A Terrific Story by Shadow

A Terrific Story

‘Happy birthday “Shadow”!’

Today it was the last day of fourth grade, and nobody wants to miss it, nobody, especially me! Matilda, Sofia, and Corina are coming over to my house for my sleepover-birthday party.

Actually, it’s not my birthday but I am doing my party because all my friends are on a vacation on July, my regular birthday.

After the school ended we ran downstairs to find my mom and after she talked with my teacher and then we quickly left from school.


We stopped by the house to leave our bags and eat something and then we were off to the mall! In the car on our way back home, my mother told me that we were going at the x-factor and I almost screamed thank you are the best! Then Corina, Matilda and Sofia started laughing. When we arrived at the house, we went upstairs, grabbed our swimming suits and we then played water fight at the garden until it was time for dinner: nice Italian carbonara just out of the saucepan, with fresh, melted cheese and bacon on it. Trust me, it was delicious. After finishing dinner, we sat at the couch and saw TV for us to calm down and then, we needed to go. (You know where!)we all thought that it was so much fun and the best part was when we left yes, I said when we left because the most terrific gift was waiting. A dog was tied on a pole in the middle of the night. As mom stopped the car in a hurry and ran out, Matilda stood up straight and shouted: a dog!?! Then, we all stood straight like up like Matilda. I went outside to help my mom put him in the car as the girls looked shocked. The next day, after Matilda Sofia and Corina left, we found out that we had to take him to the vet if he had a chip, we would give him back. I became very happy to find out that we would keep him.


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