Dialogue With My Pencil Scritchy by Blue Whale


     “May I sharpen you?” I whispered to the grumpy guilty pencil Scritchy.

     “Well, I am totally not feeling delighted today. So I guess not!” grunted the pencil Scritchy.

     “Oh, really? If you don’t let me then I will sharpen you right now by forcing you and make you totally sharp.” I replied to Scritchy.

     “Do you think you can do that?!” yelled Scritchy.

     “Okey, I will begin. Here is the tools and I will really begin!…”I exclaimed.

     “Sharpen me, It doesn’t matter because if I am mad and fully angry this pencil will break and break…!” replied Scritchy.

     “Oh, but I will try. Now I will try to write with this pencil. Why is this not working?…”I spoke in a annoyed voice.

      “HA! HA! HA!, See imy feeling is bad because of you! Yelled Scritchy.

     “Well… Well…, now I have to bring another pencil…” I mumbled.

     “Then bye!, I will run away through the oceans and the forest and never show up again!…” roared Scritchy.

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