Dialogue with Pen by Snowy Fox


“Hello, I am Snowy Fox the interviewer and today I’m going to interview one of my very close friends PEN.” I said. “So pen, why whenever I try to draw a picture with you, you…….”

 “I don’t!” interrupted pen.

   “Pen, let me finish.” I roared.

  “Fine.” hissed pen.

 “So when I try to draw with you, you mess it up for me?” I reported.

“I don’t.” sobbed pen.

“No pen, I didn’t mean to make you cry. But don’t do it again ok.”

“Ok.” said pen.

 “Pen you are so, so, so, so……..”

“I’m not.” screamed pen.

 “I was about to say cute.” I giggled


 “Pen, what’s your favorite girl I’ve drew?”

   “Nothing.” pen said

 “Why.”I asked

  “Because you never draw pens”

   “Well pen, bye.”I said.



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