Castle Clash by Herny Turner



Do you know the game called Castle Clash? Castle Clash is a game that you play on the computer, iPad, iPhone and all the kind of electronic gadgets. In this game you have to double evolve, and have all the legendary heroes at the max level which is 200. Some more things you have to do are to roll and get good talent. This way when you have a red bar ready your hero will do more damage, run faster, and have many more weird talents. This essay will teach you some things about the game. You will learn heroes, the Guild, Honor Badges, Shards, gems, how to play in groups, the Lost Realm and the Arena.

The goal of the game is to upgrade your heroes. Then you upgrade all the towers and defenses (bases). Once you’ve done all this, you’ll have a lot of might which is strength. When you have upgraded many heroes you can fight in the arena, and make your base very strong. Another player could attack you in the arena. You can earn Arena cards with the games you play.When your base is upgraded you will look at the top right corner and you will see a picture like a crown if you are at max level, or a fist if you just have started the game.

For you to get legendary heroes you have to have gems. To get gems you have to go to the hero altar. You have many gems and then you press the hero altar and choose either the 450 gems, or the 150 gems. When you have pressed your choice you will get legendaries, ordinary, or elite heroes. The legendaries are the purple color, the ordinary are the green, and the elite are the blue. When you roll the 450 gems you get three different kinds of heroes, but when you choose 150 you get one hero. In addition to get gems easily you download the game. Then you get the first present at the corner of the page and then you sell it like you do not know how to play. Then you do not play for a long time and the game will give you many gems (5000). Then with these gems you are going to roll so you get legendary heroes. Also you are going to keep some of these gems if you want to, so can you upgrade your buildings.

You can upgrade heroes by having the necessary amount of honor badges, gold and flames. You get flames by attacking dungeons and when you win a three-flame you get three flames. You get honor badges by fighting in the arena, but to fight you need to have a name. First you need to make a team of heroes in the arena. A favorite combination of heroes for me is Beast Tamer, Skull Knight, Golem, Pumpkin Duke and Dre Drake. All there are legendary heroes.

When you have ten thousand strength, you can go in the lost realm. When you get this strength you can attack other heroes and get crests, money bags, bronze, silver and gold keys. With the bronze keys you open chests. In the chest you might get whatever the game gives you, but there is a higher chance you win better prizes with gold bags and silver keys. Some players want to become even better at the game, so they fight strong heroes. They open more gold chests and have a bigger island. In the Lost Realm you can fight a Boss hero. A Boss has a lot of health and strength. A good idea is to go to the First in The World and ask him to be your friend, because you can team up and fight the Boss together. In addition you will need a lot of gold, because in Lost Realm sometimes there is a merchant that you pay gold, elixir, red crystals and blue crystals. To get the blue crystals you need to upgrade in the Lost Realm in the crystal mines. To get red crystals you need to level up in the Lost Realm.

Now I am going to talk about the Arena. The Arena is the most important place in the game, because you get 50 to 4,400 honor badges per hour. To get to 4,400 honor badges you have to be first in the world in the Arena. To be first in the world you need to have good heroes and good talents, so when you win many times you add 10 honor badges per hour. When you build your Arena you start with 50 honor badges, and when you have reached about 3,000 honor badges per hour. After you have won the first place in the world, someone is always trying to beat you. When someone defeats you go to second place. Every thirty minutes you have one chance to fight and defeat another player. With the honor badges that you get from the Arena, you can upgrade heroes and upgrade some buildings.  In the Wrenched Gorge level you have six hero bases, and to upgrade the buildings and walls you have to give honor badges and then you team up with four people and fight Bosses and many heroes. When you have used the arena cards you have one more chance to play at the arena.

