Dialogue with My Computer by Hacker Boy



     “Good morning Computer!” I cheered.

“O good morning also to you Jeff,” called Computer.

“Would you open a game for me?” I asked.

“Yes! Umm maybe, maybe. What about Clash of Clans?” asked the computer.

“No, no, no!” I shouted.

“Why not?” Computer inquired.

“Why? Because I said so!” I yelled.

“No! I command you to open minecraft,” I said.

“Ok fine but next time Clash of Clans ok?” asked computer.

“Ok next time that game,” I mumbled.

“You were so right that we should play minecraft,” said Computer.

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny but really it’s not sorry to say that.” I said.

“O anyways it wasn’t supposed to be funny anyways continue playing,” yelled Computer.

“Ok, ok I am joining Factions Lemon Cloud OP Factions, do you want to see what progress I have done to the base and in other things do you?”I asked

“Ok sure why not I want, I want but I have a question to ask you, will you here it?” Computer asked me.

“Yeah sure why not but what is it?”I asked back.

“The question would you like me to turn on hacks or do you want no hacks?”requested Computer.

“Ummmm…….. I would not want hacks because we do things legit,” I answered.

“Ok that fine because people that do things legit are MLG, Pros and Gods also,” Computer said.

“That’s right Computer we are so good,” I said to Computer.

“So Computer did you like it?” I asked.

“Yes I did!” said Computer.

“Jeff come down stairs to eat dinner Mom called.

“Ok coming mom! Computer I have to close you bye!”I said.

“Ok bye! Computer said.

“Bye!” I screamed and closed the computer.                                                         The End


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