Dialogue with my Computer by Cool Owl Boy


“Hi! I am Iris! A copy of Siri!” said the computer

“Well OK, hi Iris,” Cool Owl Boy replied

“How are you today?” asked the computer

“I’m fine thank you,” explained Cool Owl Boy

“What’s 100 × 2?” asked Cool Owl Boy.

The computer replied “The answer is 200.”

“Oh so you can also do math!” exclaimed Cool Owl Boy

“I can do anything!” replied the computer

“Where are you from?” inquired Cool Owl Boy

“I am,” stated the computer, “from pink fluffy unicorn world!”

“Be more serious!” commanded Cool Owl Boy.

“OK,” responded the computer, “I am from China.”

“From China?” asked Cool Owl Boy.

“OK, changing language to Chinese,” answered the computer.

“No! I didn’t say that!” barked Cool Owl Boy.

“OK, canceled,” responded the computer.

“Phew,” rejoiced Cool Owl Boy.

“What else can you do?” asked Cool Owl Boy.

“I can change my name, do calculations, organize your calendar, and more!” exclaimed the computer.

“OK, change your name to Prankster Gangster” remarked Cool Owl Boy.

“Do you want to change my name to Pickle Gun?” inquired the computer

“No! I said change it to Prankster Gangster!”

“Do you want to change my name to Prankster Gangster?” asked the computer.

“Yes!” cheered Cool Owl Boy

“OK, changing name to Sprinkle Cakes.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” whined Cool Owl Boy.


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