Me and my Stuffed Animal by Shadow

Me and My Stuffed Animal


“Sit!” I commanded Prince. I waited and Prince did not sit.

“Gosh Prince, don’t you know how to sit?” I asked.

“Of course I do, but I get mixed up with the commands,” Prince proclaimed.

“Fine, then I will bring your treats and when you do something correct, you are going to get one,” I remarked.

“Well ok, I will try,” Prince mumbled.

“Sit, then,” I whispered. Prince sat.

“Did I do it?” he asked.

“Yes Prince!” I said. “Open your mouth, treats have wonderful tastes to you,” I asked him if he was still mixed up just until now, whatever we had done. After responding no, I thought we should have to move on. It would be pointless if we continued with << open your mouth>> and << sit>>.just ridiculous. So I said, “Give me your leg.”

“Did I do it?” He asked.

“Not this time! But try again,” I responded.

“Yes catch the treat!” saying that, I threw the bacon-flavored treat.”

“Prince, don’t you think that you need to learn to walk next to me…?

Half an hour later…


“We are walking for 30 minutes and you learned to walk next to me in the remaining 5 minutes,”

“You were not walking I would call that running”

“Alright” I yelled.

Before I could say anything else, Prince barked

“Plus, I have1, 2, 3…

“123? 123 what,” I asked suspiciously.

“What am I even counting, I have no legs!”

“I think we both need a rest do you agree?”

“I sure do!” And that is how are dialogue ended. But when and how we woke up, is another story….



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