Dialogue with Eraser by Pink Mustache



Jeffry said, “Hello I’m Pink Mustache’s eraser.”

“Yes he is a good friend,” reported Pink Mustache.

“Sometimes I laugh when he uses me,” added Jeffry.

“Erase,” commanded Mustache.

“Boss!” shouted Jeffry.

“Yes what is it” replied Pink mustache.

“I have a problem. I’m allergic to rainbows, cats, dogs, fish, sea whales, and water plus I’m glucose intolerant!” sobbed Jeffry.

“I don’t care,” replied mustache.

“Okay then,” thundered Jeffry.

“Okay then what,” boomed Pink Mustache.

“Because I’m smart I can erase your nose,” demanded Jeffry.

“Please no,” stammered Pink Mustache.

“OK but you have to make up,” rejoiced Jeffry.

“what do you want me to do?” asked Mustache.

“You have to make me non allergic to all of these stuff,” replied Jeffry.

“OK operation has started ding ding ding done !” said Mustache.

“Thank you,” responded Jeff.

“Can we be normal now,” asked Pink Mustache.

“SURE!” answered Jeffry.


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