Dialogue with My Pen by Fluff


“Pen not again! Why do you always not work? Do you know that you never work and I can’t do my job?” announced Fluff.

     “I am going to leave, that way I’m going to take revenge, because I really had enough of her!” repeated the pen, talking to himself.

       “What has the pen done? That’s incredible, a pen taking revenge on a human!” retorted Fluff, strangely wondering if pens can take revenge. When Fluff was sleeping, during the night something so weird and incredible happened. The pen went into the house, took the rest of the pens and suddenly disappeared with all of them. 10 hours later Fluff woke up and screamed “Help all my pens are gone!” She was really sad. So, the next morning the pen with all his friends returned to Fluff’s house. Next morning the pen shouted “It’s just a prank!”

       “I will always love you.” Retorted Fluff

     “Me too!” replied the pen.



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