Play date with Panagis and Filippos by Anonymous


On Friday evening after school, I asked my mom if I could go to Panagis’ house. I hadn’t  been there before, and I was also curious. Before I knew it, I was sitting in his car on the way to his house.

Once we arrived, we opened the glass, transparent door, and Leo (Panagis’ dog) started liking me everywhere. He was even ripping my favorite shirt. I didn’t care though because I was having one of the best days of my life.

Once we were settled in, I played on Panagis’ laptop. Filippos was also there and he was playing uncharted an adventurous game on the play station four with Panagi. After that, we ate some cookies and talked. Of course, we gave some crumbs to leo because he was going crazy. Then when we were ready for action we decided we should do a nerf gun fight. The fight was crazy fun the teams were Panagis and Filippos against me.

Then though, things changed. Filippos and Panagis were hiding behind the kitchen wall. Suddenly, I snuck up on them and shot Filippos on the head he got angry, very, very angry. I did not know if it hurt but it seemed like it did. Filippo and panagi then ran for cover, and suddenly the room, house, building, was empty. It felt like everyone vanished. I searched the whole house. Nothing. Only Leo who was sleeping deeply.  The house was unknown because that was my first time there. So I didn’t know if they were hiding anywhere. It began being cold. I was shivering knowing that they could be anywhere. Then I heard something. I was freaking out. It sounded like a faint sound of someone walking. It was scary but I knew that I could do it. The sounded was coming from the hallway leading to Panagis’ bedroom I opened the door, fearing there could be anything in front of me. Panagis and Filippos shooting me, a robber, anything. To my surprise it was just Leo he was trying to get out of the hallway to the living room. I started smirking. I said to myself, “it was just Leo”.

One question still was itching in my brain. Where is Panagis and Filippos? I didn’t know. I then decided it was best for me to play some electronics so I can chill out. I opened the Playstation 4, picked the controller that Leo hadn’t chewed on and went to open the TV. I couldn’t find the tv controller (I later figured Leo had chewed it too) so I decided to get Panagis laptop, which was in his room across the hallway. To 100% sure I got my nerf gun with me. I crept towards his room because I didn’t want them to hear me. I then got the plug out of the computer, which I had plugged earlier so the computers battery would be full when someone would get it. I brought It to the living room and then went to my favorite game site: I wasn’t playing good and I wasn’t focused on playing because I thought they were going to sneak up on me any second. I  then went to the kitchen to grab some cookies and milk. The ground was full of pomegranate juice staines because we were goofing around with it earlier. I was sure Panagis mom wouldn’t be happy of it. When I was done I went to play on the laptop again. Some minutes past and then I went to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, I heard a loud thub on the wall. I was scared then I heard the balcony door open…

To be continued

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