, the Real goalkeeper and into the bottom right sidenetting! It was a golara! Some people say that the goal was luck, but I don’t think so, I think the goal was 100% skill

There were not a lot of people in the restaurant I was in – because I was in a village near Karpenissi – so everyone in the restaurant that I was in was cheering for Juve, so when Juve scored everyone got on their feet and cheered, and that was awesome.

But in the second half Juve played HORRIBLY! From the beginning of the second half until the eightieth minute, Juve could barely get the ball out of their half! In the 54th minute – at least I think – Casemiro scored from like 35 yards out. The ball went flying straight into the bottom left corner. Then in the 60 or 70 something minute, Ronaldo scored again. I was so sad. I knew that the game was over.

I was filled with dread. By that time Juventus had lost. I sort of wanted to go home but sort of wanted to watch the rest of the match. I mean, there was still almost 25 minutes left, so Juventus could theoretically pull a comeback – at least, this is what I wanted to think. Anyway, in the 90th minute, Marco Asensio scored for Real, and the game was absolutely over.

Then the final whistle blew. I almost felt like crying into my Juve scarf. I wished I could snatch the game away and it would be forgotten forever. I could hear the Juve fans groaning and the Real fans cheering through the TV. The only thing that saved me was the smell of fries and finished lemonade.

On the way home, walking down the hill in the darkness, my only thought was that there was still next year. I really didn’t have any emotion for the rest of the night. When we got home, I was so tired and so wanted to forget everything that just happened that I fell asleep instantly.

September 2, 2017

Now it is September, you know that thought I had on the walk home from watching the game? Forget it. Juve is not going to win the Champions League this year. Well, they have a great team, but last year it was amazing. Anyway, this year, they sold Leonardo Bonucci, a super center-back to their rivals, AC Milan for 25 or 35 million! That is such a small amount! I would have gone with like, 65 million! Juve also sold Dani Alves for free to PSG! Last year, Dani Alves was one of their most important players, if not their most important player. When I found out about this, I was like, what the heck, why would they do that?!

But I guess Juve is still very good. Their offence is awesome; they have Dybala, Mandzukic, Higuain, Douglas Costa, Cuadrado, and Bernardeschi.   I guess Juve has a chance to win the Champions league

…but not really, if you know what I mean.   

2 thoughts on “Champions League Final 2016-17 by Masked Boy 10

  1. Dear Masked Boy 10
    I really enjoyed your writing because you had very many interesting details and expressed your feelings very well during the soccer game.

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