In the Guild part of the game you can play games with friends or people in the Guild. One game is the Boss Battle. In this game there is a very strong hero that can have millions of life and does a lot of damage. You choose some of your heroes and battle the Boss. No one has defeated with one try, so it will be hard to win. There are also levels that you can pick, some are easy and some are hard. In the Guild there are two bosses so the life of them is in the billions. The first Boss is pretty easy to defeat with your good heroes, so you won’t have a problem beating him. The Boss has about 5 million health points. To win the second Boss you need your heroes to have a slowdown-power-up talent, so he won’t even touch you. You have to use Pumpkin Duke, because he makes your heroes 50% faster. The second Boss battle is easy. You don’t really a slowdown talent, so it is easy because you can use other talents that make your heroes stronger.

A second game in the Guild is that you battle with other teams. You make a team of heroes together, and then battle the other player’s team. To win you have to take over the entire map. To do so you need to have good heroes again. Be careful to make strong teams.

A third game in the Guild is a game that you fight other bases with your heroes. There are four Guilds and you can attack as many times you want. The team that wins the central area the most times wins. To play this game you usually have to be a very good player. If your opponent has a very strong team I suggest you do not play because you are going to lose and that is not good for your team players. If you lose you can make all the teams lose. To win the game you need to win many times so if you lose you will not win. In the Guild you can donate shards. With the shards you buy some essences that you give the hero power-ups for his talent. and When you attack the base  you can put the Guild’s flag that gives the money you need to the people in the Guild. You can also get some Guild ores, and when you want to play a game in the Guild many times you don’t have to wait.

Now I am going to tell you about all the defenses the Archer Towers have. They have a thing called power-ups that when you put a hero in it makes the Archer Tower stronger, and like a legendary hero it does more damage to your opponent. You can make a tower a bombing tower, a tower that stuns heroes for 1.5 seconds, and a super Archer Tower. To have a choice of what tower you want,  your first tower has to be at a level 10.

In addition I will tell you about the Mines and Elixir Collectors. For the Elixir Collector you have to keep upgrading it to higher levels, so it gives you a lot of elixir which upgrades the gold storages, the troops, and gives you more fun. If you do not like to attack you can upgrade the gold storages and the elixir. This way you can get elixir and gold with not attacking. The most important thing in the game is the heroes, so if you want to have good heroes you can upgrade the gold storages and get the gold every few hours. Also you can upgrade many buildings, like the Archer Tower. It is hard to get an Archer Tower to a high level because it costs a lot of gold.

Getting gems is the most difficult part of the game. To get gems you need to collect all the daily rewards. The daily rewards are some rewards you get every day. You can get whatever you want from these, but every day you get something specific. You can see what you get by clicking the present on the left corner of the screen. To get gems you need to pay real money, but this isn’t a good thing. You can also show the game you do not know how to play, and when you don’t play for a long time you most probably will find many gems. With these gems you will have to roll heroes if you want to became good.

Now I will tell you about all the towers after you have upgraded your towers to level 10. The Mortar is a unit that when it shoots it does splash damage. To get it you need to upgrade your  Archer Tower to level 10. Then when you want to upgrade it you press the button upgrade and it has three choices. One is the Stun Tower, the other is the Archer Tower and the Mortar. Now I am going to tell you about the Stun Tower. It is a tower that can get many targets in the same time and after a few shots from this tower it stuns heroes and troops. Until you upgrade the Archer Tower it is not so powerful, so you have to upgrade it. The Archer Tower is one of the most damaging tower in the game when it’s upgraded. It also shoots very fast.

The last thing that I am going to tell you is about the Honor Badges and Shards. With the Shards you can get legendary heroes. The game gives you a number of shards and you with shards for the heroes you want. Also you can get essences that you give the heroes and their talent becomes very strong. With the honor badges you can roll for heroes but you will not get so lucky every time you roll, though you can roll many times. Also you can play a game that you can play with 20,000 might.  Here, you give the honor badges and it upgrades your buildings. In addition, you upgrade your heroes by giving honor badges. Also, you need gold and flames to upgrade your heroes. To evolve your heroes you need a ton of honor badges.

I hope you learned a lot about this game. It is special to me and so I spent a lot of time working on this essay. The game doesn’t take too long to learn, and so you don’t have to be addicted to it to become good. I like the heroes and how there are so many of them with so many different talents. I hope you play this game.

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