My Dog, Bonus! by the Cool Owl Boy



“My dog is running so fast!” I exclaimed out loud. I was really excited to walk my dog! I walk my dog on Lykavittos at 17:30 where the tree crickets are creaking. The beautiful white clouds are covering the hot summer sun. I just love the shining blue, light sky.

“This is beautiful!” my mom expressed her excitement. Then she unleashed our dog, Bonus. He is black with white spots. We just enjoy the breeze and the smell of the flowers and trees. It is just glorious. I feel like I am daydreaming.

“I agree,” I replied. I admired the forest. The birds above us were singing their tune and were also traveling from tree to tree. I really enjoyed the shade under the trees. Me and my dog were running, and running, and running. We jumped, we ran, we walked, we did everything you can imagine! I was so excited! It was so quiet and peaceful.

“I am so tired. I want to sit down and rest for a bit,” I said. I sat down in a place with a lot of shadow and with not so much dirt and just relaxed. I exclaimed, “I don’t want to go home, I want to stay here forever!”

It was an awesome day but now it was coming to an end. We leashed our dog Bonus and went to our home sweet home. The moon is almost greeting us. “See you tomorrow forest!” I thought.

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