Wi-Fi Problem by Gucci-I


“Oh God, oh my God,” I said. “Why is it not working?!It was fine 2 hours ago!”. If my laptop is not working, what about my phone? I thought. I typed, waited and saw it on the screen. <No Internet. Problem Loading Page>. What about the tablet? Again, <Low Connection>.

“Dimitris! Is the router even on?” I asked my brother. “Why do you even need WI-FI?” he inquired. “YOUTUBE,” I replied. “Too Bad. I’m playing videogames, aka Call of Duty with my friends Rami and Kouzakos. I need Wi-Fi for this. You know?” his voice got a little bit louder. He was getting taller, and taller, his red hair was falling onto my face.

I just decided to watch TV but, guess what happened! My grandparents were watching “To Anthropaki”. An old, black and white, Greek show. I didn’t like it but I sat there and watched for a bit. All of a sudden, I hear “He,he,he,he,he!”.  It sounded like a witch making a poisonous potion with green goo and worms trying to escape. Like she was Snowhite’s stepmother making that apple. Something like that. Something that smells  bad. Something that bubbles popped every half second. So, at that moment, when she wanted to go to the bathroom, she slipped and fell.


I left and I went to the kitchen where my mom was. “Mom,  I have nothing to do!” my mom took a bite of the scrumptious, nutella filled cookie as I complained. “Why don’t you have something to do?” she forenamed as she wiped the chocolate off her face from the cookie. “Now. Stop complaining. Play with your toys , you’re at home,” my mom Dimitra opined. “Well, the only toys I have are Barbie dolls and other things. But, I want to watch videos on YouTube.  So, Dimitri’s friends are playing Call of Duty and they are using up all the Wi-Fi,” I verbalized.

I went back to the living room where the TV was, and then back to the study where the router was and all the pencil cases and I scribbled on a paper. Great. Now I have nothing to do because of everybody living in our house. But mom. She didn’t do anything bad.  I told myself.

“Dimitri!  Stop playing on your PS4 now!” I heard my mom shout. I knew it was an opportunity to go on YouTube, and turns out it was. I typed in : IIsuperwomanII on the smooth keyboard of my silver Mac and sipped on yummy apple juice, while  I watched probably about 10 videos.


By: Ioanna Pantazis

4 thoughts on “Wi-Fi Problem by Gucci-I

  1. Dear Gucci-I,
    I really liked how you wrote your story. I understand how people feel when they don’t have Wi-Fi at your house. i also enjoyed how you used nice words. You did a terrific job.

  2. Dear GucciI,

    Your story was amazing! It had a lot of detail! I know how you feel. I know its not fair! Why does everyone get to use an electronic and you are the only one that’s not! I wish I could write so beautifully like you.


  3. Dear Gucci-I,
    I really enjoyed reading your story and I really like all the details you put in and also the details with all the people that live in your house!!!

  4. Dear Gucci-I,
    I really enjoyed reading your story. I also like how you put in all that detail. Once at my house we didn’t have Wi-Fi, so I kind of know how you felt that day.😉

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