A Snowy Saturday Morning by The Bottle Flipper


On a snowy Saturday morning, I woke up to the sound of my dog Luna barking. Luna usually wakes up at 7.30am on the week days, but on the weekends she wakes up at usually 10am. Luna barks so loudly so of course I woke up. So when I woke up I jumped out of my little cozy bed and went to look at what Luna was barking at. So it seemed like Luna was barking at the very icy window, so I looked outside the very icy window and saw giant piles of fluffy snow, and that’s when I thought , “what a great day to go outside” . Then I went to wake up my whole family up with Luna, and told them the great news, then suddenly when I told my family the great news they all asked the same question, “How much snow is there?” and I told all of them that there was a lot of the snow. Soon everyone had eaten breakfast and was ready to go. So at about 10am me and my family were walking up a very snowy hill with our sleds, some shovels, snowboards, some skies, and of course wearing our very cozy and fluffy winter jackets. It took us pretty long to get up the hill because there so much snow. So when we finally got to the top of the snowy hill, we all started building snow forts and throwing snowballs, And then started running and twirling in the snow and jumping happily in the snow. Then a few hours later everyone was tired and ready to go home. Then suddenly I noticed the sun that was setting, and thought , “what a great time to go warm up in front of the very warm fireplace in my families living room”. Then we started heading towards home. When we finally reached home Luna was tired too so that’s when I thought, “ Let’s all get some treats and  Luna too.” So then I gave Luna some of her treats, and the rest of us drank some Finnish drinks called “glogi”, And some Finnish cookies called pipari. Then just at that point I thought what a great taste of warm berries and warm cookies!

2 thoughts on “  A Snowy Saturday Morning by The Bottle Flipper

  1. Dear The bottle Flipper,
    I read your story and it is very interesting and entertaining. Keep up the good work for your essays,
    from: Evanatior

  2. Dear Bottle Flipper,
    Your story is amazing! It looked like you were having a good time with your family and enjoying the fireplace!
    From Mr Jeff

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