My Friends and I, by Grey Orca

“Haha!” We were making jokes and laughing with my out-of-school friends.


After going to their house, we went to The Mall to play bowling, with their dad. We were laughing and singing until we got there.

After their dad had registered us to the man that created the board scores, we happily hopped over to our table, Table 2. As we put on our bowling shoes, our names first letters appeared: M, T, S. First was my bigger friend, then it was me, and then my other friend who was also older than me, but younger than my other friend. In other words, she is the middle age in our friend-band.

My bigger friend chose a six kilo ball, and slowly tip-toed to the bowling road. She looked at the pin in the middle, and rolled the ball. She scored nine points, and that was her first chance. One pin left, and she would spare. She waited for the same ball, walked towards the bowling road, and rolled again the ball. Unfortunately, the pin left was in the right side of “the road”, and her ball went to the left side. She frowned and returned to the table.

We played until their dad asked if we wanted something to eat. My middle friend and I refused. We continued playing and soon I was in second place, with no strikes or spares though. After, my second-place-success, I finally ordered chips and toast.

I took a bite from my toast, two chips, and stuffed myself, ready for my turn. I got my bowling ball, seven kilo ball, and walked towards the bowling road. I took force and aimed at the middle pin.

As I rolled the ball, it hit half of the bowling pins, leaving the rest, straight standing. On my second chance, I hit the rest of the bowling pins, “Spare!” my friend shouted ,we high-fived each other, and when I sat down I asked their father to explain me what spare was, and I was amazed. She played both her chances and striked! “Yay!” she shouted and jumped. Again we high-fived, and it was my other friends turn. She quickly rolled the ball, and waited for the pins to go down, but in total both of her chances, she got only nine pins down, again!

When it was my turn, I aimed again at the middle bowling pin, and this time, not did I only hit the middle bowling pin, but all of the other pins fell down too. I had striked! “Horay!” I shouted and sat to eat my toast. I was in first place, until the end of our game and I had finished my toast and chips.


It was the best bowling day of my life!


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