Dialogue with my Ipad by Coco


“Hello ipad I came from school,” exclaimed Coco.

“Thank you now can you play with me?” Whispered the ipad.

“No I need to do my homework,” screamed coco

“You made a very bad choice,” said the ipad

“No, I didn’t,” whispered Coco.

“Ok but when you finish can you open me?” said the ipad angrily.

“No, no, no I need to go to my Judo class,” said Coco.

“How much time is the Judo lesson,” screamed the ipad.

“My judo lesson is one hoar but the teacher will keep as thirty minutes more so that is one hour and thirty minutes,” exclaimed Coco.

  “Coco I came back home.” said Coco’s mum.

 “OK,”shouted Coco angrily at his mum.

“Did you finish your homework?”Said Coco’s mum.

“I finished now,” screamed Coco.

“Let’s go to the judo class,” said Coco’s mum.

“By by ipad,” Said Coco.


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