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  A Snowy Saturday Morning by The Bottle Flipper


On a snowy Saturday morning, I woke up to the sound of my dog Luna barking. Luna usually wakes up at 7.30am on the week days, but on the weekends she wakes up at usually 10am. Luna barks so loudly so of course I woke up. So when I woke up I jumped out of my little cozy bed and went to look at what Luna was barking at. So it seemed like Luna was barking at the very icy window, so I looked outside the very icy window and saw giant piles of fluffy snow, and that’s when I thought , “what a great day to go outside” . Then I went to wake up my whole family up with Luna, and told them the great news, then suddenly when I told my family the great news they all asked the same question, “How much snow is there?” and I told all of them that there was a lot of the snow. Soon everyone had eaten breakfast and was ready to go. So at about 10am me and my family were walking up a very snowy hill with our sleds, some shovels, snowboards, some skies, and of course wearing our very cozy and fluffy winter jackets. It took us pretty long to get up the hill because there so much snow. So when we finally got to the top of the snowy hill, we all started building snow forts and throwing snowballs, And then started running and twirling in the snow and jumping happily in the snow. Then a few hours later everyone was tired and ready to go home. Then suddenly I noticed the sun that was setting, and thought , “what a great time to go warm up in front of the very warm fireplace in my families living room”. Then we started heading towards home. When we finally reached home Luna was tired too so that’s when I thought, “ Let’s all get some treats and  Luna too.” So then I gave Luna some of her treats, and the rest of us drank some Finnish drinks called “glogi”, And some Finnish cookies called pipari. Then just at that point I thought what a great taste of warm berries and warm cookies!

Wi-Fi Problem by Gucci-I


“Oh God, oh my God,” I said. “Why is it not working?!It was fine 2 hours ago!”. If my laptop is not working, what about my phone? I thought. I typed, waited and saw it on the screen. <No Internet. Problem Loading Page>. What about the tablet? Again, <Low Connection>.

“Dimitris! Is the router even on?” I asked my brother. “Why do you even need WI-FI?” he inquired. “YOUTUBE,” I replied. “Too Bad. I’m playing videogames, aka Call of Duty with my friends Rami and Kouzakos. I need Wi-Fi for this. You know?” his voice got a little bit louder. He was getting taller, and taller, his red hair was falling onto my face.

I just decided to watch TV but, guess what happened! My grandparents were watching “To Anthropaki”. An old, black and white, Greek show. I didn’t like it but I sat there and watched for a bit. All of a sudden, I hear “He,he,he,he,he!”.  It sounded like a witch making a poisonous potion with green goo and worms trying to escape. Like she was Snowhite’s stepmother making that apple. Something like that. Something that smells  bad. Something that bubbles popped every half second. So, at that moment, when she wanted to go to the bathroom, she slipped and fell.


I left and I went to the kitchen where my mom was. “Mom,  I have nothing to do!” my mom took a bite of the scrumptious, nutella filled cookie as I complained. “Why don’t you have something to do?” she forenamed as she wiped the chocolate off her face from the cookie. “Now. Stop complaining. Play with your toys , you’re at home,” my mom Dimitra opined. “Well, the only toys I have are Barbie dolls and other things. But, I want to watch videos on YouTube.  So, Dimitri’s friends are playing Call of Duty and they are using up all the Wi-Fi,” I verbalized.

I went back to the living room where the TV was, and then back to the study where the router was and all the pencil cases and I scribbled on a paper. Great. Now I have nothing to do because of everybody living in our house. But mom. She didn’t do anything bad.  I told myself.

“Dimitri!  Stop playing on your PS4 now!” I heard my mom shout. I knew it was an opportunity to go on YouTube, and turns out it was. I typed in : IIsuperwomanII on the smooth keyboard of my silver Mac and sipped on yummy apple juice, while  I watched probably about 10 videos.


By: Ioanna Pantazis

Samsung Note 8 by Evanatior


My dream phone is the Samsung Note 8. It has very interesting details that moved technology to a whole other level. Its camera can record up to 15 megapixels, which is almost as good as you can see in real life! No bugs no nothing. It also has a special feature that was used in the last 3 phones (Samsung 7, 6, and 5); it’s the curve screen, this allows you to make touches on the sides of the phone! But let’s talk about the cons too. For example, if your pockets are small then you need to get the Samsung note 8 mini, because you don’t want to know how big this phone is. Its 6.3 inches tall and 3 inches wide. That’s bigger than the pocket of an 11 year olds jean. Last but not least, it costs 1,025€. That is a huge price, but I think that it’s 100% worth it.

When I get it, I will make a video unboxing it and revealing its cool features and post it on my YouTube channel. I will also set up the time zone date etc. After that I will download Skype, Clash Royale, Injustice, Robbery Bob, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Snapchat, and Vehicle Simulator. If the phone does not come with headphones or even a headset (which I highly doubt), I will go to and get some. Then from my old phone I will take a picture of it and post it on Snapchat. I will call my Dad, Adri, DemetrisR and Ribal to tell them that I got it. Then I will close my computer and play with it for a while. It would be the best thing in the world if someone got me this phone, I would love him/her forever (even if he/she was my enemy).

“Evan!” called my mom

“Please come here, I have to tell you something important!” I shut down my computer and smelled spaghetti. Immediately I thought my mom was cooking. I walked over to the kitchen but nobody was there! “Mom!” I shouted

“Where are you?” I walked in her room and saw my sister watching Netflix,

” Where’s mom?” I asked my sister,

“How do you want me to know? She answered ironically. I decided to stop searching for mom and because I accidentally shut down my computer. I went to the living room to see if maybe she was there. No, no signs of my mom anywhere in the house. Weird, where is she? I thought. I sat down on the couch and started playing with my PS4. Suddenly, I hear a noise, someone or something move along the curtains. Maybe it’s just me being a little close to the TV screen. I moved back a step and turn my head towards the TV screen and realized it was closed, can still hear the grunting and punching of my game in the background. I looked to the table and the controller is not there. I placed my PS4 controller on my desk and started searching for it. Finally I found it next to the curtains. I closed the PS4 and went to the kitchen. I opened the door and because I looked down I saw my mom’s shoes. I looked up and saw my mom with her hands behind her back; I know she’s holding something.

“What are you doing here?” I asked. I was totally weirded out. Out of the blue, my mom’s eyebrows rose up, oh no I thought what did I do wrong?

“What were you asking me for the last 5 months?” questioned my mom still being weirdly angry at me. My heart skipped a beat; could this really be it? I thought no way she bought it for me

“Umm the Samsung phone?” I answered.

“Correct, now why do you think I should give it to you?”

“Because I have been getting good grades and stuff?” I said

“Yes but also you have been very helpful, you deserve this” She moved her hands and gave me a box. It read “SAMSUNG” My mouth opened so wide that I’m sure you could fit 100 elephants inside it “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.