AN ILL COMPUTER by Anime Manga Otaku tech freak.

“Ok ill go ahead and Skype some friends,” Oddy said to himself.

“That’s a good idea!” Oddy mysteriously heard.

“Who’s that?!” Oddy shouted.

“It’s me your TURBO-X computer!” TIRBY X shouted.

“Ok I guess that’s logical,” Oddy replied.

“Listen Oddy Stefanis (, I need to go to the doctor!’’ TIRBY-X shouted.

“Why?” Oddy asked.

“I have a nasty virus,” TIRBY X replied.

“I know! I have a nursing tool called antivirus,” said Oddy.

“How nice, but I also need glasses,” Demanded TIRBY X.

“Why,” Oddy asked for the second time.

“I need to improve my website,” TIRBY X said.

And then they set off to one of the greatest hospitals, PUBLIC SERVICE FOR ELECTRONICS!

TIRBY X shouted “this is the place!”

“Let’s ask this man for help,” Oddy said.

“Please help,” TIRBY X begged, “please!”

“Of course I will, “said the man,” now then, let’s start!”

“I will Put you a super antivirus, and give you one of our pet mousses! It’s even wireless! Exclaimed the man.



“I love it” shouted TIRBY X.

“Thanks for all the help,” said Oddy.

“HAHOO!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Oddy

“I guess it was all a dream,”, Oddy said to himself, “besides computers can’t talk,”

“That’s not true,” He heard.




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