Pen and Peter by Herny Turner


“Hi my name is Peter. What is your name?” questioned Peter.

“My name is Pen,” answered Pen.

“Do you want to go to London with my Ferrari and with my private jet?” asked Peter.

“Sure but how do you have this things?” questioned Pen.

“I have my ways,” answered Peter.

“Also let’s go to Africa and write about all the animals and then let’s sell them for a lot of money!” added Peter.

“Sure,” answered the Pen.

“Now that we got all of our papers of the animals let’s sell them for a lot of money,” explained Peter.

“But we need an eraser and a sharpener,” added Pen.

“Now let’s go to America and become the best book writer,” added Peter.

“Sure but that will be hard,” mumbled Pen.

“But now I am not sure of what to do,” cried Peter.

“I have an idea,” called out Pen.

“We can sketch out a lot of famous artwork and you can color it and then we can sell for a lot of money so we become rich, “shouted Pen.

“Ok,” cheered Peter.

“I sold all of the artwork and I got 5 million from all the selling,” rejoiced Peter.

“Yeah,” cheered Pen.

“Now we will go to the shop and buy the shop and many more shops,” rejoiced Peter.

“Yeah!” sang Pen.

“So then we will be so much more riche r then before!” marveled Peter

“We can make a Luna Park and so many different shops!” sang Peter.

“That is kind of weird because we are kids and we are already rich!” rejoiced Pen.

The end



